Chapter 845 - Who Is Strong Moves Ahead

Chapter 845: Who Is Strong Moves Ahead

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Once the command had been given, the special forces soldier’s eyes lit up. He turned and informed the manager of the new instructions.

The manager’s face fell before he rushed towards the broadcasting room and made the announcement while there was still time to salvage the situation.

It was less than a minute until the entire plaza and even those areas with music stopped, including the restaurants and cafes.

The entire mall sunk into silence before a warm and tender voice made the announcement.

On the third floor in the equipment store, Bo Jiu wasn’t wearing headphones, hence, she could hear the contents of the announcement very clearly.

After the announcement was made, her lips curved upwards. That was a great idea.

They used the energy saving activity to prepare the crowd mentally to reduce the chaos which would arise when the power failure really occurred.

The Almighty was intelligent as always.

It was a good plan, but she wouldn’t allow that to happen.

When Bo Jiu glanced up, her fingers were still hitting the keyboard.

Even thought she was accustomed to the darkness, it wasn’t for everyone.

A hacker shouldn’t bring that to ordinary people.

Although it was a tormentous moment for the manager, he knew it was indeed a good plan.

But the moment the blackout continued for more than ten minutes, anyone experiencing it would start to feel uneasy, especially in a mall.

It was human nature.

They would be able to survive the first ten minutes but the subsequent…

Even though there was an emergency exit, that wouldn’t be any better.

Or rather, once there was any sort of darkness in their vision, everyone would rush towards the emergency exit.

At that moment, who would listen to their instructions to move slowly?

No one.

If they really adhered to the safety measures, there wouldn’t be videos of people being trampled.

The manager wiped the sweat off his forehead. He grabbed his phone, but wasn’t sure who to contact.

He never expected to see those horrifying system attacks in real life.

When everything happened, the manager finally understood the effects of such attacks.

“Is that sufficient? Do we have to do anything more?”

The special forces soldier glanced at him, a firm determination gleaming in his gaze. “Someone’s at it, don’t worry.”

The manager paused.

He finally understood how peace should never be taken for granted, it was because of those on the front line.

He could always count on those dressed in green uniform.

Or perhaps, this was something that could only be felt in their country.

He had heard about it in the past, but this was the first time he felt its meaning.

When his friend from another city told him, “Old Wang, you have no idea how frightened I was after the earthquake since everyone knew about the second earthquake. I thought I was going to be a dead man because who would dare enter an area of impending doom, right? But just as the thought struck me, I saw soldiers in their twenties entering the area with their parachutes, all of which were younger than me. But they still managed to instil strength in all of us. You don’t understand that feeling, all of us were in tears. Perhaps, the soldiers in other countries were born to fight, but the soldiers in our country were born to protect.”