Chapter 81 - Almighty Qin Playing Tricks on Lord Jiu

Chapter 81: Almighty Qin Playing Tricks on Lord Jiu

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Fu Jiu was actually a little bit surprised. She thought that the aforementioned activity to aid digestion was just going for a drive and getting some fresh air.

Now it seemed that… Fu Jiu raised her gaze up and looked at Qin Mo with a smile. He really treated his friends well.

When Qin Mo turned around, he saw the youngster staring at him. He lifted his eyebrows and dragged him over by his back collar. “Which one do you like? Go ahead and pick!”

“Almighty, no one likes to be dragged here and there like this.” As Fu Jiu said this, she adjusted her collar. Still looking handsome and sly, she leaned to one side and smiled. “If you put your hands on me again, I will assume that you are falling in love with me.”

Qin Mo was no longer the man who would get mad about such a thing. He patted the youngster on the top of his head softly as he coldly smiled. “Shut up. Pick your stuff.”

It was the first time that Fu Jiu had ever been patted on the top of her head. Without her noticing, her handsome face was buried in her front collar.

Since he had helped set things straight for her, she wouldn’t fight back. She only thought of getting more from him for this action.

Almighty Qin didn’t care about spending money. Seeing the youngster cover his head with one hand and look disgruntled after being patted by him, he hooked the corners of his mouth up unconsciously, and his mood became much better.

Fu Jiu could also tell that Almighty Qin’s current hobby was bullying her.

To be honest, before she got in touch with Almighty Qin, she just thought that he was not to be trifled with.

After getting in contact with him, she realized that the man had an evil mind.

Where could you find a normal person who would regard bullying his friends as an interest?

Almighty Qin was the only one in the world.

With his great popularity, it was fated that Qin Mo was unable to stay in Computer City for very long.

Fu Jiu also looked at the time and quickly picked up a large pile of internal components and a very tiny case.

When she said she mentioned that she only wanted the case, the store manager looked at her in surprise. “You, are you sure you want to buy it like this?”

“What can these separate things do? Why don’t you just buy the whole finished product directly?”

Fu Jiu smiled. “Yeah, I’m sure.” The laptops on the market were not meant to be disguised, so she wanted to build a better one that she could type safely on during class.

Meanwhile, Qin Mo was just sitting nearby, looking at a gaming magazine with his two slender legs crossed. After hearing this, he blinked his eyes and looked in Fu Jiu’s direction. His eyes were as deep as an ancient lake. They seemed calm, but contained a great sense of profoundness.

Fu Jiu also noticed that Qin Mo was looking at her. Anyway, she was a hacker. Since the man already knew that, she had nothing to hide. She turned her head and smiled at him, “I want to build my own laptop.”

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and came over. With his hand pointing at the separate parts, he said with a businessman’s tone, “To make a laptop, the hard drive here is not up to par. I have a good one. When you enter the Qin Corporation, I will give it to you.”

That was to say, if she didn’t enter the Qin Corporation, she shouldn’t even dream about it.

Fu Jiu gathered another implication behind his remark. “What about today’s things?”

“After the competition, if you fail to enter the Qin Corporation, you will return them to me at the original price.”

Seeing this, Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows. Aiding the digestion was just a joke. The fundamental purpose was to enslave her completely in the future.

Fatten her first, then torture her slowly… Almighty’s tricks were indeed deep…