Chapter 821 - It Is Only the Beginning

Chapter 821: It Is Only the Beginning

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They won rather unexpectedly.

Even those who had been watching had no idea how Bo Jiu and Qin Mo had reached the city center.

In order to prevent the audience from becoming impatient, the director immediately flashed a playback.

He used Qin Mo’s character’s point of view.

When it was played in slow motion, they realized that Qin Mo’s appearance had always been a flash. Yan Yixiao, who had been focusing on his surroundings, seemed to have forgotten how fast and undetectable Qin Mo’s movements were.

However, that wasn’t even all because his speed in moving and shifting over the map was at a god-like speed.

Even though Qin Mo had been stealing the city, he still hadn’t forgotten the teamfight.

“Why did Almighty Qin shift over the map so much while stealing the city? All that movement is making my eyes hurt,” a girl complained.

Although she hadn’t expected the person beside her to reply, she heard a melodious voice. “He was calculating the time difference.”

“Calculating the time difference?” She turned in search of that source, but that person stood up, entering the light rays. His appearance indicated clearly that he didn’t just belong to the audience.

“The key to successfully stealing the city is the time difference.”

The girl fell into a daze as she watched him turn to leave.

After three seconds, she finally regained her senses. She pulled onto her friends. “Hey, the person sitting beside me seems to be Almighty Hoshino!”

Her friend glanced at her with disbelief, seeming saying, “In your dreams,” as she patted her shoulder. “You must have forgotten your medicine this morning, do you think it’s that easy to spot Almighty Hoshino? How can he be sitting beside you? Sis, seriously, hallucination is an illness that has to be treated!”

The girl started to panic. “I really saw him!”

“Sis, that isn’t important, what’s more important is that our Big Spade won! He is simply irresistible when teamed up with Almighty Qin!” She raised both hands, her eyes bright. “They were amazing!”

The entire arena was filled cheers.

However, Zhao Sanpang was still pestering Xiao Jing. “Captain, what did you mean?”

“It means that Yan Yixiao hasn’t forced out Qin Mo’s real potential,” Beauty Luo explained on behalf of Xiao Jing. Her gaze was deep. “Fatty, do you still remember the first time we went against Qin Mo?”

“Of course I do.” Zhao Sanpang would still be frustrated when he thought about the battle from three years ago. “That was the first time I’ve seen such an arrogant person. He was just a high school student, but had made himself out to be a master.”

Beauty Luo narrowed her eyes. “That wasn’t what I was referring to. I meant that battle. At that time, the three of us ━ me, you, and Xiao Jing weren’t able to stop him. If he had even one other teammate, he wouldn’t have lost, we would have been the losers.”

Zhao Sanpang stilled.

“This isn’t Qin Mo’s true ability.” Beauty Luo concluded. “We all know that, but with a whole team behind him, he has to make a lot of calculations to ensure their victory and that would reduce his impact. How long has it been since he has picked up a sword? But now, with Big Spade around, his peak is finally returning. Their teamwork has just begun. We won’t know what sort of brilliant moves they will come up with in the future and there are still two newcomers with vast potential. The Supreme Alliance this year is a force to be reckoned with.”