Chapter 810 - Jiu Wants to Leave?

Chapter 810: Jiu Wants to Leave?

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There were some matters she had to settle and she only had five minutes to leave the grounds after the competition ended.

Bo Jiu thought of many excuses to leave, but she never expected it to be a problem with her fans.

Rather than allow the Almighty and Supreme Alliance to be blamed, she would rather end the matters herself.

Be it the crime squad case or for the conversion of the fans, Bo Jiu knew that they wouldn’t let her off.

Because she hadn’t fulfilled their desires.

Because they didn’t have anything they needed to protect.

They used their adoration as an excuse to violate someone, retaliating after being threatened and still felt wronged after everything.

Even with Feng Yi around, she wouldn’t be left without trouble since no one could stop their mouth.

They didn’t care about the National League ━ but Bo Jiu cared.

The more someone cared about something, the more they would want to protect it even if it would lead to an abyss…

The massacre continued.

1v2. Regardless of how fast Lin Feng was, it didn’t do much.

When Yun Hu arrived, Lin Feng was badly wounded.

The fans bolted upright, their fingers gripping tight as they cried. “Almighty Lin.”

If this went on, Lin Feng was going to be killed!

This was everyone’s first reaction.

They wanted him to escape, but both the fans and the Grand Realm members seemed to have forgotten that there still was Yun Hu!

Of course, the Grand Realm members reacted faster than the fans.

They knew that Yun Hu would definitely head their way, but they were confident they could finish Lin Feng off.

Even though there wasn’t an issue with the time, it would be too late to escape.

The second before Lin Feng was killed, a figure moved from the left towards the extreme right with a leap. He didn’t just grab the blood bag at the bottom of the defence tower, he had also tossed a bomb over.

“Trouble!” one of them howled, “Retreat!”

He managed to escape, but this teammate…

It was too late.

Yun Hu came from the wilderness, striking him with a big move!


The first kill, but that wasn’t even the end.

Yun Hu dashed forward. He could still catch up to the other wounded opponent.

Leaping into the bushes, he planned to return to the tower after avoiding an attack.

Yun Hu didn’t give him any chance and entered the tower by force, clearing the area ━ double-kill!

He would definitely be wounded from being below the enemy’s tower.

Yun Hu used his killing skills, positioning his rifle. He then pulled it back, heading for the city!

The fight ended quickly.

Just a second ago, the fans were still worried Lin Feng would be killed.

The next second, the music from Yun Hu’s massacre started playing.

Lin Feng had definitely contributed as well, especially when he had leaped off the tower to get the HP bag.

If he hadn’t moved so quickly, Lin Feng would have died in the bushes nearby and the double-kill from Yun Hu wouldn’t have come so easily.

Their camaraderie was impeccable.

Both Lin Feng’s flexibility and Yun Hu’s timely appearance along with the final tower kill were a feast for the eyes. When it was over, the crowd burst into a resounding applause!

Yan Yixiao’s expression shifted, he tapped his fingers, his gaze dim. “As expected of this duo from Supreme Alliance, their teamwork is commendable.”

Wang Xu wasn’t watching the match, his entire being was focused on Yin Wuyao.

Yan Yixiao hurried over to block his view. “Bring your attention back to our team. Don’t worry, with the ties I have with Uncle Yin, I can still get you a meal.”

Wang Xu swept him a glance, refusing to listen, he wasn’t interested. He returned his gaze back to Yin Wuyao.

Uncle Yin felt uneasy even when he tilted his head to lit a cigarette.

Since his golden newbie couldn’t be controlled, Yan Yixiao reached out towards his walkie-talkie. “Lin Feng’s movement is faster than before. One of you approach him and the other ambush him.”

Basically, all the strategies were against Lin Feng because the duo from Grand Realm knew that Yun Hu was more skilled than Lin Feng.

They stopped their actions.

One of them was approaching while the other hid in the bushes in order to catch Lin Feng.

However, they hadn’t expected him to jump backwards after jumping over. The big cannon stuck the crystal tower. After successfully breaking the tower, he retreated, not giving anyone the chance to ambush him.

This… was completely unlike Lin Feng!

The players participating in the National League had a general idea of their opponents playing styles and Lin Feng had never played in such a manner.

“Do you wish to catch daddy?” Lin Feng waved his fingers, taunting as he created soldiers. “Daddy isn’t the sort that is easily caught.”

Coco seemed troubled by these words. “He used to be.”

“He must have received personal guidance from Almighty Yun before the competition,” Bo Jiu replied lightly.

Her words had unknowingly enlightened someone.

Since Lin Feng himself had schemed before, as a formidable and imposing person like himself, how could be stoop to a brother’s level?

He was worrying Yun Hu would really drag him to bed if they lost.

He hadn’t forgotten, even though Yun Hu didn’t look fat, he was muscular beneath all those clothes.

It was indeed despicable for him to bully a pretty boy without muscles like him.

Lin Feng concluded that winning would save him the worry!

He didn’t say much and went forward single-mindedly!

Lin Feng’s murderous aura seemed out of place.

The Grand Realm players, who were waiting for their ambush, couldn’t seem to comprehend his actions.

The shoutcaster commented, “Lin Feng seems to be in a good condition today.”

“Indeed.” The other shoutcaster nodded in agreement. “He wasn’t just fast, his mentality seems to have improved as well. The previous loss didn’t seem to have any impact on the FengYun Duo. Grand Realm has to toughen up or the match will be taken home by Supreme Alliance.”

Grand Realm knew this as well and thus hurriedly changed their tactics, heading over to the crystal tower side by side.

The faster they moved, the harder it was for Lin Feng to attack.

This time, their speed and maneuvering were visibly faster, but the difference between a master’s battle had always been marginal.

The next time they collided, Lin Feng had died. One of the opponent’s members had died as well and Yun Hu used the time difference to destroy two defence tower.

The victor of this match was obvious, but it still wasn’t an easy match.

They had never been cowards. Thus, after restructuring, they set off once again, heading towards Yun Hu.

The competition grew increasingly intense and dragged on for a long while.

In the end, Lin Feng directed a long-ranging canon towards the teammate who had died twice.

A thundering eruption went off and the game music blast through the speakers.

A portion of Grand Realm’s map dimmed!

After three deaths, the player would be disqualified; turning the match into a 2v1.

The fans squealed in joy!

Yun Hu and Lin Feng didn’t stop here, directing their attacking towards the opponent’s defence tower before bolting towards the city.

There was only one player left of Grand Realm. It wasn’t going to be easy to leave the city since Lin Feng was standing guard outside, but if he stayed, the city would be infiltrated.

However, he stayed firm, guarding against three line of troops.

Even then, he didn’t stand a chance against Lin Feng’s unyielding persistence.

When the fourth string of troops came, he could no longer stand firm. When the crystal shattered, he removed his headphones, taking in a deep breath.

The crowd was silent for a second before bursting into an uncontrollable wave of cheers.

“We won!”

“Supreme Alliance won!”

“Hehehe, why does Grand Realm seem suave as well?”

“Everyone is suave, but the FengYun CP is the cutest! Especially my Feng, he was exceptional today!”

It wasn’t really exceptional.

Yun Hu glanced up, his fingers brushing the black earpiece on his left ear.

He knew how much effort a certain someone had poured into every single match.

He was someone lazier than anyone else, using every little bit of time to rest, but he hadn’t slept early in three whole days, dragging him along to practice different techniques to increase his hand speed and coordination.

When a certain someone bolted out, he still continued to remind him to be calm and not fall into traps.

His naive self had always been hilarious.

Just as he was right now.

After removing his earpiece, his first reaction was hugging Lin Feng, who was still whistling towards the crowd.

They were brothers after all, the sort that had braved years together.

Lin Feng returned the hug. It was necessary to share the joy of victory.

However, something didn’t seem right and he separated instantly!

He glanced upwards, sweeping Yun Hu a glance, letting him know that the competition had ended and his threat wasn’t useful anymore!

Yun Hu glanced down, breaking into a smile as he replied, “You seem to be in a great mood, shall we celebrate in bed tonight?”

Lin Feng froze.

F*ck, he would understand if he had lost, but why did they have to talk in bed when they won?!

Yun Hu couldn’t help but caress his head for his naivety, his laughter joyous.

Lin Feng paused because it had been a while since he had seen Yun Hu laugh this way.

He seemed to be moody all the time.

Sometimes, he really couldn’t read his mind.

Forget it, they won anyways.

Who cared about anything else?

Lin Feng broke into a smile, exposing his snowy white teeth as he walked towards the youngster with an outstretched left hand.

Bo Jiu reached her palms out, returning with a suave high-five, her silvery hair flying about!