Chapter 843 - Almighty Qin Went To Catch Jiu?

Chapter 843: Almighty Qin Went To Catch Jiu?

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“Yes.” Aardwolf was on the third floor, hence, reacted the fastest.

Fatty was still deliberating on whether to interfere as he watched the two red dots.

He keep his hands off it.

However, just watching didn’t seem satisfying, but if he interfered, which side should he help?

From Fatty’s perspective, the red dot nearer to him seemed slightly weaker.

It didn’t seem as powerful as the other side, but that wasn’t a good enough reason for him to help out, especially because he hadn’t forgotten that the same red dot had mocked him a while ago for not interfering!

Inside the Internet café, the girl had a smile on her face as she decoded the data in front of her one by one.

Such an overestimation of their ability and they wanted to catch her?!

She wanted to see who would end up victorious.

Her fingers flew across the keyboard as if she was having a killing spree. It placed an unsuitable expression onto her sweet and pretty face, making it seem almost distorted.

She hated anyone who disrupted her plans, for instance, in this situation right now.

Her meticulously prepared video was destroyed and she was robbed off the chance to leave her mark. She had wanted to leave her imposter markings for the police.

She narrowed her eyes.

She was determined to destroy the other party’s computer!

Even as an audience, the emergency warning was sent out by Fatty’s computer.

The same happened to the theater’s firewall.

If all of the network was corrupted, even the operation of the elevator would be affected.

In today’s society, everything was linked to the Internet, which strongly disrupted the crime squad’s ability to arrest the suspects.

The surveillance cameras gradually went down with all the screens turning white.

If the entire commercial plaza network were to collapse… Fatty didn’t even dare to think of the consequences.

This wasn’t just the esports arena, it was also the busiest area in Jiang City.

There were countless numbers of people out here on a weekend.

At 7 pm, it was a peak period. Thus once the operations start to cease, it would be a chaotic scene, and everyone knew what chaos would bring: Children and elderly would be pushed around and some of them would end up being trampled on.

However, the aggressive party didn’t seem concerned over these matters as she pushed on, prepared to drag the entire plaza down to hell just to win this battle.

Fatty no longer cared about interfering.

This person was incorrigible and thus wasn’t what a real hacker was like!

But just as he was about to press his keyboard to stop that person, the computer could no longer catch up and seemed to slow further because of the network.

“F*ck!” Fatty slammed his fist on the keyboard.

The girl in the Internet café still had a radiant smile. From the look of things, there was definitely trouble over at You Hongliang’s side.

She decided to use this opportunity to infiltrate the commercial plaza’s system.

That would allow You Hongliang to escape without a trace and erase all the loopholes.

More importantly, this had always been Z’s trademark: to leave a trace every time she appeared.

Since the situation was as such, it would be a good time for ‘Z’ to be shown to the world!