Chapter 812 - Big Spade’s First Kill

Chapter 812: Big Spade’s First Kill

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Yan Yixiao: … Fu*k, Qin Mo, what was the meaning of this?!

The youngster buried her head as she fought in the wilderness, her silvery hair flying as a devilish smile spread across her face. “I can finish him off single handedly.”

The shoutcasters exchanged glances. She must have deliberately said it for Yan Yixiao?

Yan Yixiao struggled to maintain his composure as he reminded his rival, “Qin Mo, you’re on public speaker.”

“I know,” he replied nonchalantly.

Yan Yixiao tightened his grip, his jaw hardening. He did it deliberately!

“You can find me for a PK,” the youngster added.

Yan Yixiao wanted to smash his mouse! Were they testing his patience?!

His teammates tried to calm him. “Captain, don’t be tricked by them. They’re just trying to lure you out. You should know Spade Z’s playing style as assassin, a PK isn’t possible now.”

Yan Yixiao was the captain after all, so he rotated the mouse. He was suppressing his emotions as he spat out, “Continue the attack.”

The Grand Realm members hadn’t stopped, but they couldn’t seem to figure one thing out.

Qin Mo was fighting in the wilderness. So why were their teammates ambushed by him?

Unless… He was shifting the scenes while fighting the wilderness.

That was insane!

“Middle lane! Attack!”

It was part of Grand Realm’s private chat.

Supreme Alliance had obviously left that lane empty. It was essential for Grand Realm to take it down swiftly.

However, just as they were able to enter the tower, Spade Z appeared, blocking their pathway before striking them. It was simply despicable!

Since they were all skilled players, they managed to retreat swiftly and the damage wasn’t substantial.

After they had left the tower, one of them sent out a long-range missile, directing it straight at Spade Z.

A thundering explosion pierced through the air!

Amidst the sparks, the youngster shifted to the left, barely scraping pass the attack.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

After attacking all those beasts, Spade Z didn’t have much HP left. That missile would have finished her off.

However, it wasn’t easy to catch Spade Z in such a state. Thus the two of them weren’t willing to let this opportunity slip past.

An assassin’s weakness was apparent because they didn’t have much attack power and had low HP.

Moreover, Spade Z didn’t have much HP left, it would be a waste to let her off. Hence, they entered the wilderness without hesitation.

The key of a teamfight was to outnumber the opponent.

One of them was a tank, so it wouldn’t be hard to kill an assassin!

But they seemed to have forgotten something: Why had the wounded Spade Z entered the wilderness and hadn’t headed towards the tower?

Finishing Spade Z off had engulfed all their thoughts.

Since Spade Z was about to escape, they sped up in order to get the first kill.

Right at this moment, a figure suddenly jumped from the bushes.

It was Qin Mo in a silvery-white ancient robe.

He jumped out with a long sword in hand and aimed it straight, striking the wounded opponent.

When the other person realized what was happening, he froze, attempting to retreat.

But Spade Z, who had been running forward, had turned back, heading straight for them!

Spade Z moved like a secret assassin who had finally unleashed herself.

The opponent wasn’t looking to escape!

That was Grand Realm’s first reaction before they finally realized that they had walked into a trap.

Spade Z decided to make a turn in order to lure them over because over here, Qin Mo was fighting in the wilderness!

But they hadn’t discussed anything before and didn’t seem like they were planning anything.


This was the National League.

It wasn’t possible for anyone to move without a plan.

Spade Z had been scheming the entire time.

Yan Yixiao was dealing with Feng Shang and Xue Yaoyao in the bottom late while the others were on the top lane ━ there wasn’t enough time for them to head over.

Spade Z’s escape route had managed to trap them.

It was deliberate!

But Qin Mo had noticed it far too quickly since he had headed to the bushes to prepare for an ambush without any discussion.

The opponent bit down on his teeth as he struggled to defend. As tank, he had to push on so that his teammates had time to escape.

With a tank defending in front, the assassin wouldn’t be that affected even without his big move.

He was right.

As a professional player, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to fend off Qin Mo with full HP.

However, just then, he saw a figure gliding past, giving his teammate a finishing blow.

He realized he hadn’t been distracting Qin Mo, but Qin Mo had been distracting him so that Spade Z could go in for an attack.

The finishing blow was executed swiftly.

The audience watched anxiously.

The escaped player switched to the running skill, prepared to head back to the tower.

He almost made it, but just as everyone thought he had made it out, they heard a snap.

The youngster’s right hand moved the mouse, clicking rhythmically as she unleashed her second skill ━ a knife-like illusion appeared on the opponent’s head. With a slight decrease in speed, she turned; a devastating blow towards the opponent’s heart.

The entire assassination was shown on the screens.

Everyone had their mouth agape, their eyes felt with shock ━ a clear indication of the exciting scene.

The music from the game was blasting through the speakers and tucked on their heartstrings.


Grand Realm’s long-ranging attacker fell with blood spurting everywhere.

Light rays filled the screens as four words appeared ━ First drop of blood!

First kill!

Another first kill!

Spade fans couldn’t control their excitement. “Zone C- ”

“FC King!”

“Zone C-”

“FC King!”

The shoutcasters smiled bitterly. “Spade Z, oh Spade Z, ever since the competition began, he has taken the first kill in all the matches he participated in.”

Was Spade Z addicted to taking the first drop of blood?

Yan Yixiao just ambushed their member, revenge was activated so instantly…

“Wait a minute, this isn’t over yet, don’t forget about Qin Mo!”

Qin Mo had to be given credit for Spade Z’s first kill.

His maneuvering was swift and fluid and formed a stark contrast to the youngster’s maneuvering, which was sharp and defined. With his ravishing defined features and imposing aura, he didn’t look like he was gaming. Instead, he looked as though he was planning for the future.

The director alternated between the scenes, zooming in on Qin Mo skilfully.

Grand Realm’s tank wasn’t dumb, he knew they definitely had something up their sleeves and thus retreated hurriedly.

As he headed back, he didn’t forget to send his teammates his location so that everyone could head over for a retaliation.

In such a high ended match, everyone was skilled.

The moment their teammates came over, the Grand Realm members started consolidating towards a blind spot.

They hid in the bushes, waiting for an ambush.

Qin Mo and Spade Z had indeed chased behind them.

However, the two scheming players stopped.

The youngster paused before returning to the tower. Her lips were curled into a sly smile.

Qin Mo moved without a trace, clearing the middle lane before heading towards the wilderness.

That speed…

His actions could only be seen in slow motion, but the first kill from Spade Z could only be seen this way as well.

If they hadn’t provided an explanation using the special effect camera, the audience wouldn’t have any idea how the killing had occurred.

Although this time, the Spade fans were worried their idol would be tricked, the judgement and chemistry between Almighty Qin and Spade Z was impeccable.

“F*ck!” Yan Yixiao cursed in frustration because the first kill was essential for the tempo of the entire match. He couldn’t just let Supreme Alliance lead them.

Yan Yixiao took a moment as glided through the bushes towards the newcomers. After training with the beasts, he had a higher attack power. He struck Xue Yaoyao hard, catching her off guard.

Fortunately, Feng Shang returned in time, helping to cushion the impact.

Xue Yaoyao unleashed her freezing skill. If it had been anyone else, they would have been frozen ━ but Yan Yixiao was Yan Yixiao after all. He leaped into the bush, avoiding the attack.

Everyone assumed he would escape since he was wounded.

But instead, Grand Realm’s long-range attacker sent out a dazzling strike, heading straight for Feng Shang.

Feng Shang was paralyzed.

Yan Yixiao took the opportunity to strike Xue Yaoyao. He leaped, bypassing Feng Shang as he unleashed an explosive blow at Xue Yaoyao. When Xue Yaoyao’s character finally fell, Yan Yixiao retreated.

It wasn’t easy to chase assassins, especially the character that Yan Yixiao had chosen, who carried its own armour. There was absolutely no way to catch up even if he was wounded.

The tower ahead was still intact, thus it wasn’t suitable for Feng Shang to continue forward.

In less than a minute, the first kill Spade Z had taken down had turned into a draw.

This game tempo was invigorating!

The cheers were so intense the cameraman’s ears were starting to buzz!

Some realized it was a pity. “Yan Yixiao wouldn’t have succeeded if either Almighty Qin or Big Spade was around, it was such a precisely obtained first kill.”

The shoutcaster didn’t think much of it. “That’s National League standard, no matter how hard Xue Yaoyao and Feng Shang have trained, they are still considered a fatal flaw to Supreme Alliance.”

A teamfight had never been like a 1v1 where individual skills mattered because it required cooperation and teamwork.

Since Yan Yixiao could take down a newcomer’s head, he would definitely be able to take another one down.

Thus, Supreme Alliance had to be careful.

Both Grand Realm and Supreme Alliance had come a long way. If either of them had been defeated, it would definitely be a lack of training.

But, just as the fans had been wondering, the shoutcasters were also wondering. Where exactly were Spade Z and Qin Mo?

The director was clear what the audience were looking for, hence he turned towards the youngster.

Just then, he realized that the youngster was in Grand Realm’s jungle, fighting their beasts.

And he wasn’t alone.

From the audience’s view, there was another person hidden in the bushes ━ Qin Mo.

With Qin Mo as an aid, Bo Jiu finished the beasts swiftly. After the beasts had fallen, they retreated hurriedly.

Grand Realm’s long-range attacker wasn’t confident to face them and retreated to the tower instead.

Unexpectedly, they glided past as though he wasn’t there, entering the right side of the jungle.

At this moment, Yan Yixiao was still restoring his HP in the city.

After Qin Mo and Bo Jiu were done with the blue beasts, they headed for the red ones.

They were clearly acting like bandits, almost clearing the opponent’s entire jungle.

They maneuvered efficiently. One of them had the ability to turn invisible while the other could hide in the bushes.

They moved without a trace.

When Yan Yixiao had finally finished restoring HP, he headed for the red beasts, prepared to train his attack power. However, he realized the red beasts who had just appeared were all missing!

It wasn’t just the red beasts, all the other beasts were gone as well.

Yan Yixiao sent a message to the team. “I’m going to train.”

His teammates acknowledged him. “We left them all for you.”

In order for the assassin character to become stronger, it was necessary for them to train with beasts.

Regardless of the level they were playing at, the basics remained the same. If they didn’t train, it wasn’t possible to fight until the end.

Yan Yixiao paused when he saw the reply. “You guys didn’t train?”

“We didn’t,” the teammates clarified.

Yan Yixiao paused, biting down on his lip!

“Spade Z, Qin Mo!”

F*cking despicable.

They came over to their territory to steal their beasts.

Weren’t they afraid of being caught by them?!

The youngster obviously wasn’t as she conveniently finished off the blue birds by her sight after hearing Yan Yixiao’s curse; her actions visible on the map.

Yan Yixiao didn’t think the description bandit was worthy of youngster’s actions.

All he did was kill one of their teammates, but Spade Z had taken such drastic measures!

Yan Yixiao inhaled deeply.

Right at this moment, the youngster chuckled. She moved her lips to her headset as she spoke lazily, “Captain Yan, I’ve killed all the beasts from your side. As an assassin, my creed is to finish off all the beasts so that the opponent has none. Thank you for your generous gift.”

“Pssh!” The shoutcaster spat the mouthful of water he just drank.

It seemed like Qin Mo wasn’t the only one in Supreme Alliance with a wicked mouth.

Yan Yixiao relished in a momentary heartache.

As an assassin, he didn’t even take his own beasts…