Chapter 830 - Qin Mo Takes Action Personally

Chapter 830: Qin Mo Takes Action Personally

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Lawyer Bai had thought through the matter, advising, “If you take action, it only gives them more things to blame on you, such as bullying the weak. Don’t forget, you are also a member of Supreme Alliance and your actions are representative for the public. But if you don’t deal with them, both you and Supreme Alliance will have to bear the defamation. That’s the price for being a professional player.”

Bo Jiu hadn’t replied immediately, waiting for Uncle Yin’s battle to be over before crafting a message. “Would it be easier to deal with if I’m not a professional player?”

Supreme Alliance were after a passionate and explosive battle. How could she allow the competition to be tainted when it carried so much effort?

She wore the battle uniform in order to win. If there were people going to such lengths, she was willing to remove her uniform in order to clear the obstacles.

Her first duty was to deal with the suspect. To her, there wasn’t anything more important than human lives.

To the press, Bo Jiu and Qin Mo were much alike.

It was hard to believe how one of them was in the light while the other was in the dark, even though they were one and the same.

They were both after the same criminal, but with vastly different methods.

Bo Jiu glanced up, watching the clock hanging in the middle of the theater.

The ticketing began and at this moment, the elite’s earpiece vibrated.

He never expected it to be from his boss.

“Don’t go in. Give me the ticket, I’ll go.”

The elite paused, caressing his nose before following Young Master’s instructions. He turned, heading towards the safety channel on the first floor.

Although he tried to suppress his desire, he couldn’t hold it any longer, finding someone to gossip with.

“Hey, brothers, what are you doing?”

“Eating an ice cream cone.”

“Waiting in queue for fries, what’s up?”

What did you mean by ‘what’s up’ ?!

Fatty started off saying, “I’ve been huddling in this heat with my laptop trying to detect abnormalities in the network ━ and what are you guys doing?! And there’s even one of you queuing for fries? F*ck!”

“Young Master wanted us to act naturally, we needed to blend into the crowd. The things in Jiang City aren’t bad, they’re all rather delicious, much better than the times in America.”

“Shut up.”

Fatty was drenched in sweat as he took charge in the surveillance room.

He had just been informed that he had to see if there was anyone other than the crime squad following the suspect.

On the outside, he was a member of Supreme Alliance, but actually, he stayed by Young Master’s side to connect with the outside world.

“Stop the ruckus.” The elite tugged his tie. “Come on, why has Young Master decided to take action personally? I’m in such an impressive disguise.”

The soldier tossed the cotton candy stick, taking large strides up to the rooftop. “You can’t get relevant information. Hence, he had to go about it personally.”

The one queuing for fries dangled one in his mouth. “Nothing special on my side, the crime squad may alert the big fish behind the small fish. It isn’t a surprise Young Master decided to take action.”

“I don’t think it’s that simple.” The elite caressed his chin, determined to get to the bottom of this. “Didn’t Fatty say Young Master has taken a liking to a guy? Did the guy reject Young Master? Is that the reason behind his current out of character behavior?”

The elite regretted instantly because the next second, a familiar nonchalant tone came from behind. “Magician, I never knew you were so interested in my private life.”