Chapter 797 - I’m Faster

Chapter 797: I’m Faster

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Qin Mo watched Bo Jiu silently while she lowered her mask. She raised a brow. “Trust me, I’ll definitely be able to investigate faster than him.”

Feng Yi suddenly remembered Little Spade’s amazing hacking skills during the selection contest.

But this incident would affect Little Spade’s mood and the competition was about to start.

If Little Spade found out, what would that mean…

The intelligent Bo Jiu glanced at him, seemingly understanding the situation. She broke into a bright smile, showing her flawless teeth. “The competition is going to start in twenty minutes. I know his skills, he would take at least half an hour for this, but I’ll be done in ten minutes. The competition is our priority at this moment.”

Too many people were invested in this competition.

Uncle Yin, Xue Yaoyao, Feng Shang, and the most important person, the pet she was reunited with after coming back.

She had always said that instead of his appearance, she was more attracted to the Almighty’s principles.

He had played the role of an aid all these years even though he was competent enough for a 1v5.

Because that was what Supreme Alliance needed.

This sort of responsibility was rare.

Bo Jiu had always acted alone and really wasn’t sure about principles.

However, her priority was to protect this person andSupreme Alliance couldn’t afford another loss. Otherwise, today could be the last time she fought beside him.

Regardless, she had to make sure nothing went wrong with the competition today.

“Let me do it.” When she looked towards Qin Mo, her eyes were brighter than ever.

Only those who knew her understood that brightness; she had made her decision.

Hoshino was also in the arena, his back leaned against a pole as he looked over.

Their plan was supposed to start after the competition.

They were going to investigate the suspects confirmed by the crime squad.

But now, Z was obviously going to be in trouble or she wouldn’t have deliberately volunteered to investigate in front of Qin Mo.

That was clearly exposing herself, which the Z in the past would never have done.

Instead, she would have been in a perfect disguise.

The moment she picked up her laptop, it meant that she had given up her disguise.

Hoshino wasn’t sure if Qin Mo would catch on from this incident, but regardless, that was going to be an added layer of danger for Z.

Why was Z doing this?

Hoshino lowered his eyes, drawing attention to his long lashes. Bewilderment clouded his eyes, but in the next second, he broke into a smile.

Had she found… something else she wanted to protect?

The moment he thought of it, he heard a heavy voice. “Pass him a laptop.”

It was Qin Mo. He kept his phone, his eyes focused on the youngster. “You have ten minutes, if you can’t find it, I’ll get Feng Yi to empty the grounds.”

“No problem.” Bo Jiu had always been excited about investigating. Under the Almighty’s supervision, it had been a while since she had hacked into systems or had broken codes. As a hacker who was relegated to gaming, she had been lonely.


“Can you tell me what I’m supposed to investigate?”

Qin Mo reached out, passing her the phone from before.

Bo Jiu scrolled twice, her expression serious. “This brainwashing skills is impressive, respect.”

Feng Yi: … Was it time to praise them?! Little Spade wake up!

“It’s a pity they bumped into me…” Bo Jiu kept the phone while her lips were curved into a sly smile.