Chapter 802 - Protect You

Chapter 802: Protect You

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As an experienced manager, Feng Yi had seen a lot.

Those who weren’t famous would use their famous counterparts to climb up the ladder as their interest would always be placed in the first position.

At this point, he felt as though he had seen through everything.

Until the establishment of the Supreme Alliance, until… He had met the two of them.

Feng Yi wanted to ask the Almighty.

Are you sure little spade doesn’t like you even a little?

She went this far after all.

If it hadn’t been for love, what was it?

Was he wrong?

In the past, it had always seemed as though the Almighty had given more, but actually, no one could be sure.

However, for this matter…

Feng Yi inhaled deeply.

Supreme Alliance had never cared about the public’s opinion because they played for esports and relied on their abilities.

True fans of esports wouldn’t care about their idols’s gender, they would be focused on their idol’s charisma and impressive skills. Who would be bothered about the person behind the ID or whether they had faked their skills?

But the problem laid within Little Spade’s current popularity.

She started of as the new player king this year and was blessed with such divine good looks.

Undoubtedly, some fans were interested in Little Spade’s appearance and not her skills.

Hence, this incident would cause those fans to feel betrayed since Little Spade had been cross-dressing all this time.

But there was another aspect.

In fact, gender wasn’t an issue as long as the participant was a local and hadn’t faked their skills. Any private matter wouldn’t cause them to be disqualified as long as the fans were fine with it. The competition was testing the participant’s skills after all.

Therefore, for this matter, the fan’s reactions were of utmost priority…

Feng Yi lifted his lids towards the few fans that were present while the youngster stood up, still dressed in her battle gear and her gender completely undecipherable.

Bo Jiu walked over to them as she lifted her lids towards the large screen about a hundred meters away. In ten minutes the competition would start.

She opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but one of the fans suddenly spoke up. “I don’t care.”

Bo Jiu paused.

She continued, “I have been an esports fan since young, but have never been able to play it well. Sometimes, I don’t find gaming good, but I always carried the dream to do this well. But my hand isn’t fast and I will never be able to enter a professional team. Some might ridicule me, but I don’t find it funny. There are dreams I can’t let go of because they are really my dreams. However, when I saw someone like you appear, I was instantly attracted. Your clean and sharp game manoeuvring, your nonchalance after every first kill and even after entering the top ranking board. You managed to break the gaming stereotype that only professional training from the start would be able to create a top player. In this case, those who aren’t wealthy would not stand a chance. However, you were able to rise to the top without the training. Regardless of your gender, you are still the Spade Z I adore. Hence, you don’t have to say anything uncomfortable. This time, we will protect you.”