Chapter 817 - Yaoyao’s Counterattack

Chapter 817: Yaoyao’s Counterattack

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The rod was inches away from Xue Yaoyao and everyone watched with trepidation.

But right at this moment, Xue Yaoyao cast a freezing spell, freezing him in mid-air.

Yan Yixiao’s character was still holding onto the rod as he was fixed to the spot.

Next was a hailstorm.

The hail seemed more like daggers, the spell causing a huge impact!

No one expected such a counter.

Wasn’t she a newcomer?

How did a newcomer know that there was someone in the bushes?

“That big blow was beautifully executed.” There weren’t many who could receive a praise from Beauty Luo.

Zhao Sanpang arched his brows. “A beautiful coincidence?”

Beauty Luo turned to look at him. “Don’t underestimate us women. Men aren’t the only ones who can make an analysis, women can as well. Are you perhaps too bored recently and looking to be trashed?”

Zhao Sanpang couldn’t seem to understand her. Weren’t they both teammates? And how could she be so violent with that gorgeous appearance?

Luoluo’s fans were aware of her scary side!

But if that wasn’t a coincidence, then… this new sorcerer of Supreme Alliance would definitely do great things in the future.

Sorcerers required strong analytical skills and sensitivity, the timing for the execution of skills was essential in order to control the opponent at the right time.

Just like this moment because the freezing skill and hailstorm she activated wouldn’t have worked if it was either a second too fast or too slow.

If she had been faster, Yan Yixiao wouldn’t have been frozen and if she had been any slower, she could have been killed before executing the big move.

It was indeed unexpected.

Actually, Xue Yaoyao wasn’t as calm as she looked. Her right palm was filled with sweat as she gripped onto the mouse and she had licked her lips anxiously while executing the actions.

After being killed twice, she seemed to have noticed Yan Yixiao’s habits.

Although she had been saving her big move to stop him, she had never expected it to come in so handy.

The spell lasted long enough for Yan Yixiao to be severely wounded.

Yan Yixiao used his fake self, but it was still a close call.

However, right after he had escaped the spell, a figure slide past his right side. Without his big move, the figure swiped his sword, finishing Yan Yixiao off.

The music blasted through the speakers.


Yan Yixiao wanted to smash his mouse!

“Qin Mo!”

Was that deliberate? Ahhh!

Why did he wait for that moment?!

However, that wasn’t even the end.

The audience could only see a figure sliding rapidly towards the three others.

With a big move, their sorcerer was heavily wounded.

Feng Shang, who was planning to retreat, paused. He turned and headed straight for the long-range attacker who was coming over.

Qin Mo took the opportunity to leap backwards, his long sword still in hand.

Even if there were four others, the sword went straight for their sorcerer.

Before the audience could react, two words appeared on the screen!

It was beyond cool.


Yan Yixiao’s eyes turned red. He couldn’t help shouting towards his ear piece, “Don’t let him go! Kill him!”