Chapter 815 - Ravishing Retaliation

Chapter 815: Ravishing Retaliation

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Not one Grand Realm member had thought about killing Qin Mo.

But this time, there wasn’t any other option because the sword came gushing upwards.

Qin Mo stabbed the wounded sorcerer of Grand Realm.

Yan Yixiao wanted to serve as a cover, but what could he do?

At this moment, Spade Z appeared, striking him with a big move and forcing him back to the tower.

It must have been deliberate again!


The music blasted through the speakers.

Qin Mo’s assassin leaped back. He hadn’t just killed his teammates, he had also taken a beast with him!

Was he so sure he wouldn’t leave the tower?

Yan Yixiao’s grip on the mouse tightened.

The scores were moving rapidly!

A record of 2v3.

In the midst of this massacre, Yan Yixiao hadn’t benefited at all.

“Replay! Hurry and show the replay!”

The audience was waiting eagerly because it happened far too quickly.

How exactly did Qin Mo execute the killing? Only the skilled players were able to decipher what had happened.

The ordinary audience really had no idea.

Beauty Luo narrowed her eyes before turning to look at Xiao Jing. “Captain, were you referring to Qin Mo just now?”

“Who else?” Xiao Jing asked calmly.

Zhao Sanpang interrupted. “We thought you meant Little Yan, but Qin Mo really is despicable, how can he take his beasts so conveniently? If I was Little Yan, I definitely wouldn’t be able to tolerate him!”

“So what if you can’t tolerate him? Are you going to leave the tower?” Beauty Luo rolled her eyes, looking every bit the beauty she is. “You must have forgotten, my Big Spade is still there.”

Zhao Sanpang was watching the game as well. He still found their actions despicable. “Aren’t they a little shameless with one fighting in the jungle while the other standing guard? Why is Little Spade acting like a loyal pup whenever he meets Qin Mo? Shouldn’t he snatch his beasts?”

“They’re from the same team, there isn’t a need for snatching.” Beauty Luo was at a loss for words, the chauvinist in her teams were so aggressive in the face of Qin Mo.

Almighty Qin was great at causing hate.

That aside, Zhao Sanpang wasn’t wrong.

While Qin Mo trained, the youngster would definitely stand guard nearby. Even though the youngster had been aggressive and ruthless, right at this moment, she was adorable.

A loyal puppy indeed.

“Is that how they cleared the opponent’s jungle?”

“When one despicable meets another, they are invincible.”

Zhao Sanpang shook his head. “I’ve already told you to rope Little Spade over, but you weren’t willing to listen. Now take a look at this, look at it, what exactly is he learning from Qin Mo? He spoilt him already. Little Yan must be feeling anguish.”

“Not necessarily.” Beauty Luo glanced over at Xue Yaoyao. “During a teamfight, it isn’t good for a sorcerer to die twice. Supreme Alliance will have a disadvantage at the end. Hopefully she gets into the right state of mind soon.”

It was clear who she was referring to as there was only one person in Supreme Alliance who had lost two lives: Xue Yaoyao.

At this point, even a professional would start to panic and Xue Yaoyao was no exception, but her eyes remained bright nonetheless.

Beauty Luo stilled slightly before breaking into a smile. “Supreme Alliance is doing great this year.”

“I agree, if you mean they’re more shameless than before.” Zhao Sanpang had always been forthcoming about insulting Qin Mo. “But if the sorcerer dies another time, there won’t be a need for the teamfight.”