Chapter 827 - The Two Sides Collide

Chapter 827: The Two Sides Collide

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The elite boarded the transparent elevator while he was holding a cup of coffee, his left hand prepared to press the button for going downwards.

Someone with extremely fair skin stood beside him, wearing the movie theater uniform and black rimmed spectacles, which were concealing half his appearance.

The elite didn’t look at him in detail, but there seemed to be something odd about this employee.

Was he getting food?

They headed towards the same floor.

After entering the elevator, Bo Jiu realized that something was wrong with the person behind her.

His disguise wasn’t bad, but exactly because it wasn’t bad, she noticed the minor details.

The earpiece was too unique and those unaware wouldn’t have known.

However, before she was reborn as Fu Jiu, she had been mixing with all sorts of people on the Fifth Avenue.

She managed to tell the difference by just looking closer. It was an earpiece used by the army during missions.

But when did they start delving into disguises?

And even with such skill.

If she hadn’t recognized the earpiece, she would have treated him as an ordinary visitor.

Bo Jiu watched the reflection on the elevator door. The man was looking at her as well.

That level of insight reminded her of the Almighty.

She seemed to have caught on.

Bo Jiu raised a brow, her gaze dimming as she was fastening the last button on her shirt.

If the Almighty had deployed troops in the area, she would have to restrain herself.

The suspect was easy to deal with, but the Almighty’s troops weren’t.

Fortunately, she met them here and not in the theater, where she might have been disadvantaged.

Bo Jiu lowered her eyes, her lips lifted.

She seemed to have underestimated the Almighty’s ability because she had assumed that it was just the crime squad. But from the look of things, that wasn’t all.

Other than this elite, there were probably others in the theater.

She had never exchanged hands with the Almighty, making this the first time ━ the real, official first time.

With such a rival, the game was going to be interesting.

However, the more she admired him, the more effort she was going to need if there came a day she couldn’t help but kidnap him because even his troops were hard to deal with.

Bo Jiu reached out to push up her sleeve as she couldn’t expose the things she hid inside.

The elevator reached the fifth floor.

She didn’t bother about the elite’s whereabouts, memorizing his appearance before heading over to a staff’s side with a smile. “Is it crowded as usual?”

“You…” He was just about to ask something.

Bo Jiu exposed her cute front tooth, a radiant smile spreading across her face. “I’m new, first day on the job.”

The staff returned her smile. “That’s great, could you help me tend this area? I need to go to the toilet! There’s too many people today, I couldn’t even find the time to visit the toilet. Take note when you check their tickets.”

“Alright.” Bo Jiu turned, positioning herself. With a black glove covering her hands, she looked very much like a professional employee with nothing to pick on.

The elite retracted his gaze, standing in front of the ticket machine, but in reality, he was making a call. “The fish hasn’t appeared, wait for the instructions.”

When he was done, he took a sip of his coffee.

His actions seemed natural, blending into the crowd perfectly.

However, he didn’t seem to notice an employee standing nearby, with his slightly lifted gaze…