Chapter 833 - Chasing Operation

Chapter 833: Chasing Operation

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After identifying all the angles captured by the surveillance, Bo Jiu pushed the 3D spectacles case upwards, blocking the locker which the suspect had used to keep his things.

Once everything was done, she narrowed her eyes.

There wasn’t enough time for her to unlock the locker.

If she opened it by force, the police alarm would definitely go off, so wasn’t it better for someone else to do it?

Bo Jiu raised a brow, breaking glasses. The 3D glasses were used to break the police alarm next. She stood up and headed towards the management as though she was a responsible employee. “Manager, there seems to be a problem with the lockers.”

The manager immediately followed Bo Jiu to the lockers and saw that there was indeed something odd with the locker. He would have to reboot the system before recovering the passcode, which would require some time.

The movie was about to begin and Qin Mo took large strides through the dark walkway, watching the weak glow from the seat numbers. He paused before speaking with an emotionless voice, “Excuse me.”

It was directed at two good friends behind the suspect.

Qin Mo didn’t bother glancing at him as though he was an ordinary person going to the movies.

The pair retracted their legs and the girl couldn’t help but comment, “He’s handsome!”

The suspect took a subconscious glance at Qin Mo because some guys were prone to comparison.

After catching sight of Qin Mo, he started to size him up.

Other than his height, there didn’t seem to be anymore attributes. He had a good aura, but unfortunately, there was a scar on his face.

However, with money, it wouldn’t affect his ability to get girls.

Amidst the darkness, the man smiled mockingly.

Qin Mo sat down emotionlessly even though the seat was much too narrow for him and there was barely any space for his legs.

Even so, he didn’t show any of his discomfort.

This was the best distance that would allow him to monitor the suspect’s every action.

However, even though the suspect was in a good position, it wasn’t comparable to the seat on his right.

In such a small scale theater, the separation in the middle was extremely narrow.

It was common for people to use their phones with their right hands and under such a dark environment, the person in the row directly behind would have a clear view of the contents.

Hence, even Rao Rong, who had arrived in the theater much earlier, hadn’t realized they would take that spot.

But Rao Rong wasn’t dumb because the moment he realized the crime squad was in the case, he had taken precautions.

According to their deduction, the people beside him would most probably be from the crime squad.

Hence, Rao Rong was seated far from the suspect and near the exit. Even if they communicated, they would use fake IP addresses.

This was to provide the suspect with a final escape route if the crime squad was indeed on to him. Since he could see everyone from his seat, he would instruct the suspect to stop the date the moment something seemed amiss.

But nothing seemed amiss, especially not the people surrounding him.

He had already done a check with his computer as well, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong.

They all seemed like ordinary visitors, either couples or friends; their backgrounds were clean.

However, they still waited until after they received news in order to make sure all the grounds were covered.

After receiving the news, Rao Rong would continue with the next step.

The moment the movie began, typing noises came through his bluetooth earpiece. In the end with a loud slam on the return key, a series of images appeared before him. “The crime squad are either in the surveillance room or at the various exits waiting to catch the suspect. Let them arrest him and get him to insist that he is innocent. The police force has already formed a standard protocol, they will either be watching the surveillance camera or guarding the exits.”

Rao Rong broke into a ravishing smile. His voice was so soft that no one else could hear him. “They probably have never played Hero before, with their inability to form teams for an arrest. They ought to learn it properly. You chose to take action today in order to avoid Qin Mo, didn’t you?”

“It isn’t suitable for us to meet head on right now.” The person in front of the computer had a calm expression. “The best way to defeat such a person is to destroy his mind. Regardless how smart Qin Mo is, he will follow his strict set of principles. Any human life can be used as a threat against him, much less to say the life of someone important to him. And we can use that to our advantage. In this society, there will always be those who feel anguish even after pushing someone off the cliff. Young Master Fu, who is always seen around him, would definitely be aware of such pain. The lady from the Wu family isn’t bad at all, infiltrating into his fan club to stir trouble before accusing him for it. It’s a pity she was caught, she would have provided good information about the police force. But it’s fine, all those aren’t anything major. When the time comes, Qin Mo will know how fragile human hearts are and how easy…”

Rao Rong glanced at his phone as the car booking app lit up, indicating a booking thirty minutes later when the skies were about to darken. “A fish took the bait.”

“It’s time to teach our harvester how to go about with the infection this time. Monitor the surroundings and stop everything if you detect anything amiss. Our plans would be disrupted if such a useful harvester is discovered by the crime squad. I took pains to select all these people. The Maiden’s Sacrifice should have been the first drop of blood, but she didn’t manage to go through with the suicide at the last moment. Damn! Forget it, there’s many factors affecting a suicide, but killing others isn’t the same. Just look at our harvester, he seems to be addicted. Go on now, I’ll watch the crime squad. Get him to avoid the car in the basement level two, there’s someone guarding that area. Head over to basement three, the black Honda Cross-Country. The key is in the Swarovski package. Remember not to meet him and communicate only through your phone.”

Rao Rong leaned backwards, his gaze dimming. “I understand.”

“If it’s just the crime squad, they probably won’t be aware even if someone left. Everything is within my control, but I’m afraid Qin Mo willd do some last minute adjustments. However, I doubt he has the time now because even if they have won, the impact caused by Wu Zhen is still hovering around. Rao Rong, don’t underestimate those high school students who feel anguish after doing wrong. The way they use their adoration as an excuse will be able to right their wrongs. It won’t be easy dealing with them and that’ll be a great help to our plan as it diverts a lot of Qin Mo’s attention away from us. He won’t be able to free himself so easily, unless he doesn’t care about Supreme Alliance’s reputation…”

Rao Rong spoke calmly, “That’s why I hate being a professional player. After this incident, I’m sure Qin Mo hates it as well. There are too many liars in this world, taking someone else’s glory as his own, blaming others after snatching their belongings. It isn’t their young age, it is because of their lack of a bottom line. Is this what you’re trying to let Qin Mo know? There are many people who didn’t deserve help, but there isn’t anything we can do to them because they hadn’t committed anything major. But these small behaviors aren’t any less harmful as a physical act of violence.”

The person in front of the computer paused. “Rao Rong, are you blaming me? Wu Zhen’s incident has nothing to do with me and as I have mentioned, I don’t have to steal from others, I’m already the prototype of a criminal. Was it me who instigated their actions? Rao Rong, oh Rao Rong, that was purely out of their own will. Those who weren’t willing wouldn’t have joined them. I’m just a bystander enjoying the show, but because of them, the Maiden’s Sacrifice could be rebooted. My new target has been badly wounded and is in a weak state, the sort that would break with just a touch. Since she is living with such pain, don’t you think it’ll be good for me to console her and direct her towards her freedom?”

Rao Rong didn’t wish to continue this topic. He had grown numb to such matters. Before he had returned, he had once sen an interview done by the youngster, but now, Spade Z would probably see his words as a form of self-delusion.

There wasn’t any justice in this world…

A pity Rao Rong was still wrong and they would never have thought otherwise.

Both Bo Jiu and Qin Mo would always know what was most important and with a firm heart, they could weather the strong tides ahead.

She assumed she knew her opponent well, but in fact, it was just on the surface and even her reactions were within Qin Mo’s deduction because the culprit’s style would always be reflected in their actions.

Qin Mo had Magician retreat because of the deductions he had made of the criminal; they were familiar with the crime squad’s procedures and had deliberately left some clues, leading others into thinking she was Z.

However, she seemed to have forgotten that doing good might not be reflective of one’s nature, but doing bad would definitely show their true colors.

The unique trait Z possessed wasn’t something everyone could impersonate.

But there was someone…

Qin Mo’s eyes started to dim, his fingers caressing the movie ticket.

At this moment, his phone rang ━ Fatty had sent the surveillance video.

Qin Mo’s gaze deepened with the appearance of the suspect and he focused on his left hand. “Send a screenshot at the 50 second mark.”

Fatty sent a photo over instantly.

After enlarging the photo, he typed into the group chat, “He came with something. Magician, look for the package You Hongliang placed in the locker.”

“Right at it.” Magician had changed into another set of disguise, a hipster style which was completely different from the previous ‘elite’ get-up.

Since it wasn’t hard to get another movie ticket, he headed over to the ticket counter and bought a ticket for an impending movie.

As Young Master was already in the theater, there wasn’t a need for him to watch the movie and he just had to pry open the locker the suspect had used.

After going through the ticketing, Magician tugged his collar, stepping onto the soft carpet floor as he headed towards the lockers.

He never expected a ticketing staff to be so rude and impetuous because he hadn’t even looked straight when he walked over, almost bumping into him.

Fortunately, he had quick reflexes, avoiding the 3D glasses the staff was holding.

“I’m sorry sir, did I bump into you?” the ticketing staff asked anxiously. With the black-rimmed glasses, he looked like a klutz.

Magician didn’t pay him much attention, shaking his head and thinking for himself that it had to be a new employee as they were prone to making mistakes.

And this was the third time he came across this ticketing staff.

This poor child must have never met a boss like Young Master because with Young Master’s guidance, it would only be a matter of time before he would have changed his hurried ways.

“It’s alright, you can go.”

Magician continued towards his target, completely unaware of the ticketing staff behind him, who wore a wicked grin and didn’t seem the least bit like a klutz.

Bo Jiu rejoiced about having gotten hold of another set of news: The Almighty had man who could disguise, which explained why the Almighty was so suspicious of her.

But from the look of things, she was still ahead because at the very least, she had managed to get her hands on the package first.

Bo Jiu swept a glance at the package buried at the bottom of the 3D glasses case, walking out of the main area naturally.

Once she reached the staircase area, she placed the case in one hand and pulled her jacket off. With the package in one hand, she didn’t forget to remove her uniform with another, tossing it into the trash bin at the corner.

She became another person in just a blink of an eye.

Her dark hair was pushed back by a headband, exposing her delicate features. With the necktie tugged loose and a rivet wristband on her arm, she had an imposing aura.

It had been a while since she had done such a disguise. Bo Jiu whistled appreciatively when she caught her reflection through the window. Then she opened the package.

There wasn’t anything odd with the Swarovski jewelry.

However, there was a Honda car key inside as well.

Bo Jiu raised a brow, dialling a familiar number. “Hoshino, what car did this You guy come in?”

“A BMW.” Hoshino’s gaze deepened. “There are people other than the crime squad. There’s a troop of special force soldiers at the entrance of the fifth floor.”

Bo Jiu smiled faintly. “You managed to catch that. Alright, I have a route planned. Where is the air vent on the fifth floor? I’ll leave the suspect to the crime squad. It’s time to catch the mastermind.”

“Alright.” Hoshino had been scrolling through his laptop leisurely. Just then, he frowned, his voice deepening. “There’s someone at the ceiling.”

Bo Jiu paused, glancing upwards as she lowered her voice. “Help me check where Qin Mo is right now.”

Hoshino placed his laptop down. “There isn’t any signal. He’s trying to get you, he is already suspicious and is well aware of the route you would take.”

“I seem to have underestimated the Almighty.” Bo Jiu lifted her lips further, her fingers tapping the package rhythmically. “Stop monitoring the crime squad, Qin Mo should be nearby. The crime squad appeared with such a high profile probably to act as a cover. Let’s have a change of plans. Stop the hunt. This time, let’s serve as an aid.”