Chapter 8 - Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s First Official Encounter 1

Chapter 8: Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s First Official Encounter 1

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Meanwhile, Chen Xiaodong didn’t forgo the mission that Mrs. Fu had left with him on the phone. “Young Master, if you really need money, just get better grades on your tests, and Madam will give you a big red packet. Playing PC games all day in the room puts far too much strain on your eyes, and you didn’t like to play PC games before, did you? Young Master, I’m not trying to encourage you, but getting closer to Young Master Qin by playing PC games is quite a nice idea. But Young Master Qin is a god in the national league. Even if you practiced another ten years, you still wouldn’t be able to reach him.”

“Are you implying that I’m playing games because of that Young Master Qin?” Fu Jiu took a sip of some soy milk, lifted her eyebrows, and asked, “Who gave you such a wrong impression?”

Chen Xiaodong’s heart ached, and he shook his head. “Young Master, you’ve already come so far. You can fool Old Wang, but you can’t fool me. I’ve been in the Fu family for three years now; how would I still not know you? Men aside, since when have you lost sleep and appetite for something?”

Fu Jiu: “…”

“Young Master, just admit it.” Chen Xiaodong looked very serious as he said, “As long as you promise Madam to improve by one rank, I promise I won’t sell you out.”

Forget it, she wouldn’t explain anymore; the more she did, the more complicated it got.

The deal to progress by one rank was not bad. Fu Jiu lazily held her jaw. “What was my rank from last time?”

Chen Xiaodong: “Dead last.”

Fu Jiu went silent, and after a while, she said, “Are you sure my mum only asked me to move up by one rank?”

“Yes, Madam said that if you rank second-to-last this time, she will reward you.” Chen Xiaodong looked so firm!

“She’s absolutely my real mother. Deal.” Second-to-last was easy, alright? Even if she sucked at physics and chemistry, there was still English and math—the strong suits of a hacker.

Chen Xiaodong started to worry after seeing her agree so decisively. “Madam also said that if you rank second-to-last through bribery, there’d be no rewards.”

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrow. “Why would I bribe, isn’t violence better?”

“Young Master, stop kidding already. You can’t even fight girls, so how can you fight boys.” Chen Xiaodong laughed loudly, patting Fu Jiu on the shoulder like Song Xiaobao 1 !

Fu Jiu raised her eyes and put down the wooden chopsticks in her hand slowly as she looked at him coldly.

Chen Xiaodong froze instantly. Why did he feel such a strong murderous intent from Young Master?

This was unscientific!

But, it was truly frightening!

Fu Jiu didn’t do anything to him. After all, this kid had been nice to her.

To be honest, exactly how weak was she in the past that she was not even able to hold her own against girls? Such a good figure was totally wasted.

No matter what, Fu Jiu still went to school with her pretty face. Wearing the black and white school uniform, she threw her school bag over her shoulder in a very cool fashion. Under the bright sunshine, this young man’s overly fair skin was like milky-jade bamboo—transparent and distant.

Many people in school stopped in their tracks and started to look.

“Do you guys feel as if Fu Jiu has changed into someone else?”

“He feels… so handsome!”