Chapter 842 - Deal with Someone

Chapter 842: Deal with Someone

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If Bo Jiu were to hear this conversation, she would definitely say, “You look more like a fish.”

Inside the theater, Qin Mo listened to his earpiece, his eyes darkening.

One of them was the mastermind and the identity of the other one was obvious.

But Qin Mo didn’t reply as he continued to walk straight with the leaving crowd, his gaze placed on You Hongliang, who wasn’t far ahead.

You Hongliang couldn’t wait any longer, he started to become impatient. Why were there so many people in front? Why couldn’t they walk faster? How could they waste his precious time?!

He tugged his collar, a flame blazing in his eyes as he approached the seat. He squeezed forward and bent down to retrieve his item.

Such an action wasn’t considered sudden in a theater.

Since everyone was rushing out, no one would bother with what he was doing.

You Hongliang knew exactly what was inside the exquisite bag.

A stimulant causing disorientation; something hard to get his hands on.

Security in Jiang City had always been stringent, especially in the past couple of days.

There had been increased efforts to purify the city.

Hence, it took pains to get the stuff.

Fortunately, heaven was on his side.

He was chosen to become the exterminator of evil, cleansing the world of the unclean.

This was his duty.

Next, the hunt would begin.

You Hongliang watched his screen lit up before he lowered his head to type. “I’m on my…”

Before he could finish his message, the person at the front of his row had a hand stuffed in his pocket and was right in the middle of his path.

You Hongliang lifted his head. He still carried an impression of him because of the scar on his face.

“Excuse me.”

You Hongliang didn’t pay him any attention since he hated anyone who disrupted or slowed his work.

But the next moment, his face changed because the man spoke, “Mr You Hongliang?”

He had a calm voice which carried an imposing pressure, which could only be cultivated with time.

You Hongliang wasn’t dumb.

Something must be wrong for someone to call his full name at such a moment!

You Hongliang trembled, prepared to escape.

Qin Mo had no intentions of chasing.

Instead, he strolled to the row in front.

However, that very reaction increased the pressure that You Hongliang felt.

You Hongliang was a stark contrast to Qin Mo’s calm behavior. He seemed like a trapped animal which was being scrutinised by he’s predator.

You Hongliang started to panic, attempting to leave the theater while the staff members were still around.

He lifted his fists, but couldn’t make it near Qin Mo.

He felt a kick before flying backwards!


You Hongliang crashed into the back of a chair, a wrenching ache drowning his senses.

He was caught off guard.

This commotion would definitely cause stress and anxiety.

And as expected, the crowd turned back towards them.

The staff immediately grabbed their headphones, shouting anxiously, “Security! Security! There’s a fight in hall 6, hurry over!”

It was a mess.

Some of the girls started screaming when they saw Qin Mo kicking You Hongliang.

You Hongliang hadn’t given up on escaping yet since the scene was chaotic.

He even thought that the audience might come in handy.

However, You Hongliang was up against Qin Mo.

You Hongliang glanced at the man standing among the crowd as he commanded, “I’m from the police force, those that are leaving, take the left exit.”

The atmosphere shifted and the area around them was cleared in an instant.

That man walked towards him, but You Hongliang couldn’t detect any official vibe from him. Instead, he felt like a trapped animal which was being sized up by the enemy.

There was no escape!

It wasn’t possible for Rao Rong not to have noticed the commotion.

He immediately realized something was wrong.

Since turning back didn’t seem wise, he hurriedly made his exit.

But before he could leave the theater, the crime squad had already started doing checks at the exit. “Sir, due to your seat position, I’m afraid you would have to follow us back.”

Rao Rong tightened his grip, but on the surface, nothing seemed to have changed. “Seat position? I’ve already thrown my ticket away, is this a ticket check?”

The crime squad member avoided his question. “You will know once you follow us back.”

Rao Rong didn’t object since any resistance would be seen as a guilty conscience.

Instead, he reached out both hands as he spoke, “I’m an esports player. Could I give my team members a call to inform them? I made plans to train with them tonight and they might worry if I don’t arrive.”

“I’m sorry, but you wouldn’t be able to.” The crime squad member took a step forward.

Rao Rong smile faintly, keeping his phone. “Alright.”

He kept his phone after realizing that he wasn’t the only one they had suspected as the police had also stopped other members of the crowd.

He seemed to have mentioned, ‘seat position’.

Rao Rong narrowed his eyes.

How had he become a suspect?

The person in the sixth seat on the seventh row had already left… Wait a minute, was it perhaps…

The bait they had thrown up had been exposed?!

After the commotion was heard, the special forces soldier was the first to enter the theater hall, the manager following behind him.

When the staff members saw their boss, they hurriedly kept their headphones, finally believing that they were the police.

The special forces soldier walked towards Qin Mo, greeting him in a low voice. “Young Master.”

Qin Mo glanced up. “I’ll leave him to you, bring him and the evidence to Director Huang. Keep him locked up for an hour and tell him not to bother about the interrogation, we will discuss it when I’m there.”

“Yes.” The soldier wanted to say more, but his boss had already turned, heading towards the exit while he tugged his suit jacket off. He was filled with a murderous aura, seemingly on his way to deal with someone.

Honestly, he had never seen Young Master in such a rush.

Even though it wasn’t obvious on the surface, from the way he held his phone and his back view, there were hints of his suppression.

If it wasn’t because of the case, he wouldn’t have to wait until this moment.

Young Master must have been suppressing really hard since he had never been one who enjoyed violence, but he had actually kicked the suspect.

Such matters could only be thought about internally, it wasn’t a matter that he could ask about.

Just then, his boss’s voice came through, “Send me the floor plan for that floor, the more detailed it is, the better, especially the exits. Everyone else, head to the third floor and stop anyone that has been on the computer for more than 10 minutes from leaving, even the shopkeeper cannot be spared.”