Chapter 831 - Qin Mo, Find the Real Z

Chapter 831: Qin Mo, Find the Real Z

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That voice successfully traveled into everyone’s ears.

Fatty feigned ignorance immediately, preparing his link wordlessly, while the other two went into cover.

This was awkward, he just got caught gossiping about his boss.

The elite felt a chill running through him as he turned, looking straight at an aristocratic and ravishing face. Somehow, he felt touched.

It had been a long while since he had seen a living version of his boss.

“Young Master, I’m definitely showing concern!” The elite tried to find an escape.

Qin Mo lifted a brow, taking action. “Thanks for the concern.”

The elite watched as his boss took his jacket, gold-rimmed spectacles, and bag ━ he didn’t even leave his watch.

In the end, he was left with his long johns and a shirt.

As a magician, he had never been in such a pathetic state and compared to his ravishing boss, he looked as though he had just been robbed.

“Wait a minute, Young Master, could you at least leave me my wallet?”

Naturally, Qin Mo hadn’t slowed, he had even changed up this outfit.

He usually left his dark hair hanging, but now, he combed it all to the back, placing a scar on his face, turning his entire demeanour hostile and unapproachable.

At this moment, Fatty delivered some news. “The suspect has arrived, he is currently at the ticketing.”

Qin Mo tossed the bag back at the elite, his left hand stuffing his earpiece under his dark hair.

It was the perfect hiding spot.

The elite huddled in a corner. He finally couldn’t help asking, “Young Master, why are you cooperating with the crime squad for this case even though you are clearly aware that it isn’t the real Z?”

“Because this impersonator is more dangerous than the real one,” Qin Mo replied calmly, his gaze deepening. “Z wouldn’t act this way.”

“What do you mean by that?” The elite wanted to understand his boss’s thoughts.

Qin Mo paused. “Do you think someone I consider a rival would stoop so low as to exploit others? Z has always operated alone and has never harmed anyone’s lives. For both the Maiden’s Sacrifice and this HIV carrier’s case, Z always carried another motive when she went against the police and for these two cases, her nature isn’t the same since they have been impersonating her.”

“But why didn’t you tell Director Huang that this person is a fake? He’s going to think that Z is the one taking action.” Z was someone the elite looked up to since she had managed to slip past them.

Qin Mo arranged his collar, looking at his completely different appearance and aura. His gaze was as dark as the night. “Because I want to find the real Z.”

Shock ran through him because he had never expected Young Master to be going after such a big catch.

Other than the fake Z, he actually had other plans?

Qin Mo glanced at his movie ticket. “If Z is really here, she would never allow anyone to do this under her name.”

The elite frowned. Was he imagining things or was Young Master’s interest in Z still as strong as before his amnesia?

But why?

The thought had dampened in the past two years.

Why was it back again?

The elite could sense that the return would mean that something big was about to happen.

But if it meant having a face-off with Z again, it was indeed something exciting…