Chapter 839 - The Meeting

Chapter 839: The Meeting

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However, she didn’t have to be so pessimistic because according to the Almighty’s personality, receiving such a gift probably meant he wasn’t wary of the person giving the gift.

Bo jiu lifted her lids.

Now, she just had to wait for the suspect to be arrested.

Time trickled by bit by bit.

You Hongliang was probably the only excited person at this moment. He couldn’t seem to control himself as he took another look at the sixth seat on the seventh row. It contained a drug which was enough to knock out today’s victim.

The image floated into his mind.

Some women were wild and filled with lies, but with his value, he would be able to call the shots.

You Hongliang glanced at the photo which appeared on the app.

The other party was starting to rush him. “Hottie, where are you? I’m off work now and I heard that you’re heading home, too? Could I get a lift?”

You Hongliang wasn’t afraid of exposing himself since he heard someone as a cover. He spoke to her casually, understanding the style she would fall for. Hence, he wasn’t truthful about his whereabouts. “I’m still having a meeting. I’ll leave once the employees are gone.”

As expected, she replied with a smile. “A boss?”

You Hongliang smirked. “Just a vice-president.”

The bait was out.

Some girls weren’t very experienced and were overwhelmed with the thought of ascending through the ranks.

Hence, they didn’t seem to have basic common sense.

Why would a vice-president have the time to give a girl a lift?

How could a vice president be chatting like this during a meeting?

A real vice-president would be like Feng Yi, thinking about the company’s direction 23 hours a day.

They would be so busy there wasn’t time to fool around, much less to say use such an app to chat with girls.

If they wanted sex, there would be a whole bunch of young models out there waiting for them.

So ever since the start, greed had always placed humans in danger.

It never occurred to her that this was a trap. Instead, she was happy that someone rich was coming to get her and was even anticipating something romantic.

The movie was ending in ten minutes.

At this moment, an odd noise was coming from the computer on the third floor gym.

It was a police alarm, a police alarm ignited by the firewall Bo Jiu had set up.

Of course, this firewall wasn’t like the one in the theater.

It only served as surveillance and didn’t have any defensive capability, which meant that the intruder wouldn’t be able to detect it.

Bo Jiu’s eyes lit up when she heard the alarm.

Her fingers started flying across the keyboard as she wrote her code.

Every code was to disrupt the intruder’s passage, but the intruder wouldn’t be able to detect anything.

This was Z’s true intention.

In a large scale Internet café more than a hundred kilometers away, there was also someone attacking the network.

Her methods seemed obvious.

She must have seen all of Z’s past information because creating a diversion was her best technique.

The sixth seat on the seventh row was a police alarm she had prepared to imitate Z.

The news was just a test.

If the person on that seat wasn’t called out, it meant that they were safe and everything could go on as usual.

Using the network to search for such information was extremely convenient and would allow her to locate all the members of the crime squad…

“No anomalies,” the girl, who remained hidden, remarked confidently. “Continue as planned.”