Chapter 826 - She Escaped Under His Watch

Chapter 826: She Escaped Under His Watch

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Individual interview?

Qin Mo’s deep gaze swept past the black jacket lying on a chair before reaching out and holding it up, his gaze freezing over. “What is his jacket doing here if he went for an interview?”

Lin Feng paused. That was right, the jacket had to be worn during press interviews.

Why didn’t that occur to him?

If Little Spade hadn’t gone for his interview, where did he go?

“He might have gone to the toilet?”

Qin Mo remained silent, his grip tightening around the black jacket.

Then he headed towards the left.

Lin Feng called out, “Captain.”

However, Qin Mo had no intentions of turning.

Lin Feng couldn’t seem to understand the situation because Little Spade hadn’t been gone for long. Wasn’t his captain’s reaction a little odd?

Was their relationship already at a stage where even a minute apart was too long?


Qin Mo’s reaction wasn’t odd at all.

He had noticed something amiss before the start of the competition, but he hadn’t expected her to escape under his watch.

If he had known, he would have kept a tighter watch, to prevent her willful ways.

Her disappearance couldn’t have been anything simple as it wasn’t possible for her to be gone for just a while.

What exactly was she up to?!

Without her familiar face around, Qin Mo started to tense up, his hands tightening into fists.

He stood stationary for a second, allowing himself to bask in his anger before he grabbed his phone. His voice was hard as steel. “Location?”

“Young Master?” The special forces soldier was debating over cotton candy when he received the call, his dilemma over joining kids diminishing. The cute little kids nearby were already avoiding him due to his height. He exited the mall reluctantly, reporting seriously, “Outside the esports arena, amongst the crowd.”

Qin Mo glanced up. “Send me the outline of the entire commercial plaza, including channels in the ceiling.”

“Noted.” The soldier continued, “Young Master, are you going to catch the suspect?”

Qin Mo paused again. “Suspect?”

“Young Master, you must have forgotten, but the crime squad is nearby.” The soldier held an ice cream cone in his hand, his identity undetectable. “I saw several of them in civilian clothing.”

Qin Mo’s eyes dimmed. “I haven’t forgotten. Send me the suspect’s location and let them know the operation has been brought forward.”

“Noted.” The soldier would always keep track of any changes in the schedule. The original plan was to wait until after the competition when the movie had ended so that they could catch the suspect off guard. ‘Magician’ had been tasked to approach the suspect before anything else was planned.

But now, the plan had been brought forward, which was completely unlike Young Master.

Did something go wrong?

The soldier couldn’t seem to understand the situation. He stuffed the ice cream cone into his mouth as he dissipated the information. “The hunt has begun, maintain coordinates and contactability at all times.”

“Ok.” An elite sat on a highchair in the starbucks on the second floor. He kept his silver macbook, his lips curved upwards. The unique communication device on his left ear was obvious. “I managed to get the movie tickets, seated directly beside…”