Chapter 800 - Jiu Is Exposed

Chapter 800: Jiu Is Exposed

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The security narrowed their eyes. “Please cooperate with us.”

“I’m not leaving.” He wasn’t going to cooperate and started to be a nuisance, raising his voice.

The security were left without a choice and took action.

He wasn’t willing to let a plan for which he had been scheming for such a long time be broken just like that.

He resisted with all his might, trying to attract the attention of others.

Although the security had to maintain order and his obvious disruption had to be controlled, the security remained polite and simply requested for a talk.

However, it was a futile attempt at being ceremonious as he grabbed onto the loopholes.

He was about to pull them towards the door, but when he caught sight of the youngster, Qin Mo and a few fans behind them walking in his direction, menace tainted his eyes.

He had never been caught despite doing this for so many years.

But this time, even if he was going to get caught, he had to expose Spade Z.

This sort of news would spread like wildfire with just one fan!

Besides, the security men were here as well!

He pressed down his fingers, shouting towards the youngster and the few fans behind her, “The Spade Z you love so much is a female in male disguise, she has never been the handsome guy you assume her to be!”

Even with the background noise, everyone nearby had taken that line in ━ be it the security, the few fans or even Feng Yi, who had an unexplainable expression on his face and seemed almost expressionless.

Everyone froze.

Time seemed to have stilled; as if all the air and sound had been sucked away.

It wasn’t fitting for this joyous environment as there was still a competition which would begin in 15minutes.


The screen positioned in the middle started to roll down slowly along with the three-dimensional sound system, both of which belonged to the world-class equipment.

Using a three dimensional broadcast, an announcement was made to the entire arena.

The sound system was placed above the eight screens, being perfectly positioned. Those who had watched competitions would be aware of the positioning. Every participating team was introduced differently, especially this team’s promotional video.

The unique game music started to play, sending the entire grounds ablaze with passion!

Their youth.

It seemed like a scene right out of a manga.

The fans had been waiting for this moment, anticipating it since Supreme Alliance’s promotional video was played. They gripped their hands tightly and their hearts were beating relentlessly.

It was about to begin!

The moment they had waited three years for.

It was really about to happen.

There was a group having fallen from the highest peak of glory to the lowest slums before raising back up gradually.

This group had experienced too much and now, at this moment they were finally able to raise back up!

The defending champions in the fans’ hearts ━ Supreme Alliance!

At this moment, the fans were clear about this fact.

In a corner of the north exit, the atmosphere seemed to have stilled.

This had been the disruptor’s intentions. He lifted his jaw, pushing the security aside while looking arrogant…