Chapter 816 - Final Teamfight

Chapter 816: Final Teamfight

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Everyone was focused on Xue Yaoyao.

The moment a teamfight began, it couldn’t be stopped.

The tower was no longer important as fighting in the jungle was the basis in the National League.

This time, the real teamfight was about to begin.

Coco stood at the front as the defender while Feng Shang, the long-range attacker, and Xue Yaoyao, the sorcerer, were at the back.

They were positioned at the bottom lane of the jungle.

Grand Realm had only seen Spade Z at the beginning before she disappeared. She must have activated her invisibility.

Yan Yixiao was needed to determine Spade Z’s position.

Was she at the left, right, or in the middle?

A battle between masters paid attention to the formation and the time taken for the skill to be executed.

In order to prevent Spade Z from being in the middle of the team, Grand Realm suddenly fired a long-ranged cannon.

Beauty Luo narrowed her eyes.

Everyone was worrying about the same thing.

A long-range cannon could reduce Xue Yaoyao’s HP by half, but fortunately, she shifted, avoiding the attack.

The cannon managed to mess up their formation though.

Yan Yixiao didn’t dash forward. Instead, he used a fake self to slide through, hiding in the bushes and waiting to ambush the opponent.

His actions were only visible to the audience.

Grand Realm’s long-range attacker continued his attack.

The strategy was obvious, three against one.

Using the jungle’s natural attributes, they focused on one of them after messing their formation.

Two players were placed at the exterior to guard against Spade Z’s and Qin Mo’s sudden appearance.

Without a tank defending at the front, Supreme Alliance’s situation wasn’t looking optimistic.

And right this moment, Yan Yixiao personally came after them.

On the surface, Coco seemed to be under the highest risk, but in fact, Xue Yaoyao was the most endangered one.

Ever since the teamfight had started, Grand Realm’s tank had the ability to replenish his HP at an incredibly fast pace.

Even if Qin Mo or Bo Jiu came out, they would still be faced with a horrifying defence.

High HP levels and a natural HP replenishing ability ━ assassins weren’t meant to kill such characters.

“This must be the reason Spade Z has been in hiding.”

“Qin Mo as well.”

“Supreme Alliance is retreating.”

The audience started to panic, they wanted to remind Xue Yaoyao to be careful!

At the same time, they knew that the players wouldn’t be able to hear any of their screams with their earpieces plugged in.

Xue Yaoyao retreated backwards, approaching Yan Yixiao.

Some fans could no longer take the intensity of the scene.

They knew that Little Spade wasn’t around since no knife was visible over Yan Yixiao’s head.

This was an opportunity because with Coco’s defeat, the team battle would end.

Even though two of Grand Realm’s players were severely wounded, it wouldn’t mean anything as all five of them were still alive.

Instead, the moment Xue Yaoyao was killed, they would lose control, implicating Feng Shang.

“I’m afraid Supreme Alliance will be wiped out…” The shoutcaster wasn’t willing to continue.

Three lives, including the new sorcerer.

It was brutal.

At this moment, Yan Yixiao was prepared, leaping up abruptly…