Chapter 805 - Supreme Alliance Is Losing?

Chapter 805: Supreme Alliance Is Losing?

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The first drop of HP and the first kill of the match!

As the music started playing, the technical team flashed a slow motion playback on the screen.

It was an impressive scene.

However, the first kill came from the opponent.

As Yin Wuyao’s character fell, there was a shift in the atmosphere.

Some cheered while others were disappointed.

The fans of Supreme Alliance started to soften as they waved the flag and the fans of Uncle Yin wore a blank expression.

“Supreme Alliance is in a bad state,” the shoutcaster remarked. “The newcomer from Grand Realm isn’t simple, both his hand agility and his maneuvering are better than Yin Wuyao’s.”

Lin Feng couldn’t help taping the chair beside him.

Feng Shang was overwhelmed with worry.

This was the first time Uncle Yin had been faced with such a situation since his comeback.

The opponent’s skills really were unlike a newcomer!

The first kill in the National League’s first match held a special place in every esports player’s heart.

1v1, the winner’s team would be less stressed about the next two matches, but the loser…

It wasn’t just the others who were thinking about this, Yin Wuyao was thinking of that, too, and this thought seemed to have awakened him after the revival, seemingly acting as a reminder.

The competitor’s mentality could be seen through easily, especially by an experienced shoutcaster.

“Yin Wuyao’s speed has changed.”

“He slowed down, right?”

“That’s right.”

“That’s dangerous, a game like Hero places stress on a player’s agility and maneuvering. The moment there is any hesitation, the kill is gone and the player might even be killed.”

“The death from before seems to be affecting Yin Wuyao.”

“It’s probably a seasoned player’s mentality. Once a professional player reaches a certain age, his entire combat and physiological condition starts to fall. Is it perhaps the lack of drive?”

“The main point is whether Yin Wuyao is able to surpass his current pressure. If he isn’t able to, this match will be entirely one-sided.”

The shoutcaster wasn’t sprouting without backing knowledge and right at this moment on the screens, Wang Xu’s character dashed forward, his attack power not the least bit affected.

Yin Wuyao was suppressed from the start, being trapped within his tower the entire time.

In less than three minutes, Wang Xu bombed the defence tower from afar, smashing it into bits.

Yin Wuyao’s character retreated backwards.

Bo Jiu frowned!

Lin Feng hadn’t figured out the reason behind her frown.

Wang Xu sped up, gliding in from the right and aiming straight for Yin Wuyao’s back!

He moved so quickly that an ordinary person would only be able to see the silver sparks emerging from the character and wasn’t able to decipher their exact movements.

When the crowd finally processed the situation, Yin Wuyao’s character had fallen yet again.

Wang Xu ran back because he was badly wounded as well and had to return to the city.

However, when he was back, his fingers flicked slightly.

According to the situation, he should have finished off his opponent, but Yin Wuyao seemed to have a backup plan.

Whatever, even if his skills weren’t bad, it was a hopeless situation.

He was destined to take this match home!