Chapter 83 - Eating Together, Cloud and Mud

Chapter 83: Eating Together, Cloud and Mud

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At 6 pm, before the traffic jam, Fu Jiu and Qin Mo returned to the Michelin star hot pot restaurant after buying the parts.

Secretary Liang, who was dressed in a crisp suit, was already waiting for them at the entrance of the restaurant while impatiently looking at the time. He was only able to let out a long sigh of relief when his master’s black sports car appeared.

However, the next moment, his eyes flew wide-open in shock.

He saw that there was a man riding shotgun in the car!

It was known that CEO Qin rarely allowed other people to sit next to him while driving. Who the hell was that man?

Secretary Liang stepped forward to take a closer look.

What amazed him the most was that he had met this man before!

Wasn’t he the disinherited Young Master Fu that CEO Qin met on his way to school?

Secretary Liang could not be blamed for the way he addressed Fu Jiu. In fact, as the Fu family’s business got bigger, Fu Jiu’s reputation got worse.

It was also not the first time that he had heard his name. In Jiang City, everyone from the upper class would sneer at him every time they saw him.

Countless night clubs had refused him in their bars, especially in elegant places. People would all shake their heads once they heard his name.

After the trouble he had made this time, it seemed that many people were waiting to have a good laugh at He Honghua and her disinherited son.

Although none of these things mattered much, how could Boss be together with someone like that!

Thinking about it, nearly all of Boss’s friends came from the military, and they were either politicians or soldiers. Every one of them was famous.

But this one… Secretary Liang found his boss taking a bag from the youngster and casually throwing it onto the backseat, seemingly saying to the youngster, “I will drive you back later, so what are you holding onto it for?”

Secretary Liang thought that he was either still dreaming, or that there had to be some problems with his eyes or ears. He called out, “Boss… CEO Qin,” as his gaze fell upon the young man.

Fu Jiu was smart, so she naturally sensed the look Secretary Liang gave her. Without saying anything, she only smiled slightly. With her silver hair and black eyes, she had a quality of nobility.

Secretary Liang was once again surprised. He had met the young teenager before, but he wasn’t like that back then; he used to behave like a nouveau riche without any restraint. How was he looking a little bit elegant today?

But Secretary Liang knew how to handle interpersonal relations. He would never say things that were unsuitable for the occasion. Instead, he respectfully said to Qin Mo, “CEO Qin, Boss Li and Boss Zhang are waiting inside. How about your friend…”

“He will come with me,” said Qin Mo indifferently.

Fu Jiu pursed her lips towards Qin Mo.

Secretary Liang was once again amazed to see the two men walk into the restaurant side by side.

It was a dinner party prepared by Boss Li and Boss Zhang to curry favor with CEO Qin.

However… was Young Master Fu qualified to join in such a meal?

Secretary Liang wasn’t looking down upon Fu Jiu, but he just felt that it was really strange!

When did the boss become so acquainted with the disinherited Young Master Fu?

It seemed like the greatest contrast in the upper circle in Jiang City.

One was high up in the heavens, while the other was down below in the dumps. They were separate beings of cloud and mud respectively, but they surprisingly walked in together?