Chapter 808 - Confessions, CPs, and a Bed

Chapter 808: Confessions, CPs, and a Bed

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It wasn’t just the audience, even the two shoutcasters were overwhelmed with agitation.

This was a scene to behold.

Ordinary players would be dejected after dying twice, allowing the match to become a one-sided display of skills.

But Yin Wuyao managed to reach a draw under such immense pressure!

The shoutcasters were in shock because it had been years since they had seen such a match.

As the benefits start to weigh, even professional players would start to measure many things, much less to say after two deaths.

A match in which players weren’t bothered about retreating could only have been seen back then, when esports had just started to become popular.

The shoutcaster understood that his battle style came from Yin Wuyao’s personal experience and was also because of Supreme Alliance, whose members stood behind him.

It wasn’t any other team, it was Supreme Alliance!

But Wang Xu was affected the most, he was the opponent after all. He had even asked himself if he could act as fearlessly as Yin Wuyao if he had been killed twice.

It wasn’t going to be easy.

If Wang Xu had felt underestimated in the beginning since he hadn’t gotten a match against Spade Z, he wasn’t feeling the same way any longer.

His opponent was someone worthy of a battle and a rival who deserved his respect.

Wang Xu lifted his lids to scan the huge screens. Once he had revived, his right hand fastened, bolting right out of the city. A flame was burning within his eyes.

Yan Yixiao knew his teammates best. He was watching so intently that he wasn’t even aware when the teammate beside him at called his name.

A shoutcaster was needed in such a moment.

“There seems to be a shift in this battle.”

“That’s right, the outcome cannot be predicted.”

“I sense that this will take a while.”

The two of them started colliding on the screens.

Their attacks, retreats, and dodges were done accurately.

The National League was unlike normal matches where the attacks were all on the lanes because skilled players would engage battles in the wilderness.

The geographical region would be advantageous towards technical maneuvering and attacks.

Meanwhile in the audience, Hoshino was watching.

His gaze landed on the youngster before shifting. All this time, he was holding a cup of coffee, a seemingly good prop.

But after watching such a battle, he could vaguely understand why Z wanted to wait until after the competition.

This was a competition worth anticipating because regardless of which team it was, this was a place displaying esports skills.

“Wang Xu’s HP are starting to fall!” the shoutcaster remarked agitatedly. “Is Yin Wuyao going to win this round?”

“Both of them have died twice, the next death ends the battle. But based on the situation, it seems like Yin…”

Before he could finish his words, Wang Xu’s character arched like an arrow. With a forceful bounce, the cannon bursts out, striking Yin Wuyao’s character.

The next second, he moved his fingers, heading straight.

With a loud thud, they both executed their big blow.

As the music blasted, the screen was filled with silvery light rays .


Who died?!

This was the burning question inside everyone’s head!

The silver sparks from the maneuvering flew across the screen before the screens started shifting, analyzing the movements.

The audience could finally sight the heavily wounded Wang Xu, who was kneeling beside the bushes.

It took the system a second before the results were shown.

The screen on Supreme Alliance’s side dimmed.

Along with a shattered crystal, the word ‘Fail’ appeared, cold and jarring.

“He lost…”

The fans lowered their hands, staring at the screen motionlessly.

However, this wasn’t an average battle because Grand Realm’s fans complimented their rival even though it wasn’t common. “Yin Wuyao is amazing!”.

A thundering applause flooded the arena. It wasn’t just for Wang Xu, it was also for Yin Wuyao, who had gifted them with such an exciting match.

The sound of applause was all they could hear.

Yin Wuyao lifted his lids. Removing his headphones, dark wisps of hair fell across his eyes. No one wanted to lose and he felt the same.

Just a little, it had really been just a little.

Wang Xu didn’t stand up, at which Yan Yixiao frowned.

The cameras started turning towards Wang Xu, noticing that his hands had stiffened.

Everyone saw it.

The shoutcaster were shocked. “Hypertonia 1 ?”

“Probably, it’s Yin Wuyao no doubt. He kept influencing the opponent to use the same attack. If this match had continued, the loser would perhaps have been…” The shoutcaster didn’t say the name, but the message was clear.

Even Wang Xu himself knew. The shock from his eyes started to dissipate.

Then he flicked his right hand before standing up and walking towards Yin Wuyao. His gaze was deep. “I hope for a rematch in the future.”

Yin Wuyao raised a brow. He wanted a cigarette right now, but was stopped by someone who wasn’t even his teammate.

He remained silent.

Wang Xu frowned, seemingly finding an excuse. “I really like you…”

Yin Wuyao: …

No, Yin Wuyao’s response wasn’t important right now because everyone else was confused and even the shoutcaster was at a loss for words!

Lin Feng was as thunderstruck as everyone else. “F*ck!”

Bo Jiu, who was unwrapping her lollipop, stilled. In order to make sure she wasn’t hearing things, she used the Almighty’s approaching hand to caress her ear.

Feng Shang reacted more straightforwardly with his mouth wide open!

“F*ck, what’s up with this, confessing to Uncle?!”

As the person being confessed to, he really wanted to shout, “I’m straight.”

Wait a moment, stop the frustration.

How could he stoop to a child’s level?

Besides, it was a child that just won against him.

Yin Wuyao inhaled deeply, prepared to say something, but Wang Xu continued, “I meant that I like your technique.”

Lin Feng started to be a tease. The disappointment from the loss was disappearing as he asked casually, “Hey hey, what sort of skills?”

“What do you think?” Yun Hu placed a hand onto a certain misbehaving person’s thighs.

Lin Feng stilled, keeping silent. He was prepared to move his arm.

Brother, how could you touch my thighs with such a huge crowd watching?!

He wasn’t that unbothered!

“Uncle lost, we have to take the next match home.” Yun Hu turned, whispering into his ears, “If you move my hands, do you think I’ll be in the right mood for the next match?”

Lin Feng glared at him, the words ” F*ck you ,” hovering in his throat, but he couldn’t say it right now.

“Why are you so easily affected?”

He kept using it against him, f*ck!

Yun Hu appeared calm. “I’m afraid of rejection, I have a heart of glass.”

Lin Feng: … He couldn’t seem to communicate properly, how shameless!

The match had come to an end, but Wang Xu wasn’t done. His defined face was still facing Yin Wuyao. “How can I get you to accept my request? In order to show my sincerity, I can join your team after this competition, we can battle against each other during training.”

Yin Wuyao: … Er, what was with this situation? He was going to follow him?!

Yan Yixiao was more than familiar with his teammate. He went forward, not caring if he would embarrass himself as he pulled Wang Xu.

Yin Wuyao didn’t know how to react during such a moment since he had just lost the match, but the opponent was looking at him so… endearingly?

He had to return to his team after all.

The shoutcasters were at a loss due to the situation as they remarked awkwardly, “Hehehehe, participant Wang Xu sure is passionate, it’s probably due to his love for esports.”

Yin Wuyao’s fans decided not to ignore that as they were convinced Wang Xu had taken a liking to their Uncle!

That gaze, it really couldn’t be explained otherwise!!!

Yin Wuyao could feel his hair standing, especially when he walked to his teammates. He was prepared to take the consequences.

But the youngster only directed a radiant and teasing smile at him. “Not bad, with just one match, you managed to attract a willing partner.”

A willing partner?!

Yin Wuyao was petrified. Who exactly had taught their little vice-captain her language?! How could she use such words?!

“Wang Xu isn’t bad, our team lacks someone like him,” Lin Feng added while his paws were inching over. “Bro, you can sacrifice your looks a little.”

Yin Wuyao sighed as he glanced up ━ he didn’t wish to speak, he just wanted a cigarette and peace.

However, on the inside, he felt warm because he still remembered the last match from his previous team.

It had been a team battle.

Due to the team’s interest, he had forsaken his niche, the long-range attacker, to play a tank.

During the match, his teammates had retreated the moment they had seen his blood falling. There hadn’t been any way to fight.

They had lost horribly during that match.

Gamers knew that it was because the outpost attacker hadn’t caught up, but that hadn’t been the club’s thoughts.

Or perhaps, they had already been planning to remove him from the team and had used that match as the excuse, claiming that his maneuvering had pulled down the whole group’s standards, forcing him to quit.

Yin Wuyao could no longer remember how he had felt back then.

In this world, being trampled on by someone you hated wasn’t much.

However, it was disheartening for someone who had promised to conquer the world with you to abandon you.

Yin Wuyao glanced up at the youngsters, who were teasing him.

Their captain sat in the middle, raising his head and tossing him a cigarette nonchalantly.

Joining Supreme Alliance and gaining this group of brothers had been the greatest blessing in his life.

This scene was witnessed by the audience and the unique camaraderie displayed made them anticipate the next match even more.

The music for the 2v2 started playing and Lin Feng retracted his hand, his lips upturned. “Let’s go take revenge for Brother Yao.”

Yun Hu followed behind, his tall upright figure complementing his face. There was an uproar when his face flashed on the screens.

Especially when both Lin Feng and Yun Hu were a team.

Even though they wore the same uniform, it gave off completely different vibes. One of them folded his sleeve while the other stuffed his hand into his pocket. It wasn’t just dashing, but when Lin Feng tilted his head towards Yun Hu, pink hearts even seemed to explode in the atmosphere.

The fans would definitely call this a perfect couple!

The shoutcaster, meanwhile, moved the microphone over. “The second match is about to begin, but from the look of things, as everyone has seen, Supreme Alliance has lost a round. This next 2v2 is a crucial match. If Lin Feng and Yun Hu don’t win this, the round is over. Let’s watch and see!”

“The opponent team’s members are out.” The other shoutcaster moved his gaze. “It’s the Golden Pair from Grand Realm. This is indeed a key match. Which team do you think has a higher chance of winning?”

“Brother, this is hard, they seem to be equally matched, but there is something I can be sure of. If Supreme Alliance is sending out Lin Feng and Yun Hu now, there will be two newcomers in the teamfight. Hence, even if they win this round, the 5v5 won’t be an easy match for them. Besides, the loss in the first match places pressure onto the FengYun Duo. I think it’s a good time to hear our players out. Lin Feng, please.”

Upon being appointed, Lin Feng wore his headphones, using one finger to press onto the headphones. “You! You have potential! This is indeed the FengYun Duo, it’s good that you placed my name in front. That’s right, I’m the dominant.”

Shoutcaster: … That wasn’t what they were asking!!!

The fans replied in unison, “Nothing’s wrong!”

Besides, those who claimed to be the dominant were usually the submissive!

The two poor shoutcasters were constantly confused by Supreme Alliance.

Without wasting any second, they entered the game and the passionate invigorating music started to play, igniting a focus.

Bo Jiu watched as Lin Feng moved the mouse, her brows raised. “Why does Senior Lin seem so enthusiastic today? Is he risking his life?”

“Enthusiastic?” Coco didn’t understand what she meant. “He doesn’t seem any different from usual. Hasn’t he always been like this?”

Bo Jiu tapped her knees rhythmically. “It isn’t the same this time, he seems to press the keyboard about a second faster.”

From afar, all the Grand Realm members were looking at the youngster, excluding Wang Xu, who was still looking at Yin Wuyao.

How could you tell if it was about a second, were you a monster?!

Lin Feng was indeed faster than before.

However, he had to be quick since before the battle, while Yun Hu was arranging his collar, he had said, “If we don’t win, I’ll drag you to my bed and you should know what I will be doing then.”