Chapter 814 - Mo and Jiu’s Massacre

Chapter 814: Mo and Jiu’s Massacre

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Who was here?

Before the audience could process Xiao Jing’s words, Yan Yixiao had adjusted his battle strategy, sending his teammates a coordinate. “One person each on the top and middle lane, the others follow me!”

Grand Realm acted immediately upon receiving the orders, their movements familiar and practiced. They moved through the wilderness swiftly, their figures barely visible on the screens.

Xue Yaoyao and Feng Shang were still unaware of the impending danger.

Yan Yixiao had already smashed his rod.

The audience inhaled sharply.

Was the teamfight starting?

“With such an aggressive attack, the new sorcerer won’t be able to take it.”

That was the audience’s first reaction!

“The sorcerer from Supreme Alliance will die.” Beauty Luo’s gaze turned sharp.

Zhao Sanpang narrowed his eyes. “Little Yan must have discovered Supreme Alliance’s flaw.”

This premeditated killing was planned.

The sorcerer added control while the long-range attacker executed a dazzling attack.

Both Feng Shang and Xue Yaoyao were pinned down simultaneously.

Since Yan Yixiao didn’t have beasts with whom he could train, he went after the opponent.


The two newcomers, Xue Yaoyao and Feng Shang, were cornered.

“There’s no time.” Beauty Luo frowned as she watched the screen.

Even though Xue Yaoyao didn’t die immediately, she wasn’t able to hold on after using her freezing skill. She still hadn’t used her big blow.

Fortunately, her freezing skill was placed in a good position, freezing all three opponents outside the tower to buy time for the confused Feng Shang.

However, Feng Shang didn’t have much HP at the moment and thus Supreme Alliance might lose two lives.

The audience watched with bated breath.

Time seemed to slow in game.

Was Supreme Alliance perhaps… going to lose?

Losing two lives at once, how were they going to turn the tables?

Right at this moment, a dagger appeared at the top of the grand realm’s players head.


The audience lit up instantly.

That was right, Spade Z’s trademark!

When the trademark appeared, it meant that she was nearby!

As expected, the three frozen players were attacked by a series of slow attacks.

Then Spade Z appeared, striking their long-range attacker. The explosive attacks finished him off in seconds.

Even if he was a skilled player, being frozen meant that he was defenceless.

It didn’t take long before Yan Yixiao retaliated swiftly, aiming his rod at Spade Z.

However, she wasn’t caught that easily as she moved like the shadows, gliding to and from. Had she escaped?

This time, both Yan Yixiao and the other teammate had learnt their lesson, giving up the chase.

But was that all?

Just as they were heading back, a figure dressed in white appeared.

It was so quick, the movements were undetectable and there was no way to defend against him!

With a big blow, the sword struck, wounding them severely.

That figure, wasn’t it obvious?

There weren’t many players in this competition.

Moreover, he was using an assassin. Yes, it was Qin Mo!