Chapter 844 - Jiu and Fake Z Collide

Chapter 844: Jiu and Fake Z Collide

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Even though the girl had an innocent appearance, she was filled with darkness and malice.

You Hongliang was just a tool and although he was rather useful, he wasn’t anything major.

Both her and Rao Rong were just trying to test out the crime squad’s situation.

As seen, they had improved, but this improvement wasn’t enough to pose a threat because with the appearance of ‘Z’, all the attention would be diverted.

This was the best opportunity, during a network paralysis, when everyone was under stress; ‘Z’s’ method of declaring war on the police.

Wasn’t that a perfect plan?

She smirked. Her eyes were cold as steel as she began the next wave of attack.

After she had successfully suppressed the other party, she would start to attack the commercial plaza network.

Fatty, meanwhile, would die for another computer, but that wasn’t an option.

A network attack was the gradual spread of a virus.

The red dot which had mocked him before seemed weaker in the fight.

Even so, Fatty hoped that the person behind could press on until the end.

At 7.15 pm, the crime squad hadn’t recorded everyone on the list.

Other than in the theater, the people on the other floors were still enjoying their weekend, especially in the restaurant located on the sixth floor, which was overflowing with people.

Queuing for food was a common sight in Jiang City.

The sound of kids playing could be heard.

Everything seemed perfect and no one detected the impending danger.

It wasn’t entirely safe.

Many times, people would be rid of danger before it actually arrived.

The crime squad focused on their floor, not affecting the operations of the rest of the plaza.

That was also how Qin Mo worked.

Even though there may be many complaints about this place, it contained a security far stronger than anywhere else.

The peace was brought by those who fought against the darkness without having to be rewarded.

Joyous laughter came from the mall, but the beads of perspiration collected around Fatty’s forehead.

It was too late to evacuate the place, there wasn’t even time to inform Young Master.

A hacker’s attack wouldn’t last more than three minutes.

Even if Young Master was informed of this matter, how was he going to evacuate the mall?

Fatty gripped his head before finally deciding to make the call.

The agony was obvious in his suppressed voice. “Young Master, the enemy is planning to destroy the network system of the entire mall and my computer is no longer working. The worst case would be for everything linked to the network to shut down once they succeed and this would definitely cause chaos. But the good news is that someone is resisting the attack, but there may be a disparity, which means that person would most likely be targeted.”

As such, everyone paused.

Wolf, the special forces soldier, and Magician.

They were all from the army and their army resolve remained strong, which was to protect.

When they heard the news, the special forces soldier tightened his grip, lifting his gaze sharply. “Young Master.”

“Contact the plaza’s higher management and get them to activate the emergency electricity.” Qin Mo’s voice had the ability to calm their frantic hearts. “Also, get the relevant people to announce that there will be an electricity saving exercise and for everyone to cooperate by taking care of their children and to remain in their original position.”