Chapter 838 - Flaunting Love in the Midst of the Hunt

Chapter 838: Flaunting Love in the Midst of the Hunt

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The staff glanced at the headband wearing youngster, brushing him off as a rich young master who was here to choose his gaming device.

After introducing the equipment, he went on to serve other customers.

Unbeknownst to him, after he left, the dark-haired youngster smiled as he inserted a thumb-drive into the computer and a chat-box popped up.

It occupied a tiny corner of the screen. The codes were running continuously, which was a hacking technique Z was best at: the compilation of resources.

She managed to mobilize thousands of computers nearby to work for her.

It wasn’t considered a challenge in the face of a hacker though because the firewall of a commercial plaza network wasn’t very secure.

Hence, the infiltration wasn’t difficult and the only hurdle was to sieve out other hackers while still maintaining secrecy.

This was considered the highest level of a hacker.

The first thought was probably to enter the surveillance room, but Bo jiu specifically avoided that.

Instead of infiltrating the surveillance room, she went straight for the cinema network system.

Some might say infiltrating the cinema system would immediately be detected since the counters had to use it constantly to sell tickets.

However, you shouldn’t forget that there were ticketing machines, which were also connected to the cinema network, and this network was linked to the overall commercial plaza network.

The moment the image came up, the youngster’s long fingers started moving rapidly. The aggressive typing sound was drowned in the crowd.

Even if it was heard, they would just brush it off as someone gaming.

A large scale computer experience could only be understood by those who had used one before.

Other than the noise made by the keyboard, there was also the incredible sound effect.

Moreover, with the popularity of Hero, it was hard to distinguish what Bo Jiu was doing.

It would be even harder to notice the change in her gaze, which was like a soaring eagle, scanning the three images formed by the IP address while going straight for the core.

It didn’t take long before the firewall had been infiltrated.

The youngster’s lips curved upwards. “The hunt begins.”


The computer started moving rapidly.

Meanwhile in the theater, a couple stood in front of the ticketing machine, looking bewildered. Why did it suddenly stop working?

The staff they called over broke into a smile. “The machine must be an error, you can use the machine at the other side.”

However, the machine at the other side wasn’t working as well.

In fact, all five ticketing machines had broken down simultaneously.

The staff brushed it off as a network issue since the malfunction lasted only for a minute before everything went back to normal.

No one paid it any attention, but the special forces soldier standing guard did. Anything out of the ordinary during such a moment was definitely a problem.

This had always been his belief.

He pressed his earpiece, his voice lowered. “Young Master, something’s up, the ticketing machine malfunctioned, I suspect someone is trying to infiltrate the system.”

Qin Mo typed one word. “Fatty.”

Fatty appeared in a frenzy since he was in charge of monitoring the network. “There isn’t any anomaly in the surveillance room.”

Qin Mo eyes dimmed, his fingers flying across the phone as he typed, “Having no anomaly is considered the biggest anomaly. Fatty, continue watching the surveillance. Wolf, find the electronics experience store, but don’t use the commercial plaza network to search for it, ask the staff and locate it using the most primitive method.”

The special forces soldier began his mission while Qin Mo remained at the original spot, his gaze dark and cold.

Unbeknownst to Fatty, he had become the first target of Bo Jiu’s hunt.

With the tap of the return key, a page appeared on the youngster’s screen.

The owner of the page was still watching the surveillance and was completely unaware that his location was busted.

When she caught side of Fatty’s face, she raised a brow and left it alone.

Since they were on the same side, a conflict wouldn’t be wise because she might end up alerting the enemy if she were to tease Fatty.

That aside, the Almighty was indeed ruthless.

With such an elaborate surveillance, was he preparing for a total massacre?!

Bo Jiu caressed her nose as a tinge of guilt started to creep on her.

She managed to widen the search area after flitting past the fictitious IP installation.

Her fingers moved swiftly without pause.

Infiltrating a network was basically to change the original data.

As long as the alteration could be detected, the infiltration path could be identified.

But the main part was to maintain secrecy.

Bo Jiu tapped her fingers, placing her position hidden in the core of the network.

Just like the character she played, she carried the ability to hide herself, staying hidden amongst the bushes and not to be seen on the map.

However, the moment she appeared, she would wield a high impact power, the nightmare of characters with low HP.

Bo jiu continued waiting even after she had successfully infiltrated the system.

She had the same thoughts as Qin Mo, she believed that the suspect had a backup plan.

Thus she waited patiently for him to come aboard. The Almighty wasn’t the only one who enjoyed waiting for criminals to expose themselves.

Bo Jiu pushed the chair backwards. When her hair fell downwards, a smile spread across her face, sly but nourishing to the eyes.

The staff walked over. “How is it? Isn’t the system fast?”

“Not bad, a lot of time can be saved, especially when I’m after someone,” Bo Jiu replied honestly.

The staff glanced at the chat, which was still on the screen. He had to be a huge Hero fan to be able to fantasize catching someone even before the game was opened.

He wanted to ask more, but Bo Jiu raised a brow. “There seems to be someone looking for you.”

Business was indeed booming.

Left with no choice, the staff headed for the customer.

Bo Jiu glanced at the time shown on the screen.

There were twenty minutes left before the movie was over.

Since he was impersonating her, he would definitely be aware of her habits, which was to ambush the prey at the last moment.

She was curious to find out if the imposter had perfected her ways.

Bo Jiu lifted her lips, switching between the screens. After glancing at the formation, she decided to be the aid, sending the crime squad some information.

However, she didn’t just give the information easily.

If they could make adjustments because of her help, her chances of escaping would increase greatly.

Ten minutes would be enough to send out the message since she was familiar with the police’s protocol.

First, the conversation would be recorded.

Second, they would use the fictitious IP address to connect to the phone.


When the call came in, the men in the station would still be tending to other matters.


Just that word was enough to know how noisy it was over at the other side.

Bo Jiu didn’t say anything, using her mouse to enter.

“The package that the HIV suspect placed in the locker has been removed and is now in the Bonsai placed at the exit of the theater.”

The voice seemed familiar.

It was low and slightly cold, yet pleasant sounding and smooth.

The moment the police officer heard about the key evidence, he didn’t waste a second, bursting into the leader’s office.

The station was packed with cases and thus the leader was still in the midst of a civil investigation, but when he heard the words HIV suspect, his expression turned grave.

That was currently the case with the highest coverage.

Why did the call reach them?

Without hesitating, the leader rushed to his phone to replay the recording before giving Director Huang a call.

The moment Director Huang heard that it was an important piece of evidence, his eyes jerked open.

Such objects would serve as crucial evidence!

He had still been fretting about the lack of evidence a while ago!

However, Director Huang wasn’t dumb, he understood what a call at such a moment meant.

“Who called?” Director Huang asked.

The leader didn’t waste time, sending the recording over.

When Director Huang heard the recording, he raised his brows. Why did it sound so much like Young Master Qin?!


He had to confirm it.

Little Huang’s emotions were in turmoil.

He sent a WeChat message. “That’s a huge situation.”

There wasn’t a reply in the first ten seconds, but then, a one-word reply was sent over. “What?”

The moment Director Huang saw the reply, he pressed the button to record a voice message. “The station received a call saying that the package You Hongliang placed in the locker is now in a Bonsai at the exit of the theater. You Hongliang kept something?” Why wasn’t he informed of this matter?!

The user at the other end had a simple reply. “Mmh.”


Just Mmh?

Just as Little Huang was about to explode with fury, another few words came over. “Since the information came on a platter, go ahead and collect it.”

Director Huang read the message and replied, “It really isn’t you! The person on the phone adjusted his voice to sound like yours. Fortunately, I’m smart enough to not be fooled. You were the first person I informed after receiving news of that call.”

Qin Mo glanced at the message, his gaze deepening. “That was his intentions, he wanted you to inform me about the news. He knew you would hear it and based on our relationship, you would definitely seek me out to clarify the message.”

Director Huang: … Didn’t that make him a fool?!

Qin Mo knew exactly who it was from.

For instance, that ‘ticketing staff’.

When he lowered his lids, the ice within seemed to have melted a little, but a smile crinkled the ends, one filled with frost.

Was she trying to divert his attention?

He decided to play along.

“The air vent doesn’t have to be guarded, return.”

Return? Magician didn’t understand the sudden decision.

He was more confused about the psychological battle.

It was normal to cause trouble even if they were on the same side since one of them was hiding in the dark while the other was hunting in the light.

From the computer, Bo Jiu smiled when she saw the guard in front of the air vent leave.

The Almighty must have received her gift, but she wasn’t sure if he would like it.

She felt unsure of herself, like a CEO who was trying to pamper his new love.

If she didn’t do it right, he might be put off since those with better appearance would often come with a temper.

Her puppy was just like that.

Honestly, Bo Jiu didn’t wish for the Almighty to hate her, even when she would leave one day…