Chapter 834 - Almighty Qin Discovered Jiu

Chapter 834: Almighty Qin Discovered Jiu

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“Okay.” Hoshino stood up, the laptop still in his hands. “According to your position, there are two possible roads: One is to retreat now and the other is to wait three minutes. There’ll be an appearance of Boonie Bears, you can blend into the crowd when that happens. I trust that you’ll have a plan.”

Bo Jiu kept the car keys, stuffing a hand into her pocket as she smiled cheekily. “I need a girlfriend.”

“It’s a pity I’m not her.” Hoshino continued to scroll as he was already used to the way she spoke.

Bo Jiu glanced around. “With my good looks, it’ll be odd to be watching a movie by myself. Without a girlfriend by my side, I’ll just have to pretend that I’m not alone.”

She hung up before heading towards the crowd.

Bo Jiu then reached for her wallet while facing the cashier. “I want a large sized popcorn, for two.”

“Hello, Sir, if it’s for two, the couple set is more suitable since there ares two cups of coke along with the popcorn.” The cinema staff had always been friendly.

Bo jiu flashed her a faint smile. “Then I’ll have the couple set.”

“Alright, enjoy your movie.” The staff passed the food over with a smile.

Bo Jiu brought the food over to the lounge, placing the popcorn in front of her and the two cups of coke in the background. She looked very much like a rich second generation kid who was waiting for his girlfriend.

Several girls couldn’t help looking over, but none of them could tell that she was Spade Z as it wasn’t easy to recognize her with the headband, bracelet, and that expression.

But even the best disguise was useless in front of someone familiar, especially Qin Mo, who was so particular about details.

The surveillance was about to end, the footage of the suspect was at its last moments.

Fatty had wanted to cut the footage before sending it over when Qin Mo had suddenly interrupted. “Send me the footage three seconds before the point you cut off.”

“Three seconds before?” Fatty bit the earpiece wire, sending another portion of the video over. “Is there anything special?”

Qin Mo didn’t reply and sent the words, “I want it in slow motion, slower, stop.”

“Stop?” Fatty looked at the ticketing staff who appeared on the screen, completely unaware of what his young master was looking at.

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes, a cold and dark frost clouding over his gaze as he typed the words, “Find that ticketing staff, there’s something wrong with him.”

“Something wrong?” Fatty couldn’t seem to see anything. “Both the uniform and his name tag are there, what’s wrong?”

Qin Mo replied swiftly. “With so many people waiting to enter, a normal ticketing staff would have his head lowered at the movie ticket in order to act quickly. They won’t pay any attention to the visitor’s appearance, but this staff took way too long to observe You Hongliang, ten seconds in total. It wasn’t normal.”

Fatty watched the footage once more, realizing the difference. “Is he the mastermind?”

“No.” Qin Mo’s gaze turned cold.

Fatty couldn’t tell the shift in his boss through the phone screen. “If he isn’t the mastermind, who is it?”

“In your language, he is ‘the boy I like’,” Qin Mo replied into the group chat.

Magician almost tripped when he saw the message while the other three remained silent.

The air through the earpiece seemed to have stilled.

After a second, Fatty lifted his lids with his eyes wide open.

The boy boss liked?

Wasn’t that… F*ck! Little Spade!