Chapter 819 - Supreme Alliance Is Losing?

Chapter 819: Supreme Alliance Is Losing?

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Spade Z!

She didn’t just give Supreme Alliance an assassin who could ambush.

Most importantly, Qin Mo was invincible with him around!

This Supreme Alliance was perhaps on par with Xiangnan.

Yan Yixiao wanted to laugh because there wasn’t anything more exhilarating than meeting a strong team.

Even though the result may not be what he expected, this match was worth all his efforts.

Supreme Alliance was strong, but they weren’t weak either.

“Are you ready?” Yan Yixiao asked his teammates as he moved his mouse.

The four other members of Grand Realm walked forward.

“The real teamfight is starting.” Beauty Luo folded her arms in front of her chest, her brows arched.

Just as she had finished, Grand Realm moved off in a pentagonal formation. Even though it didn’t seem well thought out, it allowed them to scour the area in the shortest amount of time.

This was also the best formation to prevent an assassin’s ambush.

Being familiar with all maps and the various formations required, Yan Yixiao had always taken the lead.

It would be easier to hunt someone down with this formation. This was exactly how they caught Coco, who was on his way back after destroying a tower.

As an assassin, Yan Yixiao didn’t take the lead and had instead focused on an ambush.

Three of them went forward, the sorcerer taking charge. Coco narrowly escaped the first attack, but luck ran out for the second attack.

Yan Yixiao leaped out, blocking his path and striking forward with his rod.

Coco was severely wounded.

If the long-range attacker came in with a cannon, Coco would be killed.

However, someone came forward with a freezing skill.

One of them was caught, freezing to the spot.

Next came a hailstorm!

“Supreme Alliance’s sorcerer had been in the bushes!”

“That is really unexpected.”

But Grand Realm wasn’t easy to deal with.

With a big move, Xue Yaoyao’s hail spell was stopped, followed by a speed cut.

Xue Yaoyao tightened her grip. She waited for the opportunity to use a dazzline spell, escaping their chase.

At this moment, Feng Shang jumped out, sending out a missile and finishing off one of the severely wounded players.

Initially, Supreme Alliance’s situation didn’t seem optimistic.

However, unexpectedly, at this moment, Yan Yixiao appeared in front of Xue Yaoyao, going straight for her with a rod!


A segment of Supreme Alliance’s screen turned grey.

It wasn’t just a life that was lost.

With her death, this teamfight would become a 4v5.

Even if Feng Shang had killed one opponent, even if his cannon had severely wounded two of them ━ this exchange wasn’t worth it.

With their sorcerer cornered, how was Supreme Alliance going to continue the teamfight?

Without spells and with Grand Realm’s skills, it would only be a matter of time before they arrived.

Was Supreme Alliance going to lose?

Just as the fans lowered their gaze, an emergency signal was sent out by Grand Realm.

It was a jarring redness.

What was happening?

The crowd glanced up in search of the source.

The moment they caught sight of the source, they froze.