Chapter 829 - Ethereal Beauty Qin Mo

Chapter 829: Ethereal Beauty Qin Mo

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After obtaining his word, Director Huang felt at ease.

He was carrying a huge amount of stress because the higher-ups wanted him to resolve the case, but the perpetrator was highly skilled with strong detection abilities.

If it hadn’t been for Qin Mo, it would literally be searching for a needle in a haystack.

The recent crime squad had changed across the years.

Director Huang understood that, but fortunately, he had a passionate group under him who was dedicated to maintaining peace and security.

Enforcement jobs were all the same; the civilians would lose faith if they couldn’t solve cases.

Outsiders were quick to dismiss the significance of problems.

He couldn’t say much about the system, but there was still a group willing to remain in a car for 24 hours in order to catch criminals.

And he was the same, hoping to live up to this career.

Director Huang placed his pen down, instructing his men according to Qin Mo’s wishes.

As for the higher-ups, he could stall them a little longer…

Qin Mo wasn’t headed to the surveillance room.

Even if he could get instant clues as to what that guy had disguised as, he still hadn’t headed over.

Perhaps this was Qin Mo, wearing an invisible police uniform around him.

Even in such a moment, he placed his feelings behind, shouldering his responsibilities.

And exactly this responsibility was the reason Bo Jiu wanted to bring him home.

This was such a pretentious world, but he carried a righteous and pure aura, noble and upright.

He would never be swallowed by the darkness, forming a stark contrast to her, a presence that made her heart itch.

That aside, at this moment, Bo Jiu was too preoccupied to think about Qin Mo.

She had gotten Hoshino to prepare the disguise purely to approach the suspect for evidence while also finding clues about her impersonator. She never intended to leave yet since the National League hadn’t ended.

But there were matters she couldn’t control.

Some people used their adoration to do evil, distorting right and wrong, forcing her to leave. Bo Jiu could settle many of the matters easily, but she couldn’t control human nature. However, she would never allow dirt to taint the Almighty either, regardless of whether they were fake fans or influenced.

The first time could be forgiven, the second time could be due to their young age, but by the third time, even if they felt anguish after realizing their actions could inflict harm, this would become the base of a small scale crime. Selfish behavior was the start of moral distortion, they were people who didn’t like anyone but themselves.

Hence, they never cared about ruining other people’s efforts since they had a back up plan ━ fans that had been forced to become anti-fans. Such despicable behavior had always been a ticket for such shameless people, it had nothing to do with age.

Lawyer Bai had already sent her news while she was still in the competition. Those who had been warned weren’t taking the news well and had been defaming her, claiming that they had been bullied and were requesting for justice.

Fu Ximing wasn’t going to let such an opportunity go to waste and was currently arranging for these people to head towards higher committees, which would cause a huge impact.