Chapter 813 - Supreme Alliance’s Flaws

Chapter 813: Supreme Alliance’s Flaws

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Many wondered about Yan Yixiao’s condition.

Even his teammates exchanged glances, not daring to say a word since their captain might lose his sanity if they were to say another word.

“Hey, what’s the situation? All the beasts are gone?” It wasn’t the shoutcasters, instead, it was a remark made by Zhao Sanpang, who was working out amidst the audience stand’s safety passage. He was dressed in a striking uniform, his eyes sweeping across the results. “1v1 wasn’t up to standard. I guess Little Spade isn’t as handsome as Brother Pang.”

Zhao Sanpang’s uniform wasn’t the only striking factor, the others standing behind him were all exceptional tall and outstanding beings. Beauty Luo in particular stood out with her face, stirring the crowd.

“It’s Xiangnan!”

“Xiangnan is here?!”

“F*ck, they’re the champions!”

“My Almighty Xiao is ravishing!”

Xiao Jing stood in front of the team, filled with an imposing aura and his jaws perfectly chiseled.

It was hard not to notice someone like him.

In that instant, the crowd turned towards the striking team.

The director noticed them as well, shifting the images to include a closeup on the Xiangnan team. Even though it was just a second, it was already considered remarkable considering the scale of the event.

The shoutcaster noticed the scene as well. “I never expected to see Xiangnan here.”

“That doesn’t come as a surprise, they probably just finished their match. As expected, any team that encounters Xiangnan is bound to be defeated.

“Yes, but it isn’t common for Xiangnan to appear as a full group like this. Why do you think they’re here?”

“They must be here to watch Qin Mo. After all these years, Qin Mo remains the only player who is comparable to Captain Xiao.”

The comment stirred the crowd once more.

A player from Grand Realm lifted his head, whispering, “Captain, it’s Xiangnan.”

Yan Yixiao continued without pausing. “Xiangnan? Let’s show Zhao Sanpang what we’re made of.” He had been yearning to punch him for all the self compliments made in his chat.

“Little Yan’s beasts have all been stolen.” Zhao Sanpang burst into laughter after watching for just three seconds. “Who did this? It’s brilliant!”

Beauty Luo lifted her lips, looking like a demoness. “Who else can it be, it has to be my Big Spade, he’s simply ravishing!”

“Tone it down, will you? We’re here to investigate our rivals, not for you to drool all over him. Besides, your age isn’t compatible with Little Spade. It’s time to wake up, Big Sister.” Zhao Sanpang turned back to the formation. “Their tactic is a little risky, the bottom lane is too weak. What exactly is Qin Mo thinking?”

Xiao Jing lifted his lids. Turning towards the map on the screen, his eyes were narrowing.

Then he shifted his gaze to the man with headphones and in a pure black uniform.

Qin Mo, what exactly were you trying to do?

His gaze was caught by the fans.

“Hey, hey, hey, this can’t do. Even though I’m a fan of Almighty Qin and Big Spade, but don’t you think Almighty Xiao wears a very heartfelt expression?”

“Almighty Xiao came because of Almighty Qin.”

“Rivals who love each other.”

Xiao Jing didn’t turn to the fans, instead, he spoke in a low voice, “He’s here.”