Chapter 828 - Young Master

Chapter 828: Young Master

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After receiving the outline in the arena, Qin Mo studied the diagram once before shutting his eyes.

Physiological profiling wasn’t just targeted at the suspect because a skilled profiler would also be able to draw out various routes from the environment.

Qin Mo was considered a master in this field.

Perhaps not many would know Qin Mo by his name, but his code name Young Master or also Childe was a name everyone in the international community knew about.

If you were in the industry or had read about books in the field, you would definitely have come across the thesis written by him.

Those delving into physiological profiling were generally skilled in sciences and mathematics in particular as profound mathematics was about a logical train of thought.

Someone once mentioned that a question might seem like a geometrical problem when in fact, it really was just a functional problem.

How to resolve problems?

Placing yourself in their shoes would allow you to capture the gist.

If you were her, how would your escape route be like in order to prevent detection?

She would first have to remove that striking battle uniform.

Then she would have to source for a dark colored hooded jacket to avert attention.

They were far from the exit, which would affect the timing.

If there was an emergency channel…

Qin Mo opened his eyes, glancing over the left side of the outline. It was just a few hundred meters, a junction in the hundred meter mark.

Although it wouldn’t be easy to find someone amongst such a large crowd, this wasn’t the case when there weren’t many people.

Qin Mo took large strides, not being the least bit anxious.

He had an imposing aura.

He held his phone in his left hand, not caring about the other end as he interrupted Director Huang. “Bring your men over to the surveillance room.”

Director Huang replied agitatedly, “You’re going to help? That’s great, your ability along with our manpower will definitely make this a success!”

“Oh?” Qin Mo replied calmly. “How exactly are you going to use your manpower? Catch him directly?”

Director Huang narrowed his eyes.”Of course, the suspect is too dangerous and is a carrier of HIV, who is constantly hunting for a new prey. We can’t be sure exactly who he is referring to when he said ‘the next one’. Besides, we don’t know who released the information. An article about this incident was released on the Internet just a while ago. The media are already on the case and there has been commands from the higher-ups to solve this case within the next 48 hours. The case will get increasingly harder to crack with the increased attention.”

Qin Mo replied, “You have to ensure he is the suspect before capturing him. Without evidence, it would all be in vain.”

That was the problem Director Huang had been brooding over.

Without evidence, the suspect could only be locked up for 24 hours.

Moreover, if he wasn’t the right person, their operation would be exposed, raising the suspect’s guard.

Director Huang was starting to get a headache.

This was a special case and all the suspects were deduced using Qin Mo’s physiological profiling, but there may have been suspects that they had missed out on.

There were too many people in the hotel that day after all. All they could do was make an estimate based on the height and appearance.

This deduction was filled with loopholes.

“You should know about the higher-ups…” Director Huang scratched his head.

Qin Mo cut him off. “Do you know the place the suspect parked his car? Send two guys over and follow him once he takes off. Once the time is right, I’ll get you to make the arrest.”