Chapter 806 - He Can No Longer Take It

Chapter 806: He Can No Longer Take It

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The second time.

This was the second time Yin Wuyao’s character had fallen.

Just once more and regardless of whether his city was still around, this match would be considered Grand Realm’s win.

The fans’ emotions weren’t hard to guess.

The shoutcaster shook his head. “I never expected the first match to become a ground for Grand Realm’s newcomer to flaunt on. I guess Supreme Alliance is still lacking in some areas.”

“It’s normal.” The shoutcaster analyzed from all angles. “Even though there are many skilled players in Supreme Alliance, there are problems with all of them. For instance, Yin Wuyao, as we all know, is affected by his age. This is Supreme Alliance’s first match, they have two more to go. There are four main members in Supreme Alliance. Other than Spade Z and Yin Wuyao, the other two are extremely new players.The 5v5 won’t be easy. If this carries on, I’m afraid they might lose the second match as well. There might not even be a chance for a group match.”

“Yin Wuyao revived. This time, it will probably take a while longer. The team members watching him shouldn’t be feeling too good…”

The livestream was necessary to provide the actual situation.

As the shoutcaster commented, he moved the equipment aside to look at Qin Mo.

Unexpectedly, there wasn’t much expression on his elegant, ravishing face. His long fingers pressed onto the bluetooth earpiece in his left ear.

The shoutcaster was shocked. “Is Qin Mo planning to use the conversation opportunity?”

Two years ago, the adjustment had been made that every team captain had one chance to speak to their teammates, but no one expected this to be important.

The other shoutcaster was bewildered. “If I was Qin Mo, I would never use the chance here. There is a 2v2 coming up after this. Rather than wasting it on a hopeless 1v1, isn’t it more meaningful to use it on the 2v2?”

“That’s true, but he has indeed pressed his earpiece. Clear the microphone, let’s hear what he says.”

The background music was flushed out while Qin Mo’s voice came through the bluetooth earpiece. It wasn’t just broadcast to the audience, Yin Wuyao could hear it as well. “Hand speed and age don’t matter. Since you decided to come back, why don’t you prove that?”

That was all?

The shoutcaster paused.

They specifically cleared out airtime to hear the technical advise Qin Mo was going to give Yin Wuyao.

However, instead of advise, it was just these two lines?

The youngster, who had been sitting on the long bench, was satisfied.

When she heard the words, her lips curved slightly.

Yin Wuyao froze, shock spiralling down his back.

Then he lifted his lids towards the screen.

Memories from before ran through his mind, spreading to his limbs.

The night he had been expelled by the club, he had laid in bed, smoking continuously.

He had once told himself to just give up since he was indeed at the age ━ but he couldn’t seem to convince himself as he wanted to continue competing.

He couldn’t just leave without getting the championship.

To a professional player, the inability to compete was the worst torture.

He considered going to other clubs, but everyone felt the same; that with his age, his hands could no longer catch up…