Chapter 823 - Z’s Ravishing Action

Chapter 823: Z’s Ravishing Action

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At this moment, the other members came walking over.

Qin Mo retracted his arm, his expression calm.

Supreme Alliance had to be interviewed, both as a group and individually.

Bo Jiu knew that this was an opportunity.

She glanced to the left. While the Almighty was having his individual interview and the place was chaotic, she retreated while pulling the zipper down her battle uniform. She focused on the interview, placing the striking uniform onto the chair that Lin Feng had been sitting on. Then she grabbed a cameraman’s uniform while he was adjusting the camera position. With a twist of her arm, the uniform landed on her shoulders. She lowered her head as she stretched her hands into the sleeves and with a slight push on the cap, she headed backstage.

At this moment, everyone was focused on the interview and nobody had noticed Bo Jiu’s actions.

She seemed to have done it countless number of times as her movements were swiftly and at ease. The real Z was able to use anything at hand as a disguise and that was the reason the police wasn’t able to catch her on the Fifth Avenue.

The hardest part was to leave the crowd since Bo Jiu had a full head of striking silver hair.

Even with the uniform as a cover, she still couldn’t be sure she wouldn’t be recognized.

It was a risky move.

Bo Jiu tried to relax. It had been awhile, but her disguising abilities hadn’t deteriorated. She tried to have her face lowered after blending into the crowd before she grabbed her phone with her left hand, tilting her head familiarly. “Where’re the things I want?”

The moment she took action, Hoshino had already positioned himself in a spot with the best view with a bluetooth earpiece in his ear and a clear gaze. “There will be an air vent 100m to your right. After entering, you’ll reach a male toilet in 300m. There’s a parcel under the first sink.”

“Alright.” Bo Jiu wasn’t a person of many words. She kept her phone and mimicked the movements of a guy who had just finished watching the competition.

The people around her were still discussing the match.

Bo Jiu heard her ID being mentioned multiple times and instinctively pushed her cap lower.

“I never expected Supreme Alliance to be so strong this year.”

“Of course, don’t forget about Spade Z.”

“Boss, is Spade Z the one we played against previously?”

“Obviously! Who else can it be? Be careful the next time you visit No.1 Middle School. Don’t hurt our ally’s hand, understand?”

Bo Jiu lifted her lids to take a look. The moment she caught sight of him, she realized that he was the thorn-head kid from No.2 Middle School.

The kid was still being lectured. “Boss, are you serious? No.1 Middle School and No.2 Middle School have never been friendly. Who’s going to admit their mistake after a fight?”

“Can you admit defeat to his face?” The thorn-headed kid finally said something useful.

The other kid took a moment. He couldn’t do it to such an outstand… Wait a minute!

The person that looked at him just now!

“Boss, boss!” He pulled onto the thorn-head kid’s uniform.

The thorn-headed kid turned immediately. “What’s wrong? Is it a beauty? Where, where?”

“It isn’t a beauty…” The kid hesitated, not sure if he had seen wrongly since the male god from No.1 Middle School would never wear that uniform…

The thorn-headed kid glared at him. “Why did you call me if it wasn’t a beauty.”

That kid withdrew. “Nothing.”

He would just have another look…