Chapter 803 - Young Lady, Let’s Have a Talk

Chapter 803: Young Lady, Let’s Have a Talk

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It wasn’t just that fan.

Even though the others hadn’t spoken, they held the same brightness in their eyes; the same determination, warmth and inability to be destroyed.

It was as though they had placed all their dreams onto one person.

Somehow, the youngster ahead of them was no longer just their idol, but also someone they placed their dreams on.

The screen started a five minute countdown and the scene started to change.

The shoutcasters positioned themselves, adjusting the microphones to test the volume.

The youngster, meanwhile, remained stationary.

Sister Turtle came out from the group of fans, looking very much like an authoritative older sister. ” Rather than feel apologetic, why don’t you give us a good match without any interest or manipulation, a match that would shake up the National League. Aren’t you capable of that?”

Bo Jiu broke into a smile, stuffing both hands into her pocket. Her signature sly smile was spreading across her face. “Are you trying to provoke me?”

“Are you provoked?” Sister Turtle looked at her as though she was kin, or perhaps she was seeing a past self. She didn’t want Little Spade to be ruined ━ that was probably what she was feeling.

Bo Jiu retracted her gaze.

There had been a time when she had never experienced such a moment.

Regardless of what it had been, no one had stood behind her to tell her how she should defend herself or how she should fight.

Growing up, she had to do everything by herself.

She had stood alone, even if there were a lot of enemies on the other side.

She had to deal with it by herself.

Just as her father had said, she was Z, the young lord who had to protect the hacker world.

If she didn’t win against others, she would be the one being eaten.

And now…

Bo Jiu lifted her lids, watching the stares directed in her direction.

She seemed to finally understand the Almighty’s love for esports ━ you would never be alone in a fight.

“I’ll accept your provocation.” Bo Jiu turned, her uniform was flying slightly as she spoke. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to beat them till they call me father.”

Fans: … This must be a fake Spade Z because such a comment would never come from her.

They watched as the youngster walked to Almighty Qin without anxiety, as though there was nothing to explain. Her eyes were glowing.

Almighty Qin reacted straightforwardly, and said not a single unnecessary word. “Let’s go.”

With his temper, it wasn’t likely for him to say much on such matters.

Bo Jiu heaved a sigh of relief.

However, just as a smile spread across her face, Qin Mo’s voice came floating over nonchalantly. “Once the competition is over, let’s have a talk, young lady.”

Young… Lady?

Bo Jiu choked on the two words. The Almighty was planning to deal with her after the competition.

She had predicted that he would be furious and at the very least, he would sever all ties.

However, he didn’t seem to be meaning to do that

But anger…

Bo Jiu tilted her head towards the clearly defined face. He didn’t seem angry.

All she could say was that it was complicated.

When she had been young, she had already realized how hard it was to decipher his thoughts.

All the Supreme Alliance members were waiting at the entrance.

The screen started to count down the last minute.

The finals weren’t like the other rounds because once the time was up and not all the members were gathered, they would not be able to compete…