Chapter 822 - Almighty Qin Likes to Do It Directly

Chapter 822: Almighty Qin Likes to Do It Directly

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Zhao Sanpang fell silent for a few seconds.

Xiao Jing glanced over, his voice calm. “The fact that he hasn’t used his Three Thousand Knife Cutting might not be due to Yan Yixiao’s inability to force it out. There is another possibility.”

He paused, glancing up. “It won’t be easy for Qin Mo to use that skill anymore.”

“Captain, you mean…” Shock clouded her eyes. “But didn’t he head over to America for treatment with the best specialists?”

Xiao Jing remained silent.

He glanced at the arena, which was still brimming with excitement.

Qin Mo stood in the midst of the chaos, tall and upright.

Perhaps, his opponent was the only one who could see the differences, but that was just another possibility.

After removing her headphones, Bo Jiu turned over to glance at the clear wrists.

Qin Mo remained nonchalant as he met the youngster’s gaze. His face was so ravishing she felt a stir in her heart. Nothing seemed to be wrong.

Bo Jiu raised a brow. Was she thinking too much?

Qin Mo didn’t give her any time to think, reaching out to pull her. His voice was deep. “Wait for me in the car, there are some matters we have to talk about.”

Although the ruckus continued around them, he was close by, and even though they were surrounded by people, Bo Jiu still felt a sense of reluctance.

She wanted to know his reaction if she were to knock him out and drag him away ━ he would probably make her pay when he woke up.

But that was just a thought, Bo Jiu knew it wasn’t going to be easy to take him away.

That would be left for after the National League when the Almighty wasn’t prepared because she had to deal with some matters now.

Five minutes.

Bo Jiu turned towards the competition timer.

She took another step back and in the next instant, an escape route formed in her mind.

The competition arena was originally a modern commercial plaza.

Inside this commercial plaza, a semi-circular area outside was made into the arena and the main building was made of dark-colored transparent glass with a bustling coffee house on the first floor. Further inside were high-end cosmetic stores and various luxury brands.

The second to fourth floor were filled with popular clothing while the fifth floor was littered with dessert shops and a cinema.

The escape route Bo Jiu had figured out was towards the fifth floor of the commercial building.

“You seemed extremely bothered by the time today.” Qin Mo glanced at the youngster with a deep gaze.

Bo Jiu knew he wasn’t easily dealt with as psychologist could detect the tiniest of change and at this moment, it would be better for her to agree rather than avoid the topic.

“I’m thinking of what you’re going to say to me later, looking at the time is a subconscious reaction. That is more stressful than gaming,” Bo Jiu replied seriously. “This is perhaps what they call ‘uneasy’.”

Qin Mo watched the clean and flawless face in front of him, his brows arched upwards. “You would actually feel uneasy?”

“I still have that ability once in a while.” Bo Jiu smiled faintly.

Qin Mo glanced at the approaching press members. Before he left, he caressed her head. As he brushed past her, his thin lips swept past her silvery locks. His voice was low and nice sounding. “Don’t worry, you won’t be uneasy for long, your Brother Mo likes to do it directly.”

Bo Jiu: …