Chapter 809 - Almighty Qin and Jiu

Chapter 809: Almighty Qin and Jiu

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What the f*ck? Didn’t he know that he was straight?!

However, he couldn’t lose anyways as it would be an insult!

Let’s have a match in bed if you dare.

He might not necessarily be the one on the bottom!

Lin Feng grew increasingly agitated, heading straight towards the opponents with his main cannon.

Just as Bo Jiu had said, he was maneuvering much faster.

Lin Feng picked an agile character, allowing him to go through the actions smoothly.

He leaped and after keeping the troops, he jumped to the right to kill off a Boss before retreating to kill soldiers.

His maneuvering and speed seemed to change whenever the camera was able to capture it.

As mentioned before, battles between skilled players were never on the regular route, but in the wilderness.

The two representatives from Grand Realm glanced at each other and to the sides before deciding to head straight for Lin Feng.

He was alone after all!

They crossed the bushes swiftly, their long fingers directing their movements.

As players at an international level, their maneuvering and positioning were beautiful. Any of these Almighties would be able to lead normal competitions.

But this was the National League and everyone here was of a certain level.

While Lin Feng shifted the angles, he could see the two figures dashing towards him.

He retreated slightly towards the bushes before aiming his cannon towards the character with lower HP. With a thundering release, he adjusted the cannon towards the character nearer to him.

The opponent executed his big move, reducing Lin Feng’s HP by half.

However, Lin Feng didn’t leave. Instead, he moved to the left before jumping back, his fingers flying over the controls.

The opponent wasn’t unaffected, a frown forming across his forehead after the series of actions.

The players moved with a god-like speed.

That aside, even the shoutcasters were shocked by Lin Feng. “What’s happening? How is Lin Feng’s attack so powerful when they haven’t even trained?”

Feng Shang was in awe as well because he would never dare go against two others by himself.

“Hand speed,” Bo Jiu remarked.

Feng Shang was confused.

Bo Jiu positioned her fingers on the Almighty’s wrist, her index finger tapping twice, signalling for him to look at the way Lin Feng was clicking the mouse.

Feng Shang couldn’t understand, but the moment he glanced over, he realized Lin Feng was clicking many times.

“It’s the difference between one blow and three blows.”

This was the epitome of hand speed. With increased number of clicks, the attack power would definitely increase accordingly.

Feng Shang finally understood, but he could tell that his idol was something.

When Almighty Qin saw Feng Shang’s idol tapping on his wrists, his perfect brows rose as danger clouded his deep set eyes.

But his idol wasn’t entirely faultless. Why did he have to use Almighty Qin’s hand for demonstration?

Wasn’t that taunting a lion?

Bo Jiu didn’t pay him attention. Other than the competition, she would still take glances at a certain someone in the audience.

It was a signal for him to wait before taking action.

Hoshino understood her intentions, moving the coffee cup towards his lips. His fingers were tapping on the cup.

He tapped five times consecutively in a rhythmic manner.

It was a commonly used code, meaning they had five minutes after the competition ended.

Bo Jiu returned her gaze back to the front, her eyes dark and deep.