Chapter 837 - Jiu Constantly Invested in Her Self-Obsession

Chapter 837: Jiu Constantly Invested in Her Self-Obsession

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At this moment, Bo Jiu was also observing her surroundings.

When she caught sight of Magician walking down, she stood up.

With her current appearance, Fatty wouldn’t be able to identify her even if she was caught by the surveillance cameras since it wasn’t rational for one person to be carrying two cups of coke.

Bo Jiu stood amongst a group of Boonie Bear cosplayers with her brows lifted as she bit the straw, looking very much like a hot-blooded high school student, dashing and arrogant. She seemed to radiate the words, “Rich and willful.”

She looked like she was waiting for her girlfriend, her stance slightly annoyed.

Fatty really brushed past her the few times the surveillance camera captured her.

It wasn’t because of negligence, but because he really couldn’t tell since Fatty wasn’t Almighty Qin.

On the third time, Bo Jiu entered the elevator with a group.

She wasn’t sure of the Almighty’s current position.

Was he going to catch her when she was on the way out like the last time?

She didn’t take the air vent even though Hoshino reassured her that there wasn’t anyone now.

Besides, she wasn’t done.

Bo Jiu arched a brow, stuffing a hand into her pockets. When the elevator came to a stop, she took large strides out.

Since she couldn’t get her hands on her computer, she would have to find a substitute.

She headed for the high-end electronics trading floor.

Alienware 768 keyboard.

There was a huge screen in the middle, which was airing the National League competition in an attempt to demonstrate its clarity.

Bo Jiu watched it seriously as she remarked, “Supreme Alliance is doing great.”

The staff walked over with a smile. “Sir, you must be a gamer as well. I presume you have a good understanding of our products.”

Bo Jiu was an expert in this area, but she remained humble. “I’m alright, nothing much.”

“Hmm, why don’t you try our display sets to try out the keyboard and the image fluidity?” the staff recommended.

Bo Jiu smiled, looking arrogant. “If I were the player in the video, would you give me another ten minutes to play around with the display?”

The staff gave her a ‘you must be joking’ expression. “Sir, all of our computers are linked to the Internet. You can use them for half an hour, even if you aren’t a professional esports player. You would also be given a special pricing.”

He was trying to be sarcastic. Why would you impersonate a esports player just to buy products?!

“Alright.” Bo Jiu wasn’t lying, it was just a pity he didn’t believe her. Before she tested the keyboard, she gave another compliment, “That first kill is brilliant.”

The staff glanced over at the customer who seemed to be a fan of Spade Z, hence, he chipped in, “Indeed, that fluidity isn’t something anyone can mimic.”

“You have fine taste.” Bo Jiu reached out to tap his shoulders.

The staff blushed at the sudden intimacy with a hottie.

Bo Jiu used the opportunity to test out a computer that was better suited for her.

Since this staff was such a big fan of Spade Z, he would definitely have the model that Supreme Alliance used.

“This model, a firm keyboard and quick reactions. It seems to have been upgraded as well, don’t be fooled by it’s bulky appearance, the software is extremely fast.”

Bo Jiu tapped the keyboard and smiled. “I’ll use this one.”

She wouldn’t leave anything behind even after sending the crime squad information.

Most importantly, who else touched the theater’s surveillance today…