Chapter 818 - Mo and Jiu’s Coordination

Chapter 818: Mo and Jiu’s Coordination

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Yan Yixiao wasn’t the only one gripping the mouse.

Xiao Jing narrowed his eyes because it was common knowledge that once Qin Mo had started his killing, there wasn’t an end.

His Three Thousand Knife Cutting was never kind.

If no one disrupted his tempo, he would have enough kills and to the end, Grand Realm would not be able to stop him even when the three of them teamed up.

This was Qin Mo after all, a presence that invoked fear even amongst the skilled players!

However, Grand Realm wasn’t weak either, especially as they still had a tank, who came forward to defend, attacking Qin Mo in close combat.

Grand Realm zeroed in on the chance, prepared to finish him off.

But even though the big move had been made, the person disappeared.

With a twist of his left hand, Qin Mo moved his mouse and keyboard, leaping out from the crowd into the bushes.

Grand Realm was aware of his position.

Just as they were about to go for him, a symbol appeared above his head ━ Spade Z!

Where was he?

Grand Realm’s tank was still searching, subconsciously turning back, but there wasn’t anyone.

He hadn’t appeared at all, there wasn’t anyone in the bushes either.

Where exactly was he?

At this moment, Qin Mo lifted his sword for his second skill, aiming straight for the aid. He bounced backwards.

Grand Realm wasn’t slow, but they were still lacking compared to Qin Mo.

They couldn’t catch him at all. It was a precarious situation with a lack of sorcerer and assassin.

The worst was the dagger over their heads.

Spade Z has yet to show himself.

Was he doing it on purpose?

“Where exactly is he?!”

Grand Realm’s long-range attacker was starting to feel numb.

He didn’t dare to leave the team since they would possibly be killed by Spade Z the moment he left the area.


Even though Yan Yixiao was reluctant, he still made the orders!

However, it wasn’t possible because Bo Jiu wouldn’t let them leave so easily.

After they had taken a step, she used a speed reduction on them before reversing her figure. Appearing before the aid, she attacked relentlessly until they were severely wounded.

Grand Realm’s long-range attacker was in charge of defence. Besides, the aid was able to take attacks. Even if Spade Z appeared, she would be finished off in seconds as Bo Jiu alone wasn’t able to finish off an aid.

But Grand Realm seemed to have forgotten that even if Qin Mo was heavily wounded, he would still be able to turn the tables.

Besides, he had Bo Jiu’s help this time.

Once his big move had recovered, he dashed forward before leaping back.

Three consecutive hits!

When it appeared, the cheers burst through the roof.

Yan Yixiao loosened his grip on the mouse. He was finally revived, but the optimal battle time had passed.

No one blocked him.

Qin Mo!

In the past, Qin Mo had never dashed forward with such a strategy because he had always been the team captain and wasn’t willing to take the risk. If he died, it would be a psychological and physical blow to Supreme Alliance.

But now, he dashed forward without hesitation as if he had unleashed himself.

Swift and relentless.

Was it because of that person’s coordination?

Yan Yixiao suddenly realized something. He lifted his lids towards youngster ━ she had a devilish smile on her face!