Chapter 801 - Mutual Protection

Chapter 801: Mutual Protection

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He had more to say, but this time, the moment he opened his mouth, his knees crumpled from an incoming kick!

It was a vicious kick with intense force.

With that one kick, he was kicked out of the competition grounds.

The safety passage with ring-shaped walls.

His back slammed against the wall, pain clouding his senses.

He lifted his head, waiting to scream at the attacker, but his jaw was clenched.

The handsome face in front of him magnified and a chill ran through him, his fingers shaking.

Qin Mo’s expression couldn’t be seen, his body hunched over, with only his side profile in sight as he whispered into the disruptor’s ear, ” Violation and disruption, do you really think you can leave unscathed?”

Feng Yi wanted to grab his hair.

“Almighty Qin, Young Master Qin.”

How could you use violence?

How could you attack someone in this setting?

Didn’t you know how many media companies there are?

And those were all waiting for dirt on them.

“Media, and…”

Qin Mo didn’t bother turning, his voice deep. “Let them come at me.”

Let them come at me?

Feng Yi froze. Was he trying to divert the media’s attention in order to help Little Spade?

Feng Yi couldn’t process the situation.

He was still in shock from the news.

Little Spade was a girl… Girl?!

Didn’t that mean that Young Master Qin wasn’t gay? He was actually straight?

No, this wasn’t the time!

Feng Yi took in a deep breath.

He wanted to know more, but he had to stop the press before!

“Bro.” Feng Yi pressed his hands onto the two security men’s shoulders. “Let’s have a talk.”

He wasn’t feeling in the right state of mind because he knew the consequence of the situation.

Little Spade was a girl.

Once the media caught wind of this, it would blow out of control.

Little Spade may no longer be allowed to compete.

The disruptor knew Qin Mo would never allow him to escape, but when he had been entrusted with this task, Miss Wu had mentioned not to start from Feng Yi since his public relation skills were amazing. He had to start with the fans because once they knew the idol they adored had betrayed them, there would be physical hurt. Spade Z wouldn’t be able to ensure the faith that everyone held towards him.

There was only a thin line separating an anti-fan and a fan.

He still remembered how the fans in the group had been convinced by him. Thus he decided to go all out, turning towards the fans at the back. “Look, these are the persons both you and I adore, these are their true colors! One a cross-dresser and the other exerting violence with his powerful background as backing. I am also a Supreme Alliance fan that bought the entrance tickets, aren’t you worried about hurting the fan’s feelings?”

Such a shameless declaration!

Feng Yi hadn’t gone far. The moment he heard the words, he was worried Almighty Qin would not be able to control his temper and hurt the disruptor.

Ever since Qin Mo’s first kick, Feng Yi knew he was prepared to sacrifice his image to protect Little Spade’s secret.

If Feng Yi knew about it, Bo Jiu would definitely be aware as well.

She was born from the darkness.

She was unlike the Almighty, who had always been in the light, reaching out towards her.

She had once told herself that there was someone in this world whose name she would never allow to be dragged down the mud ━ regardless of who wanted to do it or when it was.

Hence, how could she allow him to be implicated by her?

This time, the youngster moved before Qin Mo.

She used her arm to stop his attack.

Bo Jiu was also hunched over. The moment she bent her head, the silvery locks fell across her forehead, shielding her ravishing face with a layer of hair.

The disruptor couldn’t understand why the youngster blocked his attack and the others were even more confused.

But the youngster chuckled, her lips upturned as her hand wrapped around Qin Mo’s fist. Her tone was carefree. “Brother Mo, hitting such a person would just dirty your hand, such people…”

The youngster paused.

Using her other hand, she held onto his wrist before twisting it backwards while her eyes were sharp and chilling. “I’ll take care of him.”

The disruptor was a professional at being a victim. “Take care? Tell your fans your true identity if you dare! You don’t even allow others to talk about you now? What’s with you! I would like to see how you’re going to take care…”


Before he could finish his sentence, the sound of bones breaking could be heard.


He wanted to scream from the pain, but the youngster didn’t give him a chance.

Her fingers slid up his arm towards his throat.

“Sir, you don’t seem to know me well, I’m not exactly a samaritan and as for what you have to say, aren’t you afraid our fans would be upset? Heh, are you considered a fan? Someone like you doesn’t have the rights to taint his hand.”

He was someone she couldn’t bear to carry away.

How dared a dirty person like him taint him.

He was the only being in her eyes.

She lowered her voice. “I’ll give you one second to stand up and leave. If you don’t go, I’ll break your arm.”

The moment Bo Jiu released her grip, he climbed up swiftly, his hands gripping onto his elbow as though a demon was chasing after him.

However, he wouldn’t leave as Qin Mo’s special troop was already at the other end of the safety passage.

That aside, his ending was no longer important facing the few fans and the security.

Spade Z was actually a female.

It was indeed a shock for them.

Feng Yi knew that even if he had spoken to the media, Almighty Qin’s violence wouldn’t be kept entirely secret.

As the moment Little Spade had taken action, it meant that she had acknowledged the matter.

At this moment, Feng Yi wanted to scold the youngster for her foolish actions. If she hadn’t taken action, there would still have been a chance to explain.

But he couldn’t bear the scold her since the bright eyed youngster in front of him was smarter than anyone he knew.

She would have known how to deal with the situation and the chance for explaining ━ but because of Qin Mo, she didn’t even leave a chance for an explanation, destroying her own escape route to retain his reputation.

When the media reported about this, they wouldn’t be mentioning Almighty Qin’s violence, but rather Spade Z injuring a fan after being exposed as a girl.

This was to clear his name…