Chapter 832 - Are They Going To Meet?

Chapter 832: Are They Going To Meet?

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A black-haired youngster stood by the ticketing entrance with a professional smile. Even the black gloves she wore were well suited for the environment. “Sir, can I have your movie tickets?”

Even Fatty, who was observing the scene through the monitors, couldn’t tell who the youngster was because he had altered his hair colour and was wearing a pair of black-rimmed spectacles.

Moreover, the ticketing staff through the monitor looked much fatter than Bo Jiu. He wouldn’t be able to tell the difference unless he had been paying close attention.

That aside, Fatty also had all his attention placed on the suspect and hence wouldn’t be bothered about anyone else.

The ‘ticketing staff’ had a glimmer in his eyes when he looked at the suspect’s back.

He fit the Almighty’s deduction as he wasn’t old, being in his thirties. He was a little shorter than six feet and didn’t have an outstanding appearance, but could still be considered charismatic with his distinctive features. He wore an expensive watch and had styled his hair, looking very much like a professional. He also sprayed on a clean smelling cologne.

This was indeed a man that could melt hearts ━ it would be easy for him to get girls.

However, she needed concrete evidence.

Bo Jiu glanced at his ticket before passing it back to him. “Enjoy.”

He didn’t pay her much attention as he held the ticket in one hand and a phone in another.

There was a chat on the phone screen and although Bo Jiu couldn’t tell the contents, she wondered whether it was possible for such a man to watch a movie by himself..

Besides, he was holding a Swarovski packaging.

Bo Jiu tilted her head towards the other ticketing staff. “I have to use the toilet.”

“Huh?” His colleague was confused, but the youngster had already left the counter, blending into the crowd.

Helpless, his colleague continued to check the tickets.

Fatty hadn’t detected anything since it was common for the ticketing staff to be swapped out.

He adjusted the lighting, focusing on the suspect. “Young Master, the suspect saved something before entering, but I can’t see what it is.”

“Noted,” Qin Mo replied smoothly. “I’m at the ticketing counter.”

Fatty paused, a shock running through him when he saw the people in the queue.

Young Master’s disguise?

It… was unexpected!

He was ruthless, a demon from the heavens!

“Send me the video of the suspect at the ticketing counter and locate any blindspots in the theater exit. Magician, head over and follow anyone that is loitering in the area.”

The elite glanced down at his long johns. “But, Young Master, you want me to go in this state?”

“Ten minutes is enough to get another set of clothes.” Qin Mo lowered his lids, passing his ticket over to the ticketing staff.

The staff felt her heart falter as she wondered why there were so many hotties watching movies nowadays.

At this moment, Bo Jiu pulled an unused 3D spectacles case over, placing it onto the bar table beside the lockers. She wiped the spectacles case as she repeated, “Customers watching the 6.50 pm movie, please come this way towards Hall 7.”

Her actions seemed natural when actually, she was studying the surveillance cameras in the surrounding…