Chapter 811 - MoJiu Cooperation

Chapter 811: MoJiu Cooperation

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It was an invigorating scene which sent a wave of cheers through the audience.

The cheers this time was much more extreme than before.

Some of the fans couldn’t help tightening their grip around the clothes on their chest as their eyes overflowing with excitement and joy.

Right at this moment, there were only two words in their mind ━ Spade Z!

“After the 2v2, we have the teamfight.” The shoutcaster held onto the microphone. “I believe the audience must have the same thoughts and is anticipating this person as much as I am. That’s right, it’s none other than Qin Mo! And this year, there’s another player who has taken over the esports by storm, Spade Z, the FC King of the Zone C! I’m excited to see what sort of brilliance he will let us witness today!”

The other shoutcaster laughed. “Brother, I know you’re a fan of Spade Z, but this is a team battle. Don’t forget Grand Realm, they have sent their strongest formation yet. Even if Qin Mo and Spade Z are here, it might not be a confirmed win since there are still new players in their formation. This 5v5 might be a taxing match for them.”

“I almost forgot about that.” The shoutcaster tapped his forehead.

His partner made another analysis. “Besides, I believe that Grand Realm must have figured out that Qin Mo’s Three Thousand Knife Cutting, though formidable, has to be matched up with teammates of comparable skills or they would have a hard time.”

“Isn’t there still Spade Z?”

“How is one person enough? There has to be at least two strong players but as you have seen, Coco’s skills have fallen considerably this year; that is a bottleneck faced by every professional player. The reason Supreme Alliance held a selection competition just before the National League was because Feng Yi has noticed that the overall standard has been falling which triggered the need for new blood. I guess you can say Spade Z came at a bad time. If he had joined them a year earlier with Coco still in his prime condition, this wouldn’t have been such a tough match. Look, Grand Realm changed the formation according to their problem. Yan Yixiao has always had a way with battle formations. How Supreme Alliance deals with them is the key.”

Yan Yixiao bolted upright, glancing at the four teammates behind. “Let’s go, stick to the plan.”

The members from Grand Realm weren’t the best looking, but their skills spoke for themselves.

For this match, they just had to suppress Almighty Qin and go in for the newcomers. After that, they could just team up to deal with Spade Z.

There wasn’t anything wrong with their plan.

Regardless of which team it was, they would seek out Yaoyao and Feng Shang if they were engaging in a team battle.

Actually, those who hadn’t been paying attention to Supreme Alliance wouldn’t know the two of them.

A commotion arose in the audience.

“Newcomers? Are they on the same level as Spade Z, the FC King of the Zone C?”

“I doubt so, didn’t you hear the shoutcasters? They’re just ordinary newcomers.”

“Supreme Alliance must be at their wits end if they are using newcomers for a team battle. Almighty Yin started off with the 1v1 and the FengYun Duo fought the 2v2. If you think about it, this isn’t their strongest formation.”

“Let’s observe first, it’s fine as long as they don’t drag the team down.”

Feng Shang and Yaoyao heard their discussion, but they weren’t disheartened as that was all expected.

They started off by playing amateur matches and weren’t considered to be at the top within the team, thus the audience were being objective.

Xue Yaoyao, on the other hand, faced harsher criticisms on a daily basis.

Fat, ugly and even poor.

Just as she was convinced her life would remain the same way, that person had dragged her out; had dragged out her love for esports, the desire to play another match.

Was because of the company that fought alongside her, that was a bond much more precious that the game itself.

In this world, there had to be something you would be willing to pour your heart into.

It wasn’t just her, Feng Shang felt the same way.

They had been preparing for this battle for a long time, training in the Internet café every night and watching countless number of operation videos.

Whenever they had encountered something they didn’t understand, they had dragged Uncle Yin out of his cigarette infused bed to have a discussion.

Both Feng Shang and Uncle Yin treated her really well.

Since she was a girl, they hadn’t thought it would be good for her to frequent the Internet café, hence, they had specifically left the storage upstairs for her with a temporary sofa.

In just a few days, Uncle Yin hadn’t forgotten to leave her some fruits and green tea.

After gaming, she still had to study since she was a high school student after all.

As Uncle Yin had said, he hadn’t had much culture during his school days, hence, he couldn’t let esports ruin their generation.

Xue Yaoyao found it hilarious. He was just eleven years older than them, it wasn’t a generation away.

But even so…

Xue Yaoyao wasn’t able to forget these few days.

After each training session had been over, she had to do practice papers; the fatigue so intense she dozed off.

When she had woken up on the second day, Uncle Yin had started his business operations. However, once all customers had left, he had made both of them a bowl of noodles.

Feng Shang had been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, the wealth of his family was common knowledge to people in Jiang City.

But he wasn’t picky at all. He had even grabbed his hair as he slurped his noodles and his handsome face had been dripping with sweat. “Fo-for the sa-sake of these noodles, w-we have to win and when tha-that happens, I’ll get Brother to treat us.”

Xue Yaoyao turned towards Feng Shang, who was beside her.

The match had finally arrived.

It hadn’t been an easy road, thus they couldn’t back down!


The screens flashed and Supreme Alliance stood up with unison.

The youngster, who had one hand in her pockets, was a striking presence, much less to say Qin Mo, who was in front of her.

He didn’t seem to have heard the shoutcaster’s remarks, an imposing aura emitting from his perfectly defined features. With just a lift of his head, his fans were wild.

Bo Jiu arched a brow. As expected of the Almighty, the effects of his appearance were so apparent.

Just then, a familiar voice rang beside her. His voice was calm. “You have been looking at the audience since a while ago, what exactly are you looking at?”

Bo Jiu paused, her smile unwavering. “I’m looking at their passion.”

Qin Mo turned to look at her and she lifted her lips, remaining firm under his scrutiny.

Then Qin Mo retracted his gaze. Without another word, he held onto her wrist, heading straight to their competition seats.

Bo Jiu knew she had to be careful since the Almighty has a sharp mind that could catch on easily, but he shouldn’t have seen Hoshino.

Lowering her head, her lips were curling upwards as she glanced down at the fingers around her wrist.

Her actions were captured by the fans.

“Why does my Big Spade seem in a better mood than before?”

“Big Spade is just like a faithful puppy, smiling ravishing with a touch.”

“That’s such an obvious flaunt, hurry, capture the scene!”

Under the camera, all the members were seated in a straight line.

Supreme Alliance had the most striking uniform from all teams and with them all lined up, it was a sight to behold.

The audience was passionate, their cheers were blowing through the roof. It was as though they were witnessing the climax of the competition.

The online view counter in the control room went over the top.

The reason for this was obvious: the most valuable esports player and the popular FC King.

They could easily stir up a buzz for all the competitions they participated in.

That superstar effect was irresistible.

In all seriousness, ever since the National League had begun, this was the first time both Bo Jiu and Qin Mo would fight in the same match.

Hence, the anticipation was inevitable.


The music started playing and the players tilted their heads, wore their headphones, and placed their fingers on the keyboard.

The five of them entered together!

It was a similar scene at Grand Realm and at this moment, the match began, flashing onto the screens.

The shoutcaster glanced at the screen. “Honestly, I never expected Supreme Alliance to make such an arrangement. I believe everyone can still remember how there were some who weren’t hopeful about the team when the match had started. First, their captain wasn’t present, which affected their strength, and next, they were out in the semis. Every single time, we were convinced they had reached their limits, I never expected…” He laughed. “And that’s the charm of esports. If you don’t have a match, you never know who the victor is.”

The players had decided on their characters by now and the details flashed on the screen.

“Spade Z indeed chose the assassin.”

“It doesn’t come as a surprise since he can set the tempo as an assassin.”

“Wait a minute, Qin Mo isn’t the team master.”

The other shoutcaster leaned towards the screen, his eyes widening. “He really isn’t the team master. Why is he also an assassin? This isn’t a compatible arrangement.”

“He might have chosen the assassin to protect the newcomers.”

That made sense, but the National League wasn’t an ordinary match, choosing such a character was risky.

Yan Yixiao seemed to have predicted such a turn of events as he remained unruffled with a slight life of his lips.

A Grand Realm player remarked, “Qin Mo must be in a rut to have chosen the assassin instead of his main character for the team battle. This is good news for us!”

“Keep quiet and pay attention, the competition is starting.”

With his last command, the timer ended and the teammates transported into the competition.

Grand Realm couldn’t catch up with Bo Jiu.

A shadow flashed in the wilderness, the bushes shifting behind her.

Initially, the cameras followed behind Spade Z.

As the popular FC king of Zone C, the fans would definitely want to watch her maneuvering.

However, halfway through, she was no longer using the conventional positioning and they were no longer able to catch up with the speed of her movements.

She shifted from side to side. Was she trying to tire the director?

He shifted the cameras towards the milder Grand Realm players.

There were five characters on the screen, who moved across the screens skilfully, knowing of their respective duties.

They covered the attacker, tank, assassin, sorcerer, and aid.

Compared to Supreme Alliance, they were indeed a perfectly arranged formation.

In contrast, Supreme Alliance had split into two lanes.

Coco went solo and Yaoyao, the sorcerer, had unexpectedly followed Feng Shang on the bottom lane.


“Supreme Alliance’s playing style is all over the place.”

Even weirder was that nobody was in the middle lane!

What was happening?

Both the shoutcasters and the audience were confused.

The two of them appeared on the screens as tiny figures.

The audience had a perfect view of the entire game and the player’s position, but they couldn’t seem to figure out the strategy. Were they giving up on the middle lane?

The map also indicated two main attackers on the middle lane.

The fans were dying to inform their Big Spade of the situation.

But right at this moment, the youngster pressed onto the earpiece. “I’ll finish off a blue beast first.”

Crowd: … Blue beast…

The shoutcaster explained, “Spade Z is an assassin and fighting beasts to increase their experience is essential.”

But Almighty Qin was fighting beasts as well.

One of them was attacking the blue beasts while the other went for the red ones. Were they really going to give up on the middle lane?

“What exactly are they up to?” the shoutcaster asked his partner.

His partner took a moment. “Let’s watch a little more.”

They could do nothing else than watch such unconventional playing styles.

“Look at the bottom lane.” The shoutcaster pointed downwards.

As both teams approached each other, the figures appeared clearer.

Yan Yixiao went for the bottom lane, moving through the wilderness and striking the sorcerer Xue Yaoyao was playing.

That strike wasn’t weak, Xue Yaoyao’s blood halved instantly.

Yan Yixiao was a crafty player. After striking Xue Yaoyao, he jumped back into the bushes, running back to the tower.

He didn’t give Xue Yaoyao any opportunity to retaliate.

This was to allow the Supreme Alliance members to notice something.

If Xue Yaoyao was the only one on this lane, Yan Yixiao could finish her off easily.

Yan Yixiao had retreated only because Feng Shang was nearby.

From another angle, the match had just begun and Yan Yixiao had yet to unleash his full potential. As the match progressed, Xue Yaoyao might not be able to keep her life even with Feng Shang nearby.

Yan Yixiao personally dealt with the newcomers in order to create pressure for them.

“This will remind Supreme Alliance of their insufficiencies.” The shoutcaster continued, “This doesn’t look optimistic. Yan Yixiao will remain persistent, and besides, who is going to defend the middle lane?”

After being struck, Xue Yaoyao’s speed was slightly affected.

Right at this moment, Qin Mo’s familiar nonchalant voice came through the speakers. “It’s normal for Yan Yixiao to be more skilled. If he were to PK Spade, he would feel the difference as well.”