Chapter 835 - Almighty Qin Is in a Foul Mood

Chapter 835: Almighty Qin Is in a Foul Mood

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Fatty was confused, but didn’t dare to ask questions even after he had processed the situation.

How was he supposed to ask what Little Spade was doing there?

Who would wear a ticketing staff uniform for nothing?

He was definitely up to something.

However, Fatty wasn’t sure if his boss had seen right because the person in the video was one size bigger than Little Spade.

Fatty hesitated slightly before asking, “Young Master, did you make a mistake?”

Qin Mo didn’t type this time, instead, he tilted his head to the side. His voice was suppressed and cold. “Make a mistake? About the boy I like?”

A frosty air blew through their earpiece and Magician slipped. That explained his weird behavior. He must have been affected from being abandoned.

Fatty was behaving so insensitively. How could he miss the main point after asking so many questions? For instance, what was the boy who had abandoned Young Master doing here?

Wait a minute! Ticketing staff?

Magician suddenly paused, turning back in search of the ticketing staff with black-rimmed spectacles, but he was no longer in sight. He pressed onto his earpiece. “I bumped into him near the locker a while ago.”

Qin Mo felt his hands tightening. “Magician, head down and swap with Aardwolf.”

“Head down? But the things…” Magician couldn’t understand the intentions behind the sudden decision.

Before he could finish his question, Qin Mo sent a line over. “The things in the locker are gone.”


Magician widened his eyes. “Young Master, you mean, the ticketing staff from before…” What was happening?! Wasn’t that the boy he liked? Why was he trying to disrupt their plans? However, he didn’t dare to ask these questions.

Qin Mo didn’t allow Magician to continue his hunt.

It was simple. Since they had crossed paths, Magician’s current state was most probably exposed and thus he was better positioned at the exit.

If that guy really took the ceiling, he would definitely turn around when he saw a familiar face!

Qin Mo kept his phone. His gaze was so cold that there was hardly any warmth inside.

Ticketing staff?

That was a meticulous.

And she managed to put up such a convincing act. Had she planned on escaping from the start?

Qin Mo had never been sensitive to the emotions of people around him.

Ever since he had been young, he had always suppressed his emotions.

But even so…

There was a flash of bewilderment in his eyes.

He sat there alone, his fingers tightening.

He was never bothered about that guy’s behavior.

But where had she gotten that ticketing staff uniform from?

How had she avoided the crowd, blending into the theater before them so seamlessly?

During the competition, had she been looking for a route or at someone?

The questions flooded his mind.

He swallowed them all down, sharp and painful.

But Qin Mo was Qin Mo after all ━ even in such a moment, he continued to focus on You Hongliang’s phone until there was a vibration.

Qin Mo leaned forward slightly, maintaining a suitable distance in order to avoid any attention. The words on his phone remained clear amidst the darkness. “Someone took the bait and the date has been arranged. Don’t drive your car out. Once the movie ends, there will be a large crowd, you will find the things you need under the chair under the 6th seat on the 7th row. Be careful and wait for my instructions. There are police officers stationed outside. Stop all operations when you receive instructions and delete this message.”