Chapter 799 - Collaboration between Almighty Qin and Z

Chapter 799: Collaboration between Almighty Qin and Z

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It was too fast for their eyes.

The tapping entered their ears while the distinctive tempo was blending into the background noise.

The chat continued refreshing, which benefited Bo Jiu’s investigation since it helped to source down the IP address.

Bo Jiu took a moment before sending a message ━ but her words almost got her kicked out of the chat.

The fans beside the youngster were literally sitting at the edge of their seats.

Even Feng Yi was appalled. His lips were twitching since Bo Jiu had posted in such a critical moment, “Big Spade is ravishing!”

Were you sure you weren’t looking for trouble?

“The people in the chat find Big Spade disgusting and your words…” Feng Yi didn’t think she was being reliable.

Bo Jiu broke into a smile, turning towards Qin Mo. “Brother Mo, can’t I even tell the truth in this time and age? Aren’t I handsome? Besides, I didn’t mention my other attributes, for instance my amazing gaming skills. I often take the first kill and I can earn money, someone like me is truly a gem.”

“…” Feng Yi smirked. Little Spade, doesn’t this seem like you’re persuading the Almighty to marry you? Feng Yi glanced over at Qin Mo, seemingly wondering what he liked about Little Spade… Was it perhaps his narcissism?

“Stop with your nonsense and concentrate, anymore and I’ll toss you out.” Qin Mo didn’t look at Feng Yi as he pressed his hands onto the youngster’s head lightly. Even though he seemed to be warning her, a smile spread across his face. His intentions and feelings were apparent.

The fans were stumped by their exchange.

Was Almighty Qin deliberately acting like a boyfriend?

Hoshino caught the scene from afar.

He paused, lifting up to glance at the hand on the youngster’s back.


You were willing to place yourself under such risk, removing the last shred of your disguise.

For… Qin Mo?

Hoshino wasn’t certain of the status of their relationship.

However, if you were really close to someone, you could tell from their actions, much less to say Hoshino and Z.

All hackers and especially a hacker like Z kept their secrecy as their highest priority ━ and Z had managed to do it perfectly.

But at this moment, she was willing to trust him, exposing herself to the most mysterious profiler of the crime squad.

What did it imply?

Z, do you have any idea?

Is he someone you are willing to protect at all costs?

Hoshino took another look at the group.

Meanwhile, Qin Mo had bent down, seemingly trying to shield the youngster from the view of others.

“The phone login isn’t the same as a computer login, the IP address is hidden.”

Qin Mo was well aware since he had once caught Z.

“That’s why I’m stirring up the conversation.” Bo Jiu lifted her lips, emitting a cheeky air. “They’ll have to pay for refuting my good looks.”

With a thud, her long fingers slammed onto the return button.

A dialogue popped up in the endless rows of codes. It was a ‘managing’ page which moved automatically. Bo Jiu clicked the button ‘infiltrate security camera’.

The codes would be sent to a selected IP address and in turn, the IP address of anyone who spoke to Bo Jiu individually would be locked down.

When the information appeared, the fans were dumbfounded.

They were completely clueless, but found it amazing.

Regardless of how clueless they were, they could understand the IP address which flashed past the screen, especially when there was a response to the message the youngster had sent.

With the last tap onto the return button, the IP address was locked down.

But that wouldn’t be useful at this moment because there was too little time.

There simply wasn’t enough time for her to track the exact location.

However, Bo Jiu didn’t intended to use the IP address to trace the location in the first place.

Instead, she invaded the device!

The manager was responsible for investigating the members of the group.

Hence, Bo Jiu hacked into the manager’s IP address.

“The defence fell so fast, geez…” Bo Jiu raised a brow. “Can’t you be a little more professional?”

Feng Yi was starting to panic. This wasn’t the time to belittle him. “Time, Little Spade, time!”

“Wait a moment, code is being analyzed.” Bo Jiu moved her fingers. “It’s here!”

What? This guy clearly avoided the firewall loophole, heading straight for the core!

Endless rows of unreadable code flashed across the screen.

Bo Jiu’s fingers flew across the keyboard at a faster speed and the laptop trembled slightly with her movements.

“Big Spade, are you hacking his account?” a fan whispered.

Another fan shook her head before Bo Jiu broke into a smile. “A real hacker doesn’t hack accounts, that’s too lowly. I’m planting an interesting bug.” The youngster paused slightly. Then with a click, a bunch of photos appeared on the screen. Each of them was a different image with only 13 in the arena!

“This! This is!”

It wasn’t just the fans, Feng Yi was also shocked!

“The front camera!”

How exactly did he do it?!

Everyone was looking at the laptop, feeling surreal.

This was, after all, their first time seeing someone control phones.

They weren’t aware that hackers were able to find loopholes in anything with internet, entering into a full scale hunt!

Qin Mo was the only one who remained calm even after witnessing this scene, but his eyes had deepened. He stuffed his hands into his pocket, scanning the grounds leisurely. However, he actually was concentrating intensely.

In less than three seconds, he locked down one of them.

It wasn’t because of his appearance, but because the person was shaking his phone.

As the phone was out of control, this was the first subconscious reaction.

Qin Mo reached out, pressing onto the bluetooth earpiece in his left ear. “Upper left side, 45 degree, arrest.”

As a special forces sniper, this wasn’t the first time he had heard such comments.

Besides, the troops weren’t seated randomly, they had specifically infiltrated the non-official fan area.

Previously, they hadn’t taken action to prevent implicating the innocent, but now, they locked down anyone who was shaking their phone.

It was an intense sight, seemingly out of an action movie.

At this moment, Feng Yi realized that Almighty Qin remained with the youngster not only to accompany her, but also because their current position had a perfect view over the non-official fans.

Was that the reason for this seat?

Due to the view?

Almighty Qin knew of the problem beforehand, leading them here.

But how had Little Spade ended up here?

Had he known of the problem beforehand as well?

Why did it feel like he had low intelligence?

Wasn’t a manager supposed to know of such things earlier?!

Feng Yi looked towards Qin Mo and Bo Jiu.

One was seated and one was standing.

One’s fingers were flying across the keyboard and the other was giving out commands.

The same imposing aura, but still different. With the battle gear, they looked like galactic commanders.

When they came together, their striking image could only be felt by the people in the grounds.

It explained how mesmerised their fans were.

They were ravishing!

It wasn’t just the perfect coordination, there wasn’t even any waste of time.

The fans lucky enough to witness the scene were speechless.

They had come hoping to watch their idol game and had never expected to see this scene, which was much cooler than gaming!

As the images disappeared one by one, the people shaking their phones were still clueless about why they were being escorted out.

They were infuriated.

How could they not be when they hadn’t even executed their plans?

They hadn’t told the public how Spade Z treated his true fans.

And most importantly, the manager wanted to announce something. What exactly was it?

They hadn’t done anything, so how could they be sent away?

Their disappearance wasn’t announced.

From afar, the youngster tapped the return key for the last time.

Two words appeared on the screen.


Hunting complete!

As the group manager watched the member disappear one by one, his first reaction was to call Wu Zhen.

But weirdly, although it went through the first time he called, no one picked up.

And the second time, his phone was no longer acting under his command. The camera function went on, capturing his face.

He started to panic.

He shook his phone, thinking he had accidentally pressed something, but the screens were locked. He wanted to restart his phone because he was rather smart and knew that shutting his phone could cut off the internet connection.

However, Almighty Qin found him before he had a chance of escaping.

Just as he was about to restart his phone, security had already appeared in front of him.

“Sir, please come with us.”

He wasn’t dumb. “I bought the tickets for the competition and it’s about to start. Why should I go with you. Who gave you the right?”

The security exchanged glances. Knowing he was going to be difficult, they decided to use a reasonable route. “You have to be investigated for violating the regulations.”

“Ha, what regulations have I violated? If you can come up with an excuse, I’ll go with you.” He scanned the surroundings. “What is the meaning of this? I bought the tickets through a legitimate source and have been sitting here waiting for the competition to start. How can you make me leave just like that? What’s wrong with you, are you trying to be a bully?”