Chapter 804 - The Opponent’s First Kill

Chapter 804: The Opponent’s First Kill

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Yin Wuyao had a cigarette dangling in his mouth when he narrowed his eyes and an imposing expression was replacing the laziness from before.

At this moment, the entire Supreme Alliance was staring at the timer as it counted down.

Coco and Feng Shang were mentally the weakest and stood frozen to the ground.





As the 24th second flashed past, two slender figures emerged from the grandstand. With a sharp maneuverer, they landed safely at the stage.

They landed with a ‘shua’, their uniform floating slightly.

A chorus of screams came from the audience because the fans never expected their idol to brush past them.


They were beyond ecstatic.

Qin Mo didn’t turn back, the imposing aura never once leaving his tall and strong build. His black hair was ruffled from the jump.

The youngster stood beside him and the mole beneath her eyes were slightly lifted, a calm smile spreading across her face.

They were finally back!

In a method that was uniquely theirs.

Everyone caught their striking jump.

There was only one reason for the fans’ screams.

They jumped from three meters high, which was equivalent to the roof of a house! They jumped so suavely and landed perfectly, it was ravishing!

The timer hadn’t ended and all the members of Supreme Alliance had gathered successfully.

Qin Mo turned. Standing in front of the entire team, his long reliable back seemed like an imposing arch. His voice was deep. “We’re up.”

These two words were sending the imposing scene to greater heights.

As the timer struck zero, all the members walked out; some with smiles, some fiddling with their arm guard, and others looking up.

An all-star formation and highly anticipated!

Hearts were racing while voices cheered on passionately.

“Supreme Alliance, victory!”

Feng Yi didn’t stop moving even when he caught sight of the scene because the loose ends had to be tied up.

The disruptor had been taken away by the special forces troop, but the imposter fans who had been escorted out were still an issue.

As expected, Feng Yi was informed of their anger even before he reached his seat.

They were enraged due to the anguish they were feeling for being treated in such a manner.

Feng Yi knew that logic wouldn’t work.

Those that have been brainwashed would never be able to rationalize, treating everything he said as an act of bullying.

To summarize their rants, “I was once a Supreme Alliance fan, but now, I’m an anti-fan. How can you treat your true fan like this? Aren’t you afraid of failing?”

That fueled Feng Yi’s anger.


First they pretended to be a true fan and now they were hoping for failure?

Did they really think he was dead?

“I never expected everyone’s hatred to be this overwhelming.” Feng Yi walked over. “That being the case, you can post whatever you desire, Supreme Alliance has been failing since it started, this isn’t much. Little Zhang, call Lawyer Li, there are about ten parents he would need to meet with. We haven’t settled their previous violation. Little Spade is the FC King of the Zone C after all. Add up the figures to claim from the families, it should be at least a few thousands. Those who wish to repent can be excused, but those who aren’t apologetic will be sued till the end. Don’t give them concessions for being a student, ask their parents how they they have been bringing up their child.”

The ‘fans’ weren’t bothered by Feng Yi as they continued to make a ruckus, hoping that others would join them in ruining Spade Z’s reputation.

Feng Yi stopped caring about them because it was obvious that they wouldn’t leave until they had succeeded in causing harm.

They intended to use the attention to cause disruption ━a pity they wouldn’t have the chance.

After calling the security, they were chased out.

Even though they weren’t willing, they were forced out!

In the end, the security was still bewildered. “Boss Feng’s methods have changed.”

It didn’t just change, since he didn’t give them any concession.

Feng Yi walked over, giving them a cigarette each. Now wasn’t the right time to think about the future.

He had to let the guys fight this match without worry!

It wasn’t going to be an easy match.

The Grand Realm were fifth last year, bulldozing through the district matches all the way to the finals.

The variety show from before had also approached their members, but they hadn’t accepted the offer.

This meant, their members had top notch skills.

And they were Supreme Alliance’s first competitor.

He wasn’t sure if Supreme Alliance could handle it, but these were the finals after all and they had to be skilled to be able to qualify.

Within the arena, the supporting cheers continued, each and everyone overflowing with passion.

The shoutcaster officially began in front of the cameras. The rules were the same as every other match with a total of three matches, the last one being a 5v5, and everyone was only given three lives.

“Let’s take a look at the 1v1 competitors!”


A row of words appeared on the large screen, showing the members from both teams.

“Heh, Wang Xu, the person you have been anticipating, Spade Z, isn’t participating in the 1v1. I guess he hasn’t seen the challenge you sent him.”

Grand Realm’s vice-captain Yan Yixiao remarked as he placed his left arm on the seat, his lips upturned.

Wang Xu lifted his gaze, his eyes darkening as he placed a towel aside.

“Oh, our golden newcomer is angry.” Yan Yixiao reached out, patting his shoulder. “Go on, make them regret for underestimating you.”

Wang Xu stood up, he didn’t posses an outstanding appearance and wasn’t someone of many words, hence, his appearance didn’t bring much cheers from the fans.

This was Jiang City after all and it wasn’t where Grand Realm was based.

Most importantly, Wang Xu was a new face.

“Who is that?” some of the audience asked.

However, not many could answer them.

Yin Wuyao was the representative of Supreme Alliance.

They headed towards their computer, reaching out to wear their headset and with a click, they began!

The background music blast from the speakers and even the shoutcaster were seemingly in a daze.

This meant that the finals were really starting!

“Mmh, Seems like Yin Wuyao is going for a stable route. He chose a long range attacker with high output and strong attack power. It’s the safest choice besides the assassin. The opponent chose a long range attacker as well! Which side will emerge victorious?” the shoutcaster remarked before he turned towards his partner. “Old Pal, who do you think will win this round?”

“Do you have to ask? Yin Wuyao obviously. Such a huge competition don’t just test their skills, but also their ability to withstand stress. Yin Wuyao will definitely surpass the newcomer on this front.”

“You mean that aside from a person’s skills, their mentality is important as well?”

“Of course.”

“But from what I understand, the newcomer from Grand Realm isn’t that simple. I heard he has the ability to control matches.”

“I heard about that as well, but the information indicates his specialty as being an assassin. Why is he using an archerer?”

“Was he influenced by Yin Wuyao?” Before the shoutcaster could finish his words, the two characters collided.

This was inevitable in a PK, but Yin Wuyao could sense the opponent’s hostility.

Yan Yixiao from Grand Realm chuckled at the remark. He glanced up at the screen, his lips upturned. “Influenced by Yin Wuyao? These guys are really underestimating Wang Xu. Spade Z isn’t the only all-rounder in the esports world, Grand Realm has an all rounder as well, proving to be deadly regardless of the character he use, especially in a 1v1…”

Yin Wuyao frowned, even his lips had started to change.

Even though he had managed to avoid all the big blows, his HP were still falling drastically while the opponent remained unscathed.

Yin Wuyao narrowed his eyes as he retreated backwards, avoiding yet another attack.

He moved swiftly, executing the moves perfectly.

At least, that was what it seemed like, but Yin Wuyao knew he was being cornered and couldn’t even leave the defence tower.

Bo Jiu sat beside Qin Mo watching Yin Wuyao’s operation. She paused slightly before frowning.

If Bo Jiu could tell something was wrong, it was impossible for Qin Mo not to have noticed.

Yin Wuyao wasn’t leaving the defence tower.

Lin Feng finally realized something, nudging Yun Hu. “Hey, what’s the situation? Am I thinking too much or has Uncle Yin been in the defence tower since the beginning?”

“You aren’t thinking too much.” Yun Hu’s eyes dimmed. “That guy is a ruthless one.”


Lin Feng took another glance at Yin Wuyao.

The usually carefree person had a strained expression and even his hands were seemed tight.

Yan Yixiao lifted his lips. “Based on Wang Xu’s playing style, it should be time…”

Those who heard his words without context might not understand, but right at this moment, a separate angle appeared on the screen. Wang Xu, who had been attacking long-range so far, appeared from the bushes, heading straight for Yin Wuyao.

Silver flashes of light erupted in all directions.