Chapter 798 - The Hunt Begins

Chapter 798: The Hunt Begins

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The signal for the impending competition sounded.

Not just Supreme Alliance’s fans entered the arena, fans from the other teams entered as well.

Everyone was preparing at that moment.

Ten years ago, esports had been a neglected branch, but today, it could attract millions of spectators.

The large screens flashed open with a resounding ‘ shua ‘ and the sponsors were being shown, as they always did before the competition before.

All the spectators headed towards their own seats.

Any esports competition spectator would be able to imagine the massive crowd.

However, beneath the commotion, someone wasn’t the least bit bothered.

She sat amongst the crowd, a laptop stationed on her thighs. She stuck a USB stick she carried always around into the laptop. With her battle gear worn inside out and a head full of silvery hair, she was indeed striking.

Qin Mo removed his battle gear, tossing it over her head.

This way, even if the media rushed over, they wouldn’t be able to distract her.

The other fans understood that time was running out and they couldn’t let anyone disrupt Big Spade.

Thus they stood on her sides, forming a protective wall and preventing others from coming over.

Many times, that seemed to be the only thing they could do.

Bo Jiu moved her fingers. When she detected their movements, she directed a smile at them. “Thank you.”

One of them was overwhelmed by this. Since they had been fans who really adored Big Spade, they were especially mesmerized by the way Big Spade gamed. He was so handsome!

However, that young fan was a guy.

He glanced over at Almighty Qin before confessing. But after catching sight of his expression, he paused, his courage dissipating.

That was embarrassing!

Bo Jiu switched on the hotspot on her phone, connecting the laptop before pushing it over as she turned towards a blushing fan. “Can you log into your account? It’ll be easier to track the IP address with a member in the chat.”

The girl nodded. Her hand was trembling as she inched towards the youngster.

Bo Jiu raised a brow, reaching out to hold her. “Don’t be nervous.”

The fan thought, ” I’m not nervous, i’m excited! How can you be so handsome with such tender skin and such a gentle voice? I really want to pinch your skin, it’s a pity Almighty Qin is here.”

Qin Mo was indeed beside her in order to aid the investigation.

Bo Jiu’s investigation skills and Qin Mo’s analytical skills; this pairing was considered at the top.

Many thought that the internet was a safe net and they could be anonymous and act wilfully. However, that wasn’t the case as there were many ways to find someone.

After their IP address was confirmed, their position could be locked down.

Even if they had used their phones to log into the account, some things couldn’t be hidden.

All this wasn’t a problem for Bo Jiu.

That aside, for any hack, there had to be a conversation.

Bo Jiu was a hacker and had her own way of locking someone down.

But first, she needed a port.

The moment Bo Jiu hit the keyboard, everyone was left in awe.

No one could clearly see what she typed as her fingers were flying across the keyboard smoothly like flowing water.

She didn’t even need the mouse to navigate between different windows. The shadows flashing in her eyes were the endless conversations and codes that flew out repeatedly.

Hunting ━ start!