Chapter 84

Chapter 84: CEO Being Abnormal, Mistaking Someone for Another

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When Boss Li and Boss Zhang saw Young Master Qin entering with a guy, they also felt amazed, and they stood up immediately.

“Have a seat.” Qin Mo’s voice was indifferent, but it was still very effective. He found a place to sit down and sat Fu Jiu down next to him. He loosened his tie, and with a beautiful profile, he asked, “Have you ordered already?”

Boss Li laughed. “No, we were all waiting for you.” Then, he looked at the waiter beside them.

The waiter brought in the menu immediately. Secretary Liang took over the menu and placed it in front of Qin Mo.

Then, Secretary Liang lowered his head to see their CEO choose two dishes with serious eyes.

When Secretary Liang’s eyes scanned the word “tripe,” his eyes opened wide.

Their CEO had never eaten it because it was dirty and unsanitary.

But today… he had even ordered juicy beef balls. Who said that he didn’t eat processed meat?

Were these chosen according to Fu Jiu’s tastes?

Secretary Liang was surprised by this thrilling conclusion!

No, it couldn’t be!

It must be because he saw Fu Jiu get out of their CEO’s car that he received too much of a scare, causing him to think too much. How could their CEO do this?

“If you find these dishes insufficient, you can order more,” Qin Mo said as he turned his head to light a cigarette—undoubtedly a display of his elegance as Jiang City’s master.

Secretary Liang only felt his ears buzzing. CEO… He actually chose dishes according to this youngster’s tastes.

Fu Jiu moved her gaze to one side, and her shoulder touched Qin Mo’s. She looked at the menu with a light smile. “Add a dish of leafy vegetables.”

Hearing that, Qin Mo used the pencil to tick it in passing.

When Boss Li and Boss Zhang saw it, they thought Master Qin treated this youngster uncommonly well. They looked at each other and realized something.

“Young Master Qin, who is he…”

As Qin Mo smoked the cigarette, he threw out three words with his nose square to the ground. “My younger brother.”

Younger brother?

When did Eldest Young Master Qin have a younger brother?

They had never heard of the Qin family having other sons besides Young Master Qin?

Secretary Liang choked on the tea he was drinking tea and coughed excessively when he heard the words “my younger brother.”

CEO Qin, you boldly said this, but did you ask the boss and the madam?

Qin Mo looked at him lightly, and he slowly breathed out a swirl of cigarette smoke. “My acknowledged younger brother.”

Hearing that, Boss Li immediately said, “This boy must be something special to make Young Master Qin recognize him as his younger brother. What should I call you? What does your family do?”

“My family name is Fu.” Fu Jiu picked up the tea cup with light smile. “I haven’t gotten involved in my family’s business yet, but recently I’ve been planning to take charge of it.”

Boss Zhang heard the word “Fu” and saw his appearance. Suddenly, something seemed to come to his mind. “Are you referring to that Fu family? I met your father in a business convention some time ago. The Fu’s family business is now growing in scale. Not bad, not bad indeed. I heard that Young Master Fu is quite good at computer games as well, gaining the notice of several teams. It’s no wonder that you have been acknowledged by CEO Qin as his younger brother. You are both young talents.”

“Oh, oh, oh, I remember,.” Boss Li started flattering him as well, “There really is a world of difference between Young Master Fu and your elder brother. The other Young Master Fu is really…”

Upon hearing that, Secretary Liang knew that Boss Li had mistaken Fu Jiu for his brother, and he tried to stop him.

The youngster with silver hair smiled languidly with evident coldness in his eyes. “Really what?”