Chapter 824 - Jiu Started Her Disguise

Chapter 824: Jiu Started Her Disguise

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Bo Jiu lifted her lips, walking beside them.

After about seventy seconds, she followed the route provided by Hoshino, walking towards the air vent.

The kid wanted to follow her, but he was tugged back by his boss. “Since you just joined us, you seem to be rather confused. Don’t wander about and save us the trouble of trying to find you. Do you want some fries? Hurry, let’s share our money. This is an opportunity to get some girls.”


Getting girls with fries? Girls frequented cafes these days… This explained why Boss was still single.

He glanced back helplessly.

He was practically dragged away by his boss. The best attribute of his boss was his loyalty and responsibility towards his brothers, which was why he didn’t have the opportunity to chase the suspicious figure!

Bo Jiu maintained a fast pace as she had already exhausted two out of the five minutes.

This meant she had less than three minutes left before Supreme Alliance would notice that she hadn’t gone for the individual interview.

Hence, nothing could go wrong with her disguise.

On a normal day, the toilet which Hoshino had mentioned would be empty, but this wasn’t the case today.

After the competition, the toilet in the main area was filled, which led a portion of the crowd over to this stray one.

Bo Jiu strolled in casually, sweeping the three figures at the urinal a glance before brushing past one of them as she walked towards the sink.

He was a member of Grand Realm.

Fortunately, he hadn’t looked over as he probably was in a hurry.

The other three belonged to Grand Realm as well ━ they were all still dressed in their battle uniform.

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes, opening the tap as she pressed her cap lower. Her left hand inched downwards, reaching for the tape beneath the sink.

Removing it would definitely be loud, but if she didn’t, the other three might catch sight of it and thus complicate things.

Bo Jiu reached towards it. Her body was half lowered, looking as though she was washing her face.

Her gaze shifted the moment she glanced down and her brain was moving rapidly.

With a sharp pull, the tape came loose!

The package fell onto the ground.

Bo Jiu knelt down, as she cursed, “F*ck.”

Her tone was frustrated as though she had accidentally dropped something.

The three Grand Realm members glanced at her before turning back to flush the urinal, fastening their pants.

Bo Jiu used that moment to stuff the package into her clothes. After they left, she stood up and locked the toilet door.

The toilet was located in a central area and was thus of certain standards. There was a whole row of sinks with a drier and hand soap. There were even coffee beans at the corner to soak up any unpleasant smell.

The youngster changed swiftly. Her left hand was tearing the package open as she removed her jacket.

The package contained a cinema employee’s uniform.

She received news that a software exploiting suspect would be watching a movie in ten minutes.

Bo Jiu had to stay hidden, making sure he committed the crime.

The crime squad had nothing on the five suspects even though today’s suspect was the most suspicious one.

In order to get close to him, she could either buy a ticket for the seat opposite of him or use this method…