Chapter 836 - Don’t Ever Get Caught

Chapter 836: Don’t Ever Get Caught

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You Hongliang’s eyes lit up when he saw the text.

He took a sip of his iced coffee, trying to suppress his excitement.

Infecting others with his disease was terrifying the first time, but this time, he was experiencing a euphoric moment.

There were so many people who deserved to die, so why was he the only victim?

If it hadn’t been for materialistic women, he wouldn’t have gotten such a damnable disease.

You Hongliang. The Young Master of the You family, who was a player, a common sight in night clubs.

He originally thought he was doomed for his home, but fortunately, the heavens were kind, gifting him another opportunity.

That person was right.

Since he was going to leave, he could drag those bad woman down to hell with him.

They were women who chased after money after all and he would grant their wishes.

The more they chased, the better it was for him.

Wasn’t it just money?

This money would be enough to pay for their lives.

You Hongliang caressed his watch, his eyes turned a fiery red as he lost his sanity.

It wasn’t possible for such a person to notice the Almighty.

Qin Mo remained emotionless. It seemed as though nothing could stir up his emotions because even in such a moment, he still possessed an incredible awareness and memory.

He sent the large chunk of text to the group chat before adding a few words. “You Hongliang has a comrade.”

Fatty chirped in. “Sixth seat on the seventh floor? I’m on it.”

Even though he wasn’t in a good mood, his mouth was deadly as usual. “Do you think he’ll be so dumb as to leave his position? Do you think they’re kids playing hide and seek? Mmh?”

Qin Mo’s words sent a chill down their spine.

Fatty choked.

He finally understood the influence Little Spade had on their boss.

He didn’t express it openly, bottling everything hidden inside him.

Qin Mo glanced upwards,

“Yes.” Fatty finally processed the situation. Ever since the case had started, their strengths had been their escape and meticulous planning. It wasn’t like them to make such a grave mistake.

There was indeed something on the sixth seat of the seventh row, but there wasn’t anyone in sight.

Or perhaps, it may have been a trap, deliberately providing a position for them to investigate.

Once they looked into it, the criminals would get sound of it.

Once they received the news, their puppet, You Hongliang, would stop his operations and the entire hunt would come to an end since they had a hacker on their side.

Even though it was an imposter, the imposter’s abilities weren’t any worse than Z.

They had to be careful!

When the time came, it would be a battle of patience.

Qin Mo appeared rather casual, but he seemed to have other plans on top of arresting the criminals.

Fatty could tell his feelings even through the phone.

“How long is it till the end of the movie?” That was unlike his Young Master.

Little Spade, oh Little Spade, don’t ever get caught by Young Master.

It would be a horrible death…