Chapter 825 - Where Is That Guy?

Chapter 825: Where Is That Guy?

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Bo Jiu glanced up at her reflection.

As she couldn’t use too much time for such disguises, she placed a washing sign at the door before locking the toilet.

But as this was a toilet after all, there was bound to be someone and thus she had to be quick.

Her silvery hair and face was too striking ━ they had to go.

This time, she didn’t opt for a wig and had gotten Hoshino to place a colored hairspray instead. It would be more convenient when she climbed walls and jumped out.

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes. Her left hand was grabbing a bunch of hair while her right hand held the spray can. The striking silver strands darkened until it became pitch black, the same shade as the eyes in the mirror.

At another corner of the arena, the reporters were trying to get their microphones in front of Qin Mo.

There were about five different media companies there because everyone knew what Qin Mo’s appearance meant: high view counts, reports, and headliners, regardless whether it was about esports or finance.

That aside, it wasn’t easy to get him to talk.

Even though he didn’t appear impatient, he wasn’t very enthusiastic either.

However, with his background, he had to remain polite.

Thus he sat there, looking respectable, bright, and cool with a hint of aloofness, but that was enough to be seen as imposing by the crowd.

Besides, Qin Mo was still wearing his battle uniform, which made every photo worth it ━ even though he answered all their questions with a ‘Mmh.”

The reporters admitted defeat as it wasn’t common for Young Master Qin to appear in public.

Therefore, his current behavior was good enough.

There were certain questions they didn’t dare to ask, but amongst them were newer reporters who held no fear. “Young Master Qin, after the variety show had aired, you and your teammate acquired many new fans. What are your views about you and Spade Z becoming the hottest esports couple?”

The moment the question was asked, silence fell over the room.

Which company did he come from? Who gave him such guts to ask such a highly demanded question?!

But those who had been here long enough all knew that he hated answering such questions.

As expected, the reporter who had asked the question frowned while the other reporters shrunk slightly.

Just then, the deep voice replied nonchalantly, “They have keen eyes.”

The other members rolled their eyes when they heard the response.

Captain’s reply… Didn’t he just solidify the matter?

The reporters weren’t dumb, they knew the meaning behind his words.

However, it was completely unexpected and thus the newcomer wanted to ask more.

Qin Mo glanced at the bodyguard beside him, indicating the end of his interview.

None of the reporters dared to come forward since Qin Mo had finished all five questions. Hence, it was indeed time for the interview to end.

But it wasn’t enough as every single one of them wanted to find out more about Qin Mo.

Lin Feng couldn’t help shaking his head. These people weren’t very smart, Captain would have been more obliging if all their questions had been about Little Spade.

“Where’s that guy?” Qin Mo asked abruptly.

It was obvious who he was referring to. Lin Feng looked left and right, but Little Spade wasn’t in sight. “He must have gone for his individual interview…”