Chapter 807 - Chasing Draw!

Chapter 807: Chasing Draw!

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Other professional players had started to distance themselves from him deliberately.

Those, to whom he was closer, had started to persuade him to give in. At the very least, he had still been able to provide guidance at clubs.

At the time, he had stood at the entrance with a floor filled with cigarette butts.

His fingers had been numb from the cold, but someone had still been laughing. “Hey, isn’t that Almighty Yin? Why are you here? Are you perhaps here to game? Or are you here to provide guidance? Didn’t you disapprove of the way we play, preaching on how skills are important? But in the end, aren’t you here to provide us with guidance? I guess you could fill in as an assistant as well.”

In this world, who wouldn’t feel disgusted by this sort of anguish?

Those unworthy people were dishonoring the sport he loved so passionately.

Yin Wuyao couldn’t tolerate such disgusting behavior.

If this was his passion, he would rather leave.

Indeed, he had never imagined this day.

As the days and years went by, when he thought his passionate heart was going to be buried, that youngster had appeared and he was finally here.

Thus he couldn’t just give up so easily.

His left hand pressed down on the keyboard while his right hand was moving the mouse. On the screens, it didn’t seem like much had changed.

The commentator wasn’t expectant. “I guess Qin Mo wasted his chance, Yin Wuyao doesn’t seem to have changed much. If this goes on, it won’t be long before he is finished off.”

The next second, Wang Xu exploded with blood and inched forward, almost finishing off Yin Wuyao. He was prepared to take his life.

“This is bad, Yin Wuyao is about to die!”

This wasn’t just the shoutcaster’s reaction, everyone else had the same thought.

Those who supported him from the start shut their eyes, not being able to watch the scene.

However, the very next second, there was a shift in Wang Xu’s expression!

His opponent had disappeared!

How could someone just disappear?!

He wasn’t even an assassin!

The only explanation was that he didn’t disappear, but he was in a visual blind spot!

This wasn’t a common skill and only experienced players possessed this skill.

He entered the bushes to avoid an attack before rotating sideways, producing a temporary visual impairment.

He moved too quickly. The moment Wang Xu was aiming a bomb at the bushes, Yin Wuyao had already turned, aiming an arrow over. With a maneuver, the arrow struck as he avoided Wang Xu’s attack ━ KO!

The movements were too fast for the audience because they only realized what was happening when the music changed.

But they would only know who had fallen in the next second.

The fans were convinced Yin Wuyao had fallen.

Even their hands started to fall.

However, the next second, they realized he was still there!

He jumped out of the bushes!

The fans who hadn’t shut their eyes started to squeal!

Those who had shut their eyes were confused as they watched the screen. They pulled at their friends. “What happened? What happened just now? My Almighty Yin didn’t die? Hahahaha, my Almighty Yin isn’t dead!”

As the fans peaked their eyes open, they still couldn’t process the situation, caressing their eyes. “Give me time, I don’t understand how the other character died as well.”

Only the professionals who had participated in the National League were able to catch the entire battle.

Even Feng Shang was confused. “Uncl-uncle, how exactly did he do it? Thi-this turn of events?”

Lin Feng turned, giving it a thought before replying, “Let me arrange my thoughts.”

Feng Shang: … You don’t understand as well, right?!

Coco hugged his bunny, educating Feng Shang, “During such moments, you just have to cheer, it’s too much effort to speak!”

Feng Shang replied, “I-I just-just want to know the reason.” Why wasn’t the shoutcaster saying anything?!

“It’s a visual impairment.” Bo Jiu supported her face with a hand, her stance unlike the other members. It was relaxed with her elbows pressing onto her thighs. She leaned forward, the black ring on her index finger casting a menacing gleam in her eyes. “A certain maneuvering allows long-range attackers to be concealed, avoid attacks, and to strike their opponent with high chances of success. This move is a huge test on the player’s maneuvering and strategic calculation. Newcomers won’t be able to do it, but it won’t be an issue for a seasoned player like Uncle Yin. He definitely has hidden moves we don’t know about.”

Lin Feng pointed at the youngster agitatedly. “That’s what I wanted to say!”

Grand Realm overheard their conversation.

They wanted to ask Spade Z if he was included in the phrase, hidden moves they didn’t know about.

Obviously he wasn’t referring to himself. How else was he able to analyze it to such an extent?

Yan Yixiao’s eyes dimmed as he glanced at the massacre on the screen.

He could sense the seriousness coming from the revived Wang Xu and could see it from the way he controlled the mouse.

Wang Xu had never been this serious before, but even then, Yin Wuyao’s streak remained strong.

It was an intense match, blow after blow.

The silvery sparks formed were enough to fill the entire screen.

It was no longer about their moves because they both moved swiftly, using the most direct method to attack the other and retreating rapidly, following with a counter and another maneuver.

Every movement was perfectly balanced while the mouses tapped rhythmically.

This sound was flooding the entire arena.

When the two characters collided, an opposing effect was generated. The silver lights were blinding.

That technique and maneuvering was beautiful and straightforward.

It wasn’t a common sight.

In that moment, a phrase came into the minds of the fans on both sides ━ “Evenly matched”.

The duel went on for seven minutes.

It was seven minutes of incomparable visual ecstasy.

They were two skilled players after all.

Thus the fans were satisfied.

At the very same moment, everyone was tensed up and the fans worried for Yin Wuyao.

However, right at this moment, with a rotation and a ‘shua’ .

Wang Xu retreated a step too late. His speed was affected and with a shot, his second life was gone!

“It’s a draw! Yin Wuyao has caught up!”